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Raising a Guardian of Nature

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I am not talking about summoning one, so I hope this will not be considered a duplicate.


I hear many people talking about how the GoN takes many more views, unique views, and clicks than other dragons. I do not have one, yet, so I have no experience, but I was wondering if those who have raised one could tell us about your experience with them. How many views, unique views and clicks did it take to grow up? Did it get sick as an ER egg? Do you have any other tips for the rest of us when we finally get one?


Thanks for any information you can share.

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XD001 got sick as an ER egg, then got sick when she hatched, then took forever to grow up. tongue.gif


EDIT: It's not meant to be smily...

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Mine got sick since I let it be viewed from the start. It got sick at 200 views, 80 UVs as an egg. I fogged it, unfogged it, and it got sick again shortly after. xd.png I refogged it until 5d 20h, then unfogged it, and it hatched and matured without getting sick. It took about 5000 views and 1300 UVs to grow up.

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I got one on the first round of Summons. It took me longer to raise because I had to be careful with it. I was fogging it every night to make sure it didn't die from curiosity clicks.

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Oh my... No wonder she got ill!


Name: Elements of XD001

Overall Views: 8575

Unique Views: 1128

Clicks: 73


I mean seriously, 73 clicks! O_____o

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Oh geez. That's a lot of views, UVs and clicks... I just put mine on EATW, and it did fine once I had finished fogging it. I got mine on my first summon. xd.png

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Mine took adding it to an ER as an egg and a hatchling to get her to grow up. She was on the same sites as all my other dragons and she was the only one I had to add to an ER. Her egg also got soft shell while it was an ER egg, I didn't even know that could happen. It took 5600 views 1000 UV and 35 clicks to get her to grow up.

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Oh geez. That's a lot of views, UVs and clicks... I just put mine on EATW, and it did fine once I had finished fogging it. I got mine on my first summon. xd.png

I panicked when she was an ER egg and threw her in lots of fansites...

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I've not got mine yet, but all my friends say their GoNs have extremely thick shells, not easy to hatch xd.png

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Mine didn't get sick, because I don't give dragons views for the first few days I have them. But mine did take 2000 UV's to grow up, which is about four times as many as any other species has for me.

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Neither of mine got sick as an egg or a hatchling, and both grew in the allotted times without having to go ER. Also, if I recall correctly, I didn't have to post mine in any extra places, just used Yarold's like I do for all my dragons.


I can't give numbers of when they hatched, but both are grown and these are their stats:


2,008 1,218 136

1,962 1,010 370


This is pretty on par with most of my other dragons as well.


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My Nature's Guardian took forever to grow up. It waited untill it had almost 3 days to hatch then to it didnt grow up untill it had 3 day's left. tongue.gif man it felt like it took forever. It still only hatched with 3129 views 1212 UV and 25 Clicks.

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I've had both of my Guardians of Nature for a while now. Both were tricky to raise - definitely their eggs took forever to hatch and seemed to be more sensitive to even a normal amount of views (got sick way more easily).


Normally I try to keep my eggs' views to <100 using only DDF until day 5.5, at which point I also add them to Dragonnery and they hatch between 500-800 views.


Not these eggs. I found that my choices were to either really watch them ultra-closely for sickness, or just let them run at the pace I normally raise my eggs at and be content with them not hatching until close to the 7 day mark.

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I had to get over 3000 V, 600 UV, but less than 10 clicks for it to hatch, didn't hatch until it had like 3d20h left.


Right now the stats are:


Overall Views: 5114

Unique Views: 933

Clicks: 22

Hatchling will die if it doesn't grow up in: 4 days and 22 hours


And it hasn't even gendered yet.


However, my first one totally grew up with less stats:


Overall Views: 3819

Unique Views: 1046

Clicks: 22



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I was also lucky to get my GoN in the first try, and a month and a half ago I got my 2nd.

None of them got sick, but they surely are lazy buggers biggrin.gif

I can't remember the numbers when they grew up, but here are the stats now:


Egg Stolen on: Mar 26, 2010

Hatched on: Mar 29, 2010

Grew up on: Apr 01, 2010

Overall Views: 2971

Unique Views: 1244

Clicks: 142


Egg Stolen on: Jun 17, 2010

Hatched on: Jun 20, 2010

Grew up on: Jun 24, 2010

Overall Views: 2817

Unique Views: 1054

Clicks: 38


I remember that the 2nd one seemed to take forever to hatch, gender and grow up. I even posted something about it... ah yes:

"My egg is at 3D 19H with 650 UV and it has the big hole" It hatched shortly after that post.

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Mine was hard to grow up, it never got sick, but I only put my dragons in a couple places for the first day, then gradually add them to more as they go, seems to work out well that way. Regardless, my GoN, was a tough one to raise compared to others.


Egg Stolen on: Jul 23, 2010

Hatched on: Jul 26, 2010

Grew up on: Jul 29, 2010

Overall Views: 7937

Unique Views: 1892

Clicks: 104


Egg Stolen on: Sep 22, 2010

Hatched on: Sep 25, 2010

Grew up on: Sep 28, 2010

Overall Views: 7884

Unique Views: 1684

Clicks: 66


I just wanted to edit mine, as I have both of my GoN dragons now, and both were a bit tougher to grow than others, but it wasn't "that" difficult, lol. Funny how I got them almost exactly 2 months apart.

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King of Legends didn't get sick becaufe I fogged very much, but it took him forever to grow up and gender in the end (with first gendering and then growing tongue.gif). But in the end he didn't need more views for me then other of my dragons...




Egg Stolen on: Mar 27, 2010

Hatched on: Mar 31, 2010

Grew up on: Apr 04, 2010

Overall Views: 4062

Unique Views: 721

Clicks: 59

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I'm lucky enough to have both of my summons already; both of them took FOREVER to hatch, gender, and grow. I remember freaking out about my second one; I hadn't had the chance to influence it, so I was terrified that it would be female, like my first one, and I would have to decide whether to freeze it or not.


Luckily, it gendered male. Phew.


Anyway, here are the stats for my two Guardians. =]


Empress of the Guardian Wing:

Egg Stolen on: Apr 21, 2010

Hatched on: Apr 25, 2010

Grew up on: Apr 29, 2010

Overall Views: 5872

Unique Views: 837

Clicks: 61


Emperor of the Protecting Flight:

Egg Stolen on: May 22, 2010

Hatched on: May 26, 2010

Grew up on: May 29, 2010

Overall Views: 5092

Unique Views: 926

Clicks: 96

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I remember it took a life to grow for her, had to put her on the ER


Haniyasu Hime 8,877 - 747 - 19

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Actually, I never had this problem.


I traded my first one when it was available and raised it absolutely normally: Neter Leichtlinii 9,131/1,535/52, it never went sick. My second one was a successful summon, Neter Nehebkau 5,368/1,236/37, and didn't get sick either; both hatched normally at about 4 days, and matured normally at about 4 days.


I've used the following system: right after I got the egg, I posted it at one fansite (usually EDS, but it was EATW in the first case), and wait about 20 hours. The egg doesn't gain too much views to get sick, but still receives them. After about 20 hours I put the egg at 4 more fansites, and wait normally.

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I think it may be possible everyone is excited to get their GoN and they just think it is taking a while... I have had that problem with Silvers and Golds when I go to hatch/grow them tongue.gif

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When I was raising my GoN, I did notice that it was a bit more reluctant to hatch and grow than my other dragons. I chalked that up to being a rare though. For getting it views and such, I didn't really do anything different from my normal routine (I get around 1k in UVs on a regular basis) and it never got sick.


Here's the stats for my GoN:

Views - 7486

UVs - 1623

Clicks - 22


It got so many UVs because I ER'd during both stages.

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My GoN was pretty slow, but never got sick and has stats similar to and typical of my other dragons (who also almost never get sick).


GoN "Radiant Protector":

Egg Stolen on: Jul 12, 2010

Hatched on: Jul 15, 2010

Grew up on: Jul 19, 2010

V 4295, UV 1074, C 34


Pink "Wild Pink Child" (for comparison):

Egg Laid on: Jul 28, 2010

Hatched on: Jul 31, 2010

Grew up on: Aug 03, 2010

V 5419, UV 1384, C 17


I did treat my GoN with kid gloves initially because I wasn't sure whether it'd get a lot of curiousity clicks and views, but I only got her a couple of weeks ago so I think most people know what they are now. I relaxed after the first 1.5 days, treated it normally and all was fine, although it certainly hatched way below 4 days and gendered at about 4 days too. I didn't panic and I don't recall if I even bothered to put it into ERs, but I don't think I did. I just went to bed and let her get on with things in her own time. Worked fine.

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Certainly doesn't sound like much fun raising them, assuming you can keep them alive and get them to hatch in time.


Luckily for me, I'm not nearly as eager-can't-wait to get them anymore, quite apart from the monotony of the endless fail and wait routine, although they are beautiful dragons.

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So, from what I'm seeing... They seem to (generally) need several thousand (at least around 2000) views and around (preferably more than) 1000 UVs? Or is that just because people get worried and slap them in an ER or several? I don't have one yet (my second try just failed today), but I don't want to mess up and lose it when I do get one...



@Charu--it may be, but they also seem to be needing a larger number of views than other Dragons.

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