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Least favorite bands

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All rap bands. It's barely even music...


Disney pop bands. No talent, meaningless songs, I just HATE it.


Actually, I hate most pop bands, Disney or not.

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Coldplay - Go whine somewhere else please. >.>


All Rap, all pop, everything that isn't rock basically. :3

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Nickleback (I'm glad to see someone hates them just as much as I do; it's whiny and irritating)

Puddle of Mud (the name fits perfectly, though they had one fun song)

Metallica (music is ok, but the singing hurts)

Linkin Park (overrated)

Evenesence (overrated and whiny)

Paramore/Flyleaf (I can't tell the difference between the two from what I've heard....and they're whiny)

Godsmack (there's Voodoo, which is interesting, then there's everything else that all sounds the same)

Most "Classic rock" (singing = ears bleeding)

Rap that's not from the early 90s/late 80s era

ANY county (it makes me want to punt babies more than I usually do)

I hate most pop songs

I find Christian/religious music irritating (it also makes me want to punt babies)

Any Disney bands (they're worthless)

Any generic rock music (it all sounds the same and it all sucks)

If it has a music video that makes it to some MTV channel or spin off, I probably hate it.

If it's on the radio, I probably hate it.

If it's someone's favorite band (age 12-18) I probably hate it.


People ask me what kind of music I DO like, and in all honesty, I like almost any type of music...I just can't stand the bands/singers/groups that make the music suck.


I do like some main stream stuff though, but not a lot....and these are the only things I can think of off the top of my head right now.

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I can't stand any of these bands:


Village People




Barenaked Ladies

Dave Matthews Band


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Disney Stars... Hate them -.-


Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna... All that poor POP things... HATE -.-


I hate Kings of Leon... But don't know why!

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Any rap, katy perry, miley cyrus, most 'pop' music.

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I'm also adding on the band Never Shout Never. There was a myspace live video with them preforming and it was godawful. The lyrics themselves were laughable.

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Any band that isn't New Rock, Rock or Folk music.

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I have found a way to condense an extremely long list.


Any pop post 1990. They sound horrible in concert and it all sounds like the same things.


Any Mettalica post 1990's. The early stuff is much better.


Linkin Park. Dont even start with me.


Godsmack. No.


Country. Hell no.


Rap. If you think I'll listen to this please go take a long walk off a short pier into shark infested waters.


Folk, Bluegrass. If you think Ill listen to this shoot yourself please.


Christian metal. The only exception is some Skillet.

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I've been developing a dislike of rap due to idiots in school blasting it during free periods...

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Oh gawd the same thing here. i want to just roll an amp out of the band room and start blaring Disturbed. That is music that sounds the same in concert as on the album.

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Any screamo bands and any of the Disney supported stars *coughjonasbrotherscough* just suck. It makes no sense as to why people listen to them.

Any screamo bands and any of the Disney supported stars *coughjonasbrotherscough* just suck. It makes no sense as to why people listen to them.


have you ever watched the music video by all time low? i think it was called weightless, anyways watch it. that should explain something.

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My mom's really into christian music and it drives me and my father crazy sometimes listening to it. Most of it is the same songs sang over and over by different groups and they all have the same message. (Oddly enough, I like church music played with an organ though)


I also hate rap and heavy metal.


Oh, want to hear something truly horrible? The department store I work at plays this on their speakers during Christmas. Drives me crazy.

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That Chrismas song makes me want to dropkick puppies out a 15 story window and I only listened to the first few seconds.

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Looooove screamo. Haaaa.


I guess I don't like... Led Zepplin.


I'm sorry, I just don't. Stairway to Heaven is the longest, most boring song ever. Don't like their music.


Hate Taylor Swift.


That's about it. I don't hate much music. Country though. I like some folk, bluegrass but only like, one band. And Lady Antebellum's song "Need You Now" is SUCH a guilty pleasure of mine... Hahaha.


I have a really wide taste in music. I like most things. I can stand some rap, and most hip-hop. I like some of it.


If it's good to me, I listen to it. If not, I try not to.


Oh yes. Nickleback. My gosh they suck. Buttrock is just awful. And Brokencyde. That's not music that's fail. Horrible noise. I like crunk core at times too, like Breathe Carolina. Love them. And some 3OH3! and such. But Brokencyde is awful. So are the Millionaires. Annoying girls who need to shut up and stop trying to make "music".

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Well Least Favorite would have to go to Jonas Brothers.


They attempt to pass themselves off as rockers. Their music is too [expletive]y to be considered rock. It's the exact same guitar rif the entire song, exact same drum beat the entire song (which if it was good quality wouldn't be a bad thing), and they have no vocal talent whatsoever. They are the one band I enjoy less than 90% of rap. Honestly would rather listen to Miley Cyrus than these wannabees, at least she has some talent rather than just Disney's blessings.

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Most rap.

Most modern country(I like mostly stuff from the 80s and 90s, and a few songs/artists still active today) as well as the really old stuff.

Most praise songs. I actually really like the old hymns, particularly ones in Latin.

Michael Buble, or whatever he's called, the Frank Sinatra immitator. My brother adores him, his music just puts me to sleep, so does any other singer who sings those kinds of songs.

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I can't say, mainly because if I hear a song that I don't like, I probably won't be paying enough attention to catch the name of the artist/band. I don't much care for rap nor country, though both genres have songs that I do like.

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I need to update my list. I now hate Linkin Park 24/7 in a way that no one else can even begin to contemplate. I want to shoot every speaker that has ever had the dishonor of having them played. The reason why is that they are trying to pass this as

. The Catalyst is not heavy metal!!!!!

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I absulutly HATE Stereos NickleBack and Maroon 5. Guys your music SUCKS!


Singer wise, Justin Beiber, miley cyrus and rhianna are SUCKISH WITH NO TALENT AT ALL

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Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, to name a few popular ones. I used to like Linkin Park, but their newer material is crud.

Also, anything rap or hip-hop. I also dislike most R&B.

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I really despise any Reggaeton. It's the same f*cking message over and over again. The beat is almost the same in every song. I used to listen to them because it was (and, apparently still is) all that.


Back home, in PR, there is always a war between Cacos (what they call people who listen to Reggaeton) and Rockeros (rockers). Cacos always think that we (yes, I am one of the rockers) were satanic (or however you call the worshipers of "satan") and that we practice wicca. So, yeah, it has always been a friggin' war between the two social groups and it's always serious. (Also, in PR, people who listen to rock are more likely to know English more fluently than Cacos.)


For those who don't know, Reggaeton is the Puerto Rican version of Rap and Hip-hop. It mostly talks about sex. When it talks about break ups, it always mentions the times they've had sex and what not. When it talks about gangs, drugs and guns, it still talks about sex at some point. Their main message is, you guessed it, sex.


So, basically, I hate:


Daddy Yankee

Wisin & Yandel


Zion & Lennox


Alexis & Fido

Angel & Khriz

Baby Ranks

Calle 13

Don Omar

Hector "El Father"

Ivy Queen

Jowell & Randy

Las Guanabanas


Nicky Jam

Monserrate & DJ Urba


Plan B


Rakim & Ken-Y

Tego Calderon

Tito "El Bambino"

Tony Dize

Trebol Clan


Yaga & Mackie



I could name more, but I got annoyed dry.gif


I preffer any type of rock (Heavy metal, hardcore, screamo). I don't know why, I just like something loud to repell reality (and my mom).

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Punk, rap (and the like), death/doom/grunge/emo/neoclassical metal, visual rock, all the popular western disposable artists (Biebers, Britneys whatnots). X-Japan/X, Dir en grey, miyabi, an cafe, gazette and so on.

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Get me away from screamo. And Chris Brown singer-wise.

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