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48 minutes ago, Darth Krande said:

For any Kylo Ren fans out here, an egg from someone whose code is Kylo.





As for Jar Jar and the other Prequel Trilogy stuff: I love them because it is still SW. Part of the big (and growing) 'verse.

Sad thing that the Thrawn trilogy and the X-wings books are now set aside. So is the Republic Commando serier, which was meant to be 6 books.... But I still won't complain.


I have the beauty, thank you! It will be well cared for.


I was a bit disappointed when they nixed the Thrawn trilogy, but I knew it was happening before the movie came out so The Force Awakens didn't come as a surprise. I'd talked to others who didn't know, and they were rather upset when they saw the movie.

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Saw The Last Jedi on Christmas Day - it was awesome!

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Went and saw as part of my Birthday. Went to the dinner movie place... I liked it. But the very first Star Wars movie will always be my favorite... but I enjoyed this last one. 

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I saw the Last Jedi and didn't care for it granted there was some things I liked but overall the bad outweighs the good for me.



- Loved seeing Carrie Fisher in her last role.

- Loved the way Mark Hamill played the grouchy/grumbly hermit he did a great job of it.

- I liked the Porgs and the Crystal foxes.


- very predictable movie far too much of ESB and ROTJ so I was sitting there going this will happen and it did and a lot of it was simply because it had far too much 5 & 6 in it that I was able to see what was coming so little or no surprises.

- Bad writing: The writing itself is bad - from the opening scene joke Hux and Pol. The movie seems to change even things that were set out in TFA so it switched some things around instead of going with what was established and losing continuity TLJ is NOT a stand alone movie but the 2nd in a trilogy and it should have a flow. One scene with Leia and one with Luke wasn't just bad writing but bad fanfic style writing - the Leia one I might be able to shrug off but not the Luke one, because the Luke one was so out of character; yes, I know people change but I can't see Luke doing that at any time for any reason!

- Little or no character growth.

Yes each of the characters grew a little but their characters seems shallow not fully developed and therefore I can not feel anything for them, they feel more like a rough draft/bare bones of what a character is/should be then real characters. In all SW movies of the past we were given characters that grew in each movie, and as each new movie came out the characters grew and more defined so I could relate to them.


Rey: Is a Mary Sue the worst sort of character to be written in the writing world - most writers are told to AVOID Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters at all costs. A Mary Sue/Gary Stu is a character that is good at everything, can show up established characters, everyone notices them. They might have a flaw or weakness but it is something like clumsy lost parents don`t know who they are. In TFA Rey could fight well, speak multiple languages, fly well - did something on the Falcon that got Han`s interest, everywhere she went people were going who`s the girl. Her use of the force with no training all spoke Mary Sue character. Granted she could have spent some of her time on Jakku learning languages etc but the use of her force abilities was really too much too soon. I was hoping to see her made less of a Mary Sue instead she still is her weakness, I don`t know my parents I`m still good at everything. The most torn she seemed was between listening to the dark or light side of the force how predictable and boring.


Kylo Ren: Someone who has a fan boy crush on his grandfather, has tempermental 2 year old temper tantrums in TFA. IN TLJ he grows a little but still seems prone to temper tantrums. I can't take a bad guy seriously when he throws hissy fits. He is just a joke.


Pol: TFA Hotshot pilot maybe a little sarcastic. TLJ he might have leadership qualities but he may be willing to throw away lives of those who follow him. I knew more about Han before ESB then I know about Pol at the end of TLJ.


Finn: About the only new character who was fully defined in TFA and he grows a bit in TLJ - of all the new characters he is the one I can relate to the most because his character has had the most attention to it.


All in all I was disappointed at this movie and feel it is the worst of the eight movies.



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On 1/4/2018 at 8:24 PM, Ramica said:

Rey: Is a Mary Sue the worst sort of character to be written in the writing world - most writers are told to AVOID Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters at all costs. A Mary Sue/Gary Stu is a character that is good at everything, can show up established characters, everyone notices them. They might have a flaw or weakness but it is something like clumsy lost parents don`t know who they are. In TFA Rey could fight well, speak multiple languages, fly well - did something on the Falcon that got Han`s interest, everywhere she went people were going who`s the girl. Her use of the force with no training all spoke Mary Sue character. Granted she could have spent some of her time on Jakku learning languages etc but the use of her force abilities was really too much too soon. I was hoping to see her made less of a Mary Sue instead she still is her weakness, I don`t know my parents I`m still good at everything. The most torn she seemed was between listening to the dark or light side of the force how predictable and boring.


I'd just like to point out that Anakin in the prequels did the same thing - never flew a speeder, I believe it was, and then wins his very first race. Not to mention the whole 'chosen one/child of the Force' thing. Also Luke was a lot like a Gary Stu, as well. He only had a short time with Yoda before he was taking on Darth Vader, and while he had experience with flying, he'd never flown in space before he and Obi Wan left Tattooine, and suddenly he's able to fly rings around experienced Rebel pilots and make the 'winning shot' and take out the Death Star.


As for Rey being a Mary Sue, I have to disagree. We're told that Rey spent the majority of her life on a scavenging planet. We're shown that she clearly knows how to fend for herself, she already has basic fighting skills, and we see how inept she is with a blaster, and we also see mistakes she makes fighting with a lightsaber compared to her quarterstaff in her fight vs Kylo Ren - but we also see her adapting as the fight goes on. On Jakku, based off of the way people seemed perfectly wiling to steal scrap/scavenged parts from other people, I'm going to go ahead and say that it's very much a dog-eat-dog world. She had to learn to adapt quickly, and while Plutt may have made allowances/'protected' her when she was younger, once she was on her own she would have had no one watching her back. She would need to be quick on her feet and quick-thinking, as well as able to quickly analyze situations and make snap decisions. Also, with Jakku being a scavenger planet, there's probably going to be people speaking all sorts of languages. It seems like a mixing-pot kind of world, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was at least basically conversational in a few different languages - we're shown the common language, she understands Binary, and I believe she speaks to the people/creatures that were first attempting to capture BB-8 for scavenging in a different language(been a while since I've seen the first movie, so I'm a little bit fuzzy on the specifics of that scene.)


The 'flying well' is also false(when compared to Anakin's success with the speeder, and is about on par with Luke's success in A New Hope) - it takes her a bit to get the hang of the controls of the Falcon, but we've also been shown by that point in the movie that she's used to manipulating vehicles in the air, because that's what she uses to get around Jakku. It does take her a bit to get the hang of the controls, and she and Finn are being chased by TIE fighters, of course she goes for the territory she knows by heart, the local crashed ships. She needs to pull a risky maneuver, because that's the only chance that she and Finn have of escaping the TIE fighters. Then, when she tampers with the internal systems of the Falcon, well we've been shown that her living is made off of parts of ships. She has to know what they are and what they do and where they fit in the ship in order to know their worth so that she can bargain effectively when dealing with anyone but Plutt. 


'the use of her force abilities was too much too soon'; I have to disagree here. We're shown through her backstory that Rey is a strong-bodied and -minded woman. All she does when Kylo Ren tries to get into her mind is turn it right back on him; it's like taking the knife someone is trying to stab you with and turning the situation around so that you can redirect the knife towards their ribs instead of yours. It's inelegant, brutal, and we have no idea how long exactly she's left alone to mull over what she's just experienced/done - after receiving that vision from the lightsaber, remember, the vision that the Force gave her, and as such the Force has already forged a connection with her. It takes her a couple of tries to talk the Stormtrooper into letting her go, and she doesn't use the Force again(that we know of) until her fight with Kylo Ren, and even then she doesn't use the Force until he mentions it - she appears to have basically forgotten for the moment, in her rage over what's just happened, Kylo Ren killing Han Solo and injuring Finn, that the Force is even a thing, much less something she can utilize. And again, her use of the Force there is inelegant, nothing more than her basically hitting Kylo Ren with a giant stick in addition to her light saber, and pulling the saber to her. Her actual fighting when the sequence first starts is very similar to the way one fights with a quarterstaff; she's fighting with her whole body, with wide swings, like she expects there to be about twice as much weapon as she's used to. She adapts throughout the fight, however, when she realizes that she's not fighting in a way that will make effective use of the weapon she's actually got in her hands. 


All of that being said, I'm of two minds of The Last Jedi.


I do find it a bit hard to believe that Luke would abandon everyone to go become a hermit, though as he explains, it's hard to be a living legend. Everyone looks up to you, expects you to be the legend they grew up hearing about. That's a lot of pressure to live under, and Luke believed that he was a legend still. He says himself that 'in my hubris, I thought I could teach [Ben]" and guide him away from the Dark and towards the Light. Then, when he realized that the Dark was still growing in Ben, Luke suffered from the downfall of hubris: he doubted in his own ability, and it led to a moment of weakness that ruined everything, that tipped the precarious balance Ben was standing on, that convinced him he was not safe, that Luke would put him down without hesitation because he wasn't perfectly Light. After that, Luke cuts himself off from the Force, which Rey realizes ("I can't feel you"), and which explains why he didn't know that Han was already dead. But again, I find it hard to believe that he would do that, that the Luke who refused to give up on Anakin Skywalker would give up on Ben Solo, much less abandon his sister and best friend for decades.


That being said, the way that Luke teaches Rey is something I could see realistically happening after what happened with Ben; Luke has become disillusioned with the Force, with the Jedi, and he realizes that the cycle that leads to Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Snoke, and Kylo Ren must be stopped. He attempts to teach Rey to utilize the Force as it is, as the Force that surrounds all living things, Light and Dark, life and death. However, Luke is once bitten, twice shy, and again falls to his fear of 'this kind of raw power,' as he tells Rey. 'I didn't fear it enough then, I do now.' Luke didn't appear to really learn anything from what happened with Ben, and again attempts to refuse to teach Rey, who in turn says essentially "Screw you I'll go find the answers myself then if you're not going to help me" and basically starts training herself with Luke watching broodily in the background. That, I did not like.


I also did not like the fact that the freaking Admiral didn't tell anyone what her plan was. Like, not wanting to tell Poe right then I get - he had just been demoted, and he wasn't showing her any respect, really(though in his defense his General had just nearly died in front of him and they've got the First Order right on their tails, that's a lot of pressure on the entire Resistance and Poe's still stinging from Leia's reaction to the previous mission that cost them most of their fighters). However, all anyone, even the bridge crew, appeared to know was that the Admiral was ordering the escape pods to be fueled, presumably to abandon ship. I'd want more information, too, because those escape ships aren't fighters, and I highly doubt they could go very far, and most definitely aren't capable of going to hyperspace. They get on those ships, they will be just as much sitting ducks as they are on the larger ship, as far as anyone knows. No one knows that the Admiral is charting a course to that abandoned Rebel base, that she plans to use the larger ship as a decoy to allow the cloaked escape ships to get to the surface and get a distress signal out. She never shares her plan with anyone that we know of, because no one really bats an eye when Poe and his crew(including a couple of the bridge crew!) mutiny. This decision makes absolutely no sense to me or anyone else I've spoken to about this movie. All my other complaints about the movie stem from this decision.


However, the part of me that loves watching scifi movies just to have a good time, the technology and the world and having a world with characters I love to escape to loved the movie. It was a good movie to kill two and a half hours with, it had great action scenes(much as I really hate Kylo Ren as a person and have a distinct dislike for the reylo ship, I have to admit the bit where they fight back-to-back against the Knights of Ren was really freaking awesome and had amazing choreography), a few hard-hitting scenes(Kylo Ren deciding that the past must die, Rey's encounter with the mirror, Luke owning up to how he failed Ben after his 'reunion' with Leia, the finality of Rey making her choice to align with the Resistance, that freaking hug with her and Finn, Rose saying "That's how we're going to win; not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love") to balance the comedy(c'mon, you have to admit that thing with the blade of grass was hysterical, also the Porgs crying when Chewie was getting ready to eat their brethren, basically anything with BB-8). It was a good time to be had, regardless of how much the Star Wars lore fan in me is dubious about the continuity/legitimacy of the actual story.

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Young Anakin did participate in races before the shown one, he just never finished them o3o.


To be honest, I do believe that Luke could go and hermit off (and not just because of the jokes about that's how Jedi deal with their problems). For good or bad, Luke is very motivated by his friends (power of friendship) and it's when he is isolated from the people he cares about and who care about him that he most struggles (rather like his father).


We saw in the original trilogy that he's had difficulties with the dark side, attacking the Emperor and Vader out of anger and fear. The important part is that when he gets a moment to collect himself and think, he pushes the darkness away again, motivated in the end by the father that he loves being right there in front of him. He later tries to kill Ben out of fear, but stopped himself when he really thought about what he was going to do to his beloved nephew. Unfortunately, Ben senses his original intent and all hell breaks lose.


Luke looses consciousness and wakes up to find everyone either dead or siding with his now evil nephew and it's all his fault. Doubt and shame grasp hold of him and without anyone around to help him shake it off, Luke removes what he probably feels is the biggest problem, himself. 


It's not until Rey shows up and becomes close to him that Luke is able to pull himself up again. 

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Wild dragon flying- Fortune86 is correct Anakin had been in races before. We are shown only a little of Luke's training -how do you know how much time has passed or hasn't passed - through the force the future you will see, the past old friends long gone Yoda tells Luke.Plus while Luke went off to fight Vader he doesn't win he suffers a humiliating defeat, the friends he goes to save must come to save him. In ESB we are shown Luke is impatient, impulsive. Being good at one thing and showing you have weaknesses and faults is not Mary Sue/Gary Stu it is showing real character. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses.


Yes, in scavenging I am willing to grant that Rey learned how to defend herself and how to fly certain ships or things about them, she may even have learned a few languages granted. But the Falcon had been sitting there for how long - surprisingly in one piece in spite of all the scavengers. For intense flying the Falcon takes two people Han/Chewie. Lando/Chewie. yet Rey gets in and does it all by herself. Everybody notices a Mary Sue and in TFA Maz and others kept going whose that girl? they notice her. Rey knows one of the hardest languages in SW galaxy to speak Shriwoonk ( or however it is spelled- the language of the wookie.) Rey's weakness, the only thing we've seen of weakness, is longing to know who her parents are/waiting for them. That is a Mary Sue kind of weakness. She does something on the Falcon that get's Han's notice - this is similar to showing up established character.


The Knights of Ren weren't really in TLJ and barely in TFA. The ones Rey and Kylo fought were more Imperial Guards ( the ones all in red) who seem to act as bodyguard types for the leader, ROTJ had them for the Emperor.


I didn't think much of the new Admiral or what ever she was myself, she knows she is dealing with a loose cannon who might not obey orders - isn't it far better to let him know her plan so he doesn't go off. Then when it is revealed Pol is made to feel like a dumb ass instead of her being told anything. Not to mention in the new SW theme of making these supposibly strong female roles they also seemed to undermine almost all of the Male roles in this movie. SW has always given us strong male and female roles. I mean we have Pol who can't follow orders and made to look like an idiot for the new admiral. We have Hux who is made to be a joke/idiot/buffoon in TFA he seemed to be a confident/competent officer of the first order, in this one I was left wondering how he became an officer. Luke who is hermit, grumpy and willing to betray and kill his own nephew. Dj who betrays Rose and Finn. The only lead male who wasn't touched was Finn. Yet we are given Rey (strong female character) New Admiral ( strong female character - she sacrifices herself but who cares we hardly know who she is ) and we have Rose ( ordinary strong female character). Instead of developing Luke's character further into this grumpy hermit they should have spent the time developing the new characters.


I found the 2 and half hours too long and too predictable at no point did the movie surprise me. I kept hoping it would get better and it didn't. I mean the whole Rey/Kylo/Snoke is almost copy paste from ROTJ, with a few changes Luke/Vader/Palpatine right down to Palpatine/Snoke showing Luke/Rey your friends are in danger. Of course being the middle movie Kylo must stay on the dark side and Rey on the good. Wow no surprise there.


Leia/Han go to Cloud City meet up with Lando/Rose/Finn go to a Casino city and meet up with Dj  bet you DJ betrays them oh look he did no surprise there. I mean if Finn and Rose were just going accept any hacker/coder couldn't they have found one closer to the fleet. I mean they didn't get the one they were supposed to.


I couldn't be entertained by this. For a movie that says let go of the past they borrow too heavily from it, changing just enough so it isn't an exact retelling of ESB and ROTJ but enough of both that it is easy to see where it is going and what may happen next and that is why I didn't care for it.


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Not to bump the thread or anything, but here's an egg for someone who ships Kylo and Rey.



And a personal opinion: Ep9 was the first SW movie I didn't immediately fall in love with. It has some VERY high points*, I happily agree with that, but there was a question that seeped through the entire movie: "was this really necessary?" And as long as I cannot give a solid yes, the whole Prequel Trilogy is overshadowed by this one question because this should have been the highest of high. 


*Rey's origin is the best of the very best, I think.

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