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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series

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Finally he's BACK!


1111- Acess denied

1112- acess denied

1113- acess denied

1114- acess denied

"Why is this door a censorkip.gif*?!"

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Is it allowed to necro?


Oh well, Episode 57 is up.


Joey: Hey Kaiba, how's the weather up there?


Kaiba: It's raining

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Hah, this YGOTAS and DBZ abridged are (in my opinion) the best abridged series out there - both hillarious and entertaining, every new episode makes my day. My brother and me actually went and watched the YGO anime after seeing the abridged series.


/because shut up/ xd.png

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Episode 62: Winged Dragon of Rawr!


Serenity Wheeler: I hope Kaiba is okay

Joey Wheeler: Nah. He's gonna be toast. Good night, Kaiba and the flight of Blue Eyes White Dragon simply to die... *Blue Eyes White Dragon roars* Nyeh! What!? It is really a flight of Blue Eyes White Dragon?!


Joey Wheeler: Oh my god, Kaiba is not dead. Apparently, he survived by hiding a fiction prized toy!

Yugi Moto: What in the flying Blue crap is that?!

Seto Kaiba: It is my own personal Blue Eyes Jet!


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