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Same-Name Eggs ( Descriptions )

Does giving the same name to different eggs add anything to the game?  

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Doesn't stop me from not paying attention to what biome I'm in (or forgetting) and picking up Spitfires... but I can laugh at myself & move on.

I did that just yesterday, forgot I was in Volcano and thought I saw a stripe. But with more eggslots it's even less of an annoyance. So one was taken overnight; I could drop it in the morning and find something else, and I still had more than four eggs.


I think what I'm saying is that it used to be annoying, but now it's not.

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I do find duplicate descriptions to be annoying; but at least having them in different biomes helps, once you learn where what you're looking for 'lives'.

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It makes things harder to get a dragon you want, for example, if you want a striped dragon, you'll click on the egg that has the description, but you'll probably get a spitfire.

It'd be easier to get the dragons you want without it, but I don't mind.

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