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Dragon Origins

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Im personally a huge fan of Dove and Kurai and I LURRVE anything they create!


Yeah well, keep your "LURRVE" to yourself. Posting ****ographic links on a site that is kid friendly, and one that many people check AT WORK, and in the manner in which you did it (with NO warning for children and people at work as to the nature of the links) is purposely depraved. Go get your jollies somewhere else.

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Problem solved, Back on topic please. smile.gif

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Holly (Christmas '07):


It was Easter. The human kids were out hiding the painted eggs, of course, but one was bigger than the rest. One of the kids was greedy, though, and wanted to keep the strange egg for himself, so he volunteered to hide the eggs. But he hid the big egg where no one could find it: in a thick holly bush in the backyard.


The hunt began. After much excitement, even the kid who had hidden the eggs was forgetting where they were, including the location of the big egg. No matter what he tried he couldn't find it. So he shrugged and left things as they were.


But the egg was not gone and it didn't die. The holly bush sheltered the egg from the summer storms and the fall cold, keeping the egg safe and free from harm. Eventually the bush grew around the egg, making it near impossible to see.


So the egg lasted through summer and fall, unharmed thanks to that holly bush. On Christmas Eve day, all the kids were invited over to play. One of the kids spotted something out of place in the holly bush and got the pruning shears to get it out. And so the egg was found.


But the egg seemed different. It was a pretty red shade, with a holly leaf stuck on it. The kids, not knowing what else to do, brought the egg inside and set it in front of the fire. They stayed up very late that night, and went to bed at about eleven.


The cracking of the egg woke the kids a while later. It was almost midnight. They ran down to see what was breaking. To their surprise, they found their egg was hatching! They quickly restarted the fire to warm the egg.


The egg hatched exactly at midnight, and thus the first Holly dragon was born.


Eh, I can do better, but I like this. :3

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Thanks to everyone for so many replies!!! :3

Updates today (same time as DC maintenance lol)


Special thanks to _Z_, for helping to solve the... inappropriate content problem. Due to that, there are now rules posted on the first post. It's unfortunate, but necessary.


Now on with the Origins!! biggrin.gif

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Christmas '09/ 'Snow Angels'.



One winter evening, a poor mage was trying to figure out the perfect gift for a friend. This friend, you see, had a birthday that also fell on the Solstice, and he usually only got one gift rather than two. Not only did she want to give him two gifts, she wanted to give him something meaningful. Something useful.


Something special, the likes of which had never been seen before.


She had several dragon eggs, eggs that had been found the solstice of the previous year and had never hatched. Using the last of her savings, she bought golden paint and several yards of green ribbon, and decorated the eggs until they looked like they were made of solid gold, with festive red and green stripes. Almost as an afterthought, she cast a spell on them, half-hoping it would awaken the hatchlings inside and cause them to finally come out. Of course, the only time anything like that had actually worked, it produced a hellish abomination, but she didn't expect it to even work at all.


Her friend never said it, but he was rather disappointed with her gift- he knew she was poor; but painted, infertile dragon eggs? Never the less, he politely thanked her, and set the eggs by the hearth as the festivities went on. The people (and hatchlings that came along for the party) did not notice the weather growing worse, and it was only after half the guests had left that they realized something bad could happen- it was very likely they could grow lost, and freeze to death.


Those who remained did not leave the house for over a fortnight, huddled around the slowly dying fire to keep warm. Hatchlings and humans alike began to starve, and it was looking likely that they would all die. No one noticed the remains of the mage's gift, little more than a pile of glittering shards.


That is, until they felt the faint but familiar tug of a dragon at their mind. The voices were soft, almost musical, calling them outside. Reassuring the people inside that they would be safe. The mage and her friend were the first to venture out, and were met with several large, snowy white dragons with bright red-and-green striped horns, and enormous feathered wings- some white with rings of gold, some a solid gold, and some gold with red and green speckling. These strange dragons explained that they had sought out the lost travelers and guided them home, and were going to take the remaining villagers now.


The 'Snow Angels', as the children called them, made good on this, leading the rest safely home through the raging storm. When it finally stopped, nearly three days later, people began to venture out to see the damage, and maybe catch a glimpse of their saviors. The Angels seemed to have vanished, though, but a delightful discovery was made in the homes of the mage and her dear friend- dozens of gleaming gold eggs, with festive stripes of red and green.


And so the Snow Angels were born.


(Valentine '09 coming up.)

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They had met eachother upon a change rescue. She had been surrounded by a group of theives who threatened to steal all her jewelry and clothing. He was entranced by her beauty and enraged by the theives. A furry of strength over took his body and he slew the thieves with no more than a small dagger. His looks were fare though his clothing was ragged. She saw the pure look in his skye blue eyes. He escorted her back to her family's manner and along the way a bond was formed, it would become a secret and dangerous bond.


Time past and the two lovers would chancely meet in the same forest where the noble maiden had been attacked. He would sing her songs and recite poetry and she would play with his long silky blond hair and whiskers. As time passed and the maiden grew older her parents began to look to arranging her marriage. Suitor after suitor came to their manner and tried to court their daughter but she seemed to reject them all. Finally her parents forced her to marry a man who had several wives but was very high nobility. Her heart was torn apart with longing for the one who truely owned her heart.


One day she managed to escape her husbands castle and she made her way back to that forest. As she came upon the scene though what she saw killed her inside. The forest that had created so many fond memories of her and her lover had been burnt to the ground. All the trees were now reduced to think spikes of charred bark. She wandered the ruins and made another painful discovery, the charred body of the one she had loved. He laid at the base of their favorite tree. His hair had been shaved except for two long strands, and there was a familar weapon jutting out of his chest. The lady realized the thieves must have taken revenge on their fallen comrades. She sat by his body all night crying out the pain in her heart. Her cries were carried on the wind and all of the surrounding kingdoms felt her sorrow.


She wandered the lands empty inside. A mage had found her collasped in a field of purple flowers. She was nearly upon death. The mage felt bad for her and tried a simple healing spell but the wind blew the pages of his spell book and without noticing he read the wrong spell. His spell healed her alright but it also transformed her. Her body was reborn into that of a graceful dragon with the scales of a delicate shade of lavender and two golden strands flowing from her crown. Thus the first purple dragon was born. The mage was astonished of what he had done and decided to make her his pet. He dragged her around showing this new Purple wonder to the public. He got male dragons to breed with her and purple eggs were laid but he was puzzled that all the hatchlings turned out to be female. He went to the pinks and they too were puzzled for their magic of influencing an eggs gender had no effect on these violet eggs.


At the end of his days the mage saw how cruel he had been to the purple dragon and decided to let her free as she had never known freedom as a dragon before. By this time her female decendents roamed the land. They were the sweetest of dragons and only ate meat when a male dragon offered them some.


Many years passed and it became to be believed that the purple dragon was to be forever more a female breed. Untill one christmas, the legendary christmas dragons came around to give gifts and grant special wishes to all the good natured dragons of the lands. One particular dragon approached a very lonely and old purple dragon. She asked her what was her one wish, and the purple looked at the angelic dragon and said "i just want to see my lover again." The christmas dragon sought the help of a magi dragon. they went back to the forest and though his body was gone the magi dragon could sense the man's soul was still wating for his lovely maiden. He summoned powerful dragon magic and created a very special dragon egg. He presented it to the purple saying it was the best he could do.



The egg hatched into a purple hatchling like all the other eggs but this hatchling was slightly different. As it grew it began to sport golden whiskers on its muzzle and they reminded the old purple of her lover. She fell in love with the purple hatchling that turned out to be the first male of her breed. The hatchling grew into a mightly dragon and the two lovers were once again united in dragon form. Thus the purple dragons finally became a complete breed in both female and male dragon form.



I figured any legend of purple dragons would have to explain how come they were a female only breed for so long...enjoy biggrin.gif

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Dr. Paine: nice tale, and I am guessing the abomination you are speaking of is the zombie dragons, am I correct? :3


Purpletail162: amazing story, reminded me a bit of Romeo and Juliet. In life apart, alone, only a half, and together, a whole :3

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Dr. Paine: nice tale, and I am guessing the abomination you are speaking of is the zombie dragons, am I correct? :3


Purpletail162: amazing story, reminded me a bit of Romeo and Juliet. In life apart, alone, only a half, and together, a whole :3

Zombies and Neglecteds xd.png


I seem to have forgotten to include why they're all girls, though... meh. Mage who made them was a chick, so they're all female.

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Nocturne Dragons:


Nobody is sure how the nocturnes came about, but the most common tale involves a certain guardian dragon. This dragon was part of a closely-knit clan of dragons. He had been born and raised in the clan, but his egg had not been laid by any of the clansdragons. While he loved his fellow dragons deeply, he felt as though he didn't belong. As a hatchling, he would often be caught running away in the night, determined to find his ancestors. But he never succeeded. In an effort to prevent him from running away, his adopted parents made him guard the cave in which the clan resided during the day. All was well until one night. Still retaining his determination, he tiredly snuck out of the cave at night. On he went, following his feelings. Eventually, lost and exhausted, he had to lay down and nap on a grassy knoll he found. He dreamed of uniting with his ancestors and gaining glory with them, but then a shadow blurred out his dream. He woke up. There was a whisper. The moon was blotted out. A pair of yellow, glowing eyes appeared before him. "You appear to be miserable. What is the matter?" a voice hissed. The dragon related his lifelong dream of finding his ancestors. "I can send you to the home of your ancestors, but you must to one thing: bring me a stone" replied the strange creature. The dragon, believing the creature, fumbled in the dark until he found a boulder. Picking it up, he found his way back to the grassy knoll. The eyes were gone. He heard the voice again. "Do you wish to return to the land of your ancestors?" The dragon agreed. There was a flash of light and the dragon fainted. He had dark dreams, filled with frightening phantoms. Finally, he woke up, not knowing what had happened. He got up, only to find that all his armor was gone. He was still on the grassy knoll. He was not with his own kind, but rather had been betrayed and abandoned. He tried to return to the clan, hoping they would forgive him. But as the sun rose, he increasingly had trouble moving until finally, he turned to stone. He then realized that the spell the creature had cast was a curse. He never managed to find the clan, even though he spent his whole lifetime searching for it. The nocturne dragons we see today are his descendants, who roam the skies at night and continue to bear the burden of his foolishness.


Is that o.k.?

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Christmas '08/"Yulebucks":



Far, far to the north, where the land is made of ice and snow, was a small island. It was a forgotten land, so long ago, but it wasn't always that way.


There was a time in the far distant past when huge dragons lived up the land and nearby island. There was plenty for the plant eating dragons and plenty for the meat eating dragons that lived on the land. They wanted for nothing, the land was lush and green. Their lives were happy, they laid their eggs and reared their hatchlings and all was good.


Then one day, no one remembers when exactly, a cold wind blew. No one thought anything of it. The wind blew colder and colder. Soon the plants began to die because they were not made for such cold. The plant eating dragons began to wither and die.


The meat eating dragons fared a bit better and lived a bit longer but over time all the plant eaters were dead so the meat eaters began to eat each other. They ate themselves into extinction.


The land became frozen as the cold wind blew, the rain turned to snow and ice. This is how it stayed. Desolate, cold, snow covered ice.


Untold years passed when another wind blew. It blew from a new way and blew some amazing things off course….some type of small white colored plant eaters with boney protrusions on their foreheads, who were caught in the wind as they flew from There, where ever There was.


The great magical being in the sky, that had kept an eye on the cold icy land looked down at the new comers and took pity on them, and blew in a warmer wind. The icy land warmed and plants that had lain under the snow, waiting to be awakened, came up through the snow and ice in beautiful colors. The land began to return to what it had once been, lush green and vibrant. The small white colored plant eaters thrived.


Great magical being loved seeing the new colors come to the stark white of the icy land. So after a time a cold wind, once again blew, turning the rain to snow and ice. The small white plant eaters disappeared into the landscape only to reappear when the winds blew warms and the sleeping plants poked their brightly colored heads up through the snow again.

After careful thought, the great magical being, wanting to see the small white plant eaters more easily in the vast whiteness of the land when the cold winds blew, cast a spell giving some red color to the coats of the small white plant eaters. Now they would be easily seen against the white and the magical being smiled. The cycle from lush to cold was created.


Huge dragon eggs that had lain dormant, laid by the long gone dragons began to crack and then hatch. With no dragons around to raise the new dragon hatchlings, the small red and white plant eaters stepped right in, tending to the new baby dragons. The hatchlings grew fast and soon adult dragons once again came to live on the land that changed from white to lush green. The red and white small plant eaters decided that they wanted to live on the adjoining island where they would be safe, walked over to it when the land was frozen and icy.


The red and white small plant eaters with boney protrusions on their foreheads lived very happily on their island. Romping and playing, eating and sleeping.


During one of the icy frozen cycles an odd wind blew some small brown plant eaters with boney protrusions on their foreheads, all strapped together side by side in two lines pulling a strange thing with a stranger red and white two legged being, over the island. The red and white small plant eaters looked up and the brown small plant eaters looked down as all wondered about the other. The red and white two legged being began to make a noise and “Yulebuck” was heard for the first time. The wind abruptly changed without any warning and the small brown plant eaters with boney protrusions on their forehead, the strange thing they pulled behind them and the odd red and white two legged being were carried out of sight, never to be seen again.


But it is said that when the icy wind blows on one certain night, "Yulebuck" can be heard up in the sky and the small red and white plant eaters with boney protrusions on the foreheads, turn their faces to the sky searching....




is that okay?

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The story of the albino dragon starts far back in history of dragons, when the cave was roomy and only a few species of the giant lizards roamed the earth. Of these few, one was the green, or pebble, dragon. The pebble dragons prided themselves on being a strong and fierce breed, and all pebble parents raised their offspring to be bold and brash. Sparring, roaring contests, and wrestling were common games among pebble hatchlings; the winners would be respects by their peers while losers were isolated and looked down upon.


Of course, that's not to say that all pebble dragons fit in the stereotype of feral, ferocious beasts of the earth. One very unspectacular pebble dragon hatched ages ago, and he just happened to be the wimpy runt of the litter. The little pebble hatchling was always picked on by his siblings and nest mates. He couldn't run as fast as them, he couldn't dig tunnels or throw rocks as good as them, and his roar was pitiful at best. He wanted to be a good pebble dragon, he really did! But the he just couldn't. To make matters worse, after hitting the equivalent of dragon puberty, he developed over productive glands and became greasy and slimy, no matter what he did and how much he washed.


His nest mates were cruel, as hatchlings tend to be, and after years of enduring name-calling and scale-plucking, the little greasy pebble hatchling retreated to the safety of the caves. The caves were a perfect haven for him. Sure, there was no sunlight and companions were few and far between, but that was just how he liked it. The pebble dragon settled into his new home. He was here to stay.


Eons passed and much changed, inside the cave and out. New dragon species popped up left and right, and while the pebble species as a whole were wary of the newcomers at first, they eventually warmed to the strange new dragons. Unaware of the more welcoming attitude of his kin, the little pebble continued his underground exile. With time brings changes, though the changes occuring in the cave happened at a glacial speed. Slowly, so slowly the even he himself did not realize it, the little pebble began to change.


Without any sort of exposure to the sun, the pebble's coloring paled shade by shade until it was a strange off-white (if you looked close though, there was a slight remaining tinge of green). Without his siblings constantly beating him up and bruising him, his scales fell away and his skin became smooth and soft. Without talking to anyone for years and without practicing his roar, his voice became hoarse and screechy. Two things about the little pebble dragon stayed completely the same, however. His eyes remained a piercing red and his oily skin condition never got any better, though the pimples did clear up as he matured.


When a unusually powerful earthquake finally forced him from his refuge, he was amazed. Sunlight! The sky! Social interaction! No one recognized him as the little pebble dragon from their past, since he was believed to be long dead, but he was joyfully received by everyone as a new breed of dragon. He was quickly dubbed 'the albino' because of his coloring.


He quickly gained popularity since his traits, once undesirable, were now considered completely endearing. He finally got himself a lady-friend (or two!) and had many, many children. His traits seemed to be genetic, because almost all of his children look exactly like him.


And that, my friends, is the story of how the albino dragon came to be.


(Oh my that was long… I think I got too into it. tongue.gif Oh well. Enjoy!)

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I think I will try at the Gold Dragon Origin smile.gif


Long ago, in a small village, a poor old man managed to find an egg. At first he thought it was a chicken egg, but the size obviously threw that option out. This was a large white egg. Dragon eggs were very rare and expensive in that area. So finding ones egg was very special. This egg was one of a white dragon. It was clean and white as snow.

The Poor man soon found that he cared for the egg very much. He cleaned it every day and always kept it warm by a fire. One day a rich artifact hunter came to town on a search. He went up to the old man's door and knocked. He asked if he could look around and have a morsel of the old man's food. The old man having a kind open heart, let him enter. When the artifact hunter saw the egg, he gazed in amazement. He asked to purchase it from the poor man but the old man refused. He loved the egg too much.

Later that night the archeologist sneaked into the poor man's house and stole the egg. He immediately left town and head for his home. When he arrived, he didn't care for the egg. He just placed it in the room where he kept all of his treasures. Soon the white egg grew yellow. The archeologist thought that the egg was dieing, so he ended up returning it to the poor old man. But, the egg wasn't turning yellow. If the archeologist looked closer, it was turning gold. The poor man noticed this immediately.

The egg ended up hatching into a gold dragon and was alive and healthy. It brought the poor man many riches before his death. So in a way, the archeologist did a favor for the poor man by stealing it.

In short, the thief's neglection toward the egg and putting it in a chamber of gold artifacts made the egg turn gold. That's why if you find a gold egg, it is usually surrounded by gold.


Is it good? I dont really like but...meh.

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Amazing everyone, I'm starting to lose track D:


sir_horsey_XIX: of course its ok, anything anyone believes is accurate is perfect :3

Pinch of StarDust: sad story, but its good that they came back :3 (and the brown ones are reindeer, and the two-legs is a Mr. Claus, correct? xd.png)

Kangaroowings: Good job, it makes a lot of sense biggrin.gif

jaytey: yes, everything is good (i just don't understand why it would turn yellow just because its around gold, according to the Cave, they're almost always near gold. otherwise, perfect description :3)

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Pinch of StarDust: sad story, but its good that they came back :3 (and the brown ones are reindeer, and the two-legs is a Mr. Claus, correct? xd.png)

well.... it is what it is rolleyes.gif ....stuff from what legends are made wink.gif

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exactly :3

all the stories I've seen so far can be linked in some ways or another :3

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I think it is pretty neat how the origin stories are turning out.


I didn't read any of the stories until after I had posted my own. Now that I've read all of them, to date, I agree with your observation Jaako.

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Thunder (Trio):


Once, long ago and when the world was new, a clan of storm dragons lived above Mount Aeral. They were the Cirnr, the elite of the storms. They could fly farther and faster and produce larger storms than any others of their kind. Among this clan, there was one who was the greatest of them all. Strong and masterful, he dared great feats, relying solely on his immense wings and incredible speed to pull him through alive. He would fly though real thunderstorms, greater than any a dragon could produce, and fly back and forth through the lightning, glorying in his power. Faster then the lightning itself, he would speed through the tempests, rocked to and fro in the highest winds.


Yet great as he was, always he desired more power. Always, he would seek to fly to greater heights, and fight the wildest storms, in hopes of becoming yet stronger, and capable of greater deeds. He wanted to rise above all others of his kind. No matter how strong he was, he still wanted more.


In his boundless quest for power, he spent little time with his chosen mate and their hatchlings. He was a loner, held in awe by all but close to no one. His strength was his life. In time, he came to disdain all others who dared fly near him, scorning even his family. His pride carried him ever farther into the air, and he returned less and less. But when he did, he spoke with no one, and came and went in haughty contempt.


One day, however, a vast storm brewed in the north. It came down from the lonely mountain ranges towards the frozen sea, tossing and destroying all in its path. The strong storm dragon, as was his custom, immediately leapt into it, roaring in delight. But it was a terrible storm, bred in the north where magic still ran wild, and it was stronger than he. He was tossed back and forth in wind he could not master, and battered against the rain. He could not control anything; only slightly nudge the winds as his strength ebbed. He was at the mercy of the storm.


Just then, as the tempest raged and thunder boomed, a single bolt of lightning flashed from the sky, and struck the strong storm dragon as the gale hurled him down. The fear struck him first, as he realized, then white-hot pain seared though him as he fell, and then he knew no more.


He awoke in a small valley in the mountains, with rock walls on either side. The only other thing in the valley was a shallow lake, towards one end. Slowly, he raised himself up and went towards it, thinking to get a drink before he took to the skies again. The sky was clear and bright overhead, inviting. But as he went to the lake, he felt strangely different, somehow. He’d not been on the ground much, but he felt much larger than normal. His wings seemed bent, and odd. He approached the lake. As he bent his head to drink, he stopped and stared in shock.


His scales were a dark, royal blue, and a large crest rose from his head. His wings were twice as large as they had been, and they too were dark blue. He moved them hesitantly, and small bolts of electricity shot from them, blackening the rock beneath him. The essence of the lightning still lingered in him. He bent his head to the sky and roared in ecstasy, proud of his new powers, and his voice echoed for miles along the mountain range. He leapt into the sky in exaltation, flying as fast as he was able, back to his clan, to show them of his new strength.


But when he arrived there, no one recognized him. No one, not even his mate, would believe that he was the same dragon, and they chased him away. In anger, he summoned his new strength, and clapped his wings together at them, roaring. Bolts of lighting flew from him, and the ground below him shook. Storm clouds gathered around him instantly, and fear came on all near him. The other storm dragons, afraid for their lives, fled their mountain, never to return.


Lonely and heartbroken, and angry that they had left him, the new dragon tried to follow, but he was so weak from his battle with the storm and his flight home that he could not. He roared again, in desperation, his pride gone, begging them to come back... and the clouds above him began to rain and rumble with thunder.


Thus was the first of the thunder dragons made.



Yipes. Is that too long?

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Warrior57: no, that's a perfect length

It's a sad story, the poor dragon...

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Long ago, before history was written or men knew the ways of fire and stone, there were no dragons. When the forests burned, when the plains scorched themselves with flame and fury, man and beast alike perished, fleeing no faster and no farther than their feet could carry them. Fear was a way of life, and fire was no tamer than the panther or snake.


Once in a generation, a man or woman would survive the flames, burnt and beaten but alive, and these few would speak of a strange vision in the fire, of a strange beast like a large lizard, one they had never seen before. It seemed to thrive on fire, they claimed, the same colors as the flames and not minding the great heat and smoke. Others would scoff and scorn these survivors, saying they saw only the fire dancing as it burned out their eyes, but slowly the stories spread from tribe to tribe and began to seem more real. This mythical lizard became known as the Salamander.


At last a great wizard, one of the fearless few who dared to harness nature in his grasp, sought out the fires and found a salamander for himself, capturing it in a great hollow stone, a geode. When the fires burned down and vanished, the salamander was still his.


When the wizard released the salamander in a cave, however, the beast burned so fiercely that all things burned which could, and the wizard at last knew fear; how could he harness such a force of nature as this strange beast of fire? He fled, though the salamander stayed, and it was a curious woman who was almost a wizard herself who found it next. She had found a strange winged beast which flew over the great burning plains, a kind creature who had come at her call and been tamed by her curiosity. Discovering the salamander already living in her new shelter, the woman had an idea... after much effort and some events that left her with more questions than answers, the salamander and her winged beast bred. Their offspring was more salamander than winged beast, with strange horns and only vestigial wings, but the woman and her children sought out more winged beasts and more salamanders, breeding generation after half-tamed generation, until the new creatures were large and red and could fly high in the sky as well as breath fire. Wizards and curious folk came from leagues around, traveling lifetimes to see the beasts called "dragons," until one day a large number were moved to gift the beasts with an eternal blessing-- immortality.


It is said that though the dragons grew larger and smarter generation by generation, and though eventually there were more than one color and kind, true dragons have always been red. They say that if you search long enough, you shall find the very first dragons hiding in the fires of the forests and flying above the fires of the plains, as did their ancestors so very long ago.

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I remember I wrote something about Purples or Pinks but I couldn't find the paper now. sad.gif

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Laying a claim to the first stories for Flamingo Wyverns and Halloween '10s... biggrin.gif


I'd do them tonight, but I am in desperate need of sleep/need to see what the adults of the '10s look like.

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I love stuff like this, I have to try! I don't know if anyone's tried the Hellfire Wyverns yet, but I'll give it a go!




When Wyverns were still a young breed, there existed two very loving creatures. One was a Bright-Breasted Wyvern, the other, an Ember dragon. These two creatures were kind to everyone they met, human or dragon, and many traveled to their cave just to see that the story of the Wyvern and the Dragon were true.


However, a nearby village was very concerned. The couple had brought much prosperity to their small town, with travelers and traders bringing their riches with them. Yet the village despised the coupling for they did not like having something so dangerous as the pair near their town. While these creatures were kind and gentle, they often attracted other dragons or wyverns that did not share the same disposition as their quiet relatives.


Afraid that eventually their town would be destroyed, they elected a group of their warriors to silently slay the pair in the night. They knew the creatures would not object to their presence, and would be caught off guard. When the men entered their nest at the side of a volcano, they found the creatures sound asleep. It took little effort to slay both of the creatures, as they only seemed to show a great remorse and confusion as they were attacked.


The men, taken aback by what they had done, threw down their weapons in disgust. As the leader cast down his sword, he noticed something small near the edge of a lava pool. The men gathered around and found to their surprise that it was an egg, unlike any they had seen before. Knowing that the village would never allow an offspring to survive, and filled with guilt for what they had done, the men decided to hide the egg. They dug out a small cave next to the lava flow, and covered the entrance. They then left for the village, and upon arriving, announced their shame and departure from where they had once called home.


Now without parents to watch for it, the egg sat in it's small cave, most likely to die alone. However, the lava flow next to it soon began to erode the soil next to the cave, and some lava spilled into the small hole and covered the egg. The men returned to the cave later that day to find the egg in this shape, and surprisingly, still alive. Soon it hatched, and a Wyvern unlike any seen before it emerged.


Filled with a fell flame, the creature almost instinctively knew that it had been betrayed by the village that had been brought so much prosperity by it's parents. Once it's wings had matured, it set out for the village, burning it down and scattering it's residents. The men that had slain it's parents knew then that they had allowed an angry creature to be released, and that it would forever taint the beasts legacy. Again filled with shame, it is said that they cast themselves into the volcano so that they might at last find peace in it's eternal flame. The Wyvern, however, was now free to roam the lands, a trail of ash following in it's wake. The first Hellfire Wyvern had been born.


(It was getting kind of long so I tried to go a head and end it.)

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Can I try a pygmy?


The gifted humans who raised dragons had just discovered it- a way to keep hatchlings in their prime forever. The dragons loved this idea. Being forever a young, free, playful hatchling... it sounded wonderful. As time passed, more and more young dragons were being 'frozen', locked in their youthful state.


One day, two albino dragons, Mikres and Paidi, best friends who didn't yet know their important destinies, made the decision to be frozen. They lived like this for years, together, playing chase, being taken care of by others, and not worrying about a thing. But these two, over time, began to mature. After a while, they no longer wanted to play around. They didn't want the independence from their caretakers, but they longed to grow up. They were though playing. And Mikres, being a female, found herself falling for Paidi. She no longer wanted to be trapped, frozen. She wanted a mate, and have eggs of her own. Paidi also wanted that; she could tell when he looked longingly at the eggs that their keeper stole from the cave they were from, and how he looked at her. The look of love. I must unfreeze myself, then. She thought. So she set off to find a dragon who could help her.


Mikres traveled from village to village, until she found one that had been burned to the ground. She something red flying away from it, and with her small wings, she followed it, for a day and a night, to its lair. She approached the cave, and told what turned out to be a dragon her story. It looked at her with its intimidating yellow eyes, surrounded by bright red scales, and she was worried it would eat her on the spot. But it agreed to try and help her, and blew some small flames around her, harmless, yet hot. But not hot enough.


She kept searching. She found an ember, and a hellfire, but still no luck. She even journeyed to a desert, to find a spitfire, but no dragon seemed to have enough heat. She traveled so far that she thought she would reach the world's end each wing beat she took. She thought she would never find her home. One rainy morning, she gave up hope. She was far, far from her home, from Paini, from any human, surrounded by nature. She found a cave, and collapsed right at the mouth, exhausted from flying for days on end, hardly resting.


When she woke up, it was sunset, and she was staring into two pure white eyes. She saw that the dragon that they belonged to was beautiful, radiant, and mysterious, with shimmering light purple scales and gorgeous blue wings. The dragon had a protective aura about her. Mikres stood up, only to feel stronger than she had in a long time.


"Did you sleep well?" The dragon asked, in a telepathic voice. It sounded as old as time, but still strong.


"Yes," Mikres replied shakily, shy in front of such magnificence.


She heard a sound, like a purr, only more like a dragon. Peeking behind the dragon's forepaw, she saw three figures behind it. One was blue, with icicle shaped things hanging off of its body, wings, and tail. The next was a dull navy color, but its scales sparked with brilliant energy: lightning. But the last one, the last one was the one that felt like it had zapped her. It looked to be made of magma, hotter than any fire, she had found before.


"We saw you at the foot of our cave. We brought you here, and healed you. You must have a strong will; few would be able to make it to our home, in the Land Forever Natural." Mikres shuddered at the word 'forever', but managed to say, "Thank you."


She told the dragon, who told her to call her Kidemonas, her story: all the places she had traveled, all her attempts to unfreeze herself, and her reasons for doing so.

After finishing, she walked over to the figures she had seen, who were still standing in a line behind Kidemonas and listening to Mikres's story, and saw that they were the dragons, the dragons only heard of in legends. Thunder, Ice and Magma. She pleaded to the magma to help her, and told him she could take his hottest lava. He shook his body violently, and the tiniest specs of super-hot magma rained down on Mikres. But all it ended up doing was tanning her body a little.


She was shocked and devastated, but still thanked the dragon. It was getting late, and she asked if she could stay another night here. The four agreed to let her. That night, as she slept soundly, the four used their strongest magic, and tried to help her. Once they were finished using all the spells that they thought could help, it was midnight: much too late to see the little hatchling.


In the morning, Mikres thanked the legendary dragons for their kindness, and left. She stopped at a lake to drink, and saw herself- no longer with her young features, her small wings. Yes, she was still small, but she was an adult. She could tell. Excited, she flew all the way home, which felt like much shorter of a distance when she was filled with this excitement. She arrived back to her keep to find Paidi had gone through a similar transformation. They announced their love to one another, and settled down, and started a family- a family of a new breed: pygmies.


I had a basic idea, wiht some problems, but as I wrote, they solved themselves in my head, and it ended happily smile.gif . And much better and longer than I thought it would be.

You just gotta love pygmies. And for those who are curious, the names are greek.




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