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Just for the next edit can you put me on the BBW list please? I am makin an army of BBW's to breed and release into the ap. smile.gif

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I'll just have a list for the MWM, MM, and witty eggs to help save on room.


I tried a little hunting and ended picking up a glory egg. I noticed the terra eggs sit for a while at the cave entrance and glory eggs seem to go a little faster. I'll try to make better calculations of what eggs drop at the cave entrance to keep the list as short as possible. Right now the cave is being very laggy for some reason.

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I am going to try and stop breeding the following species:



















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Ok, I changed the thread around (sorry '^') But instead of just a "saving" thread, I though it would be more useful as a news topic thread on anything ratio related, which is why I deleted those lists on the second post.


Cave and AP Changes

I'm bringing up this news topic to explain a few things. We all have noticed a few new things going on at the cave. The AP has been surprisingly empty for some time and has even been free of any eggs. The fewer eggs on the AP could solely be the result of lower breeding rates. Dragons are refusing more than ever lately. This has irked a few lineage and metallic breeders. Metallic breeding discussion can be found here.

So far the changes (if these are indeed the right changes) have cleared the AP and brought commons that clogged the AP and main cave to a rare status. No one knows how this will effect things in the long run.


Beat the Heat Release


A new release has come, and one of the eggs share a description with the stripes. People are already concerned about the stripes and the new spitfire. Many people who have posted here are voicing their concerns and relating the new release to the frills. Stripe dragons, due to being heavily bred, are very difficult to find as a CB. There will be much more difficulty now that another egg shares the same description in which one would have to go through hundreds of Spitfire eggs in order to obtain one stripe. Things will probably not end well but it is possible to help. Breeding more spitfires will increase the chance a stripe will exist and not breeding stripes will also help. Just remember, stripes and spitfires do not have their own ratios, they exist just as an other dragon or egg. They share a common name and breeding them or not breeding them will determine how often one of their eggs turns up in the cave. Heavily bred spitfires means that egg will have a better chance of being a stripe.


So you want a terrae egg?[b/]

The thread "So you want a silver egg?" has recently updated their common list and the only dragon still remaining on the list from last time is the balloons. Last release's Terrae dragons have already made it to the list. Is being green all that bad? green dragons tend to become very common pretty fast.

With some numbers provided by a poster here terrae eggs are likely to be one of the most common eggs dropped in the cave.



with old commons so rare, have rotations been implemented?

In short, no

None of the rarities have been tweaked in a while, and no, "rotations" weren't implemented.


New breeds are underpopulated, so the cave drops more of those. And since it's dropping more of those, then there's less of everything else.

TJ09 Jul 7 2010, 06:53 PM


What are the original common dragons?

White, pink, purple, blue, black, vine, mint ,magi, and red. Many are more than difficult to find in their CB form.


More to come later...hope the new direction is ok.

there are still lists of dragons on the second page for anyone wanting to know what's common and what's not.

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It might be helpful in your list of threads to include the Even Gens thread. Even gen dragons seem to be very popular right now, and though some of the personal projects involve the harder to find dragons, there are also a number of projects that include the ultra commons too. The Gaia projects, in particular, rely heavily on common breeds, and most aren't particular about what breed of dragon they get from a pairing, as long as the parents are the correct breeds.


This is an example of a Gaia dragon. Those in the thread are very helpful about offering each other eggs.

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As far as I know, the Blacks and Vines which are frozen and Released into the wilderness still count in the ratios, and reduce the number produced.


It's super when people freeze and release long-lineaged/inbred dragons, but if people think freezing and Releasing short/nicely lineaged Blacks is helping the ratios on those, they should know it's likely just reducing them.


The vast numbers of Blacks in the Wilderness count for a significant portion of the calculation, so unless this was changed, such a misunderstanding might simply add to the numbers of useful Blacks being eliminated from the breeding population.


I've seen a surprising number of people on various AP clearance threads speak of 'rescuing' for freezing and/or Release short-lineaged AP dragons even of currently sought-after types, many of which would have been either gifts or trades, or dropped to the AP as a nice surprise to give somebody something worth breeding, something many of us do from time to time...



I would also like to point out that while many CB commons may be useful to people, breds often aren't, unless they're a famous lineage or crossed with Holiday breeds, or some such thing.


It might be more productive for people to take the excess CBs of the less-wanted commons off of the Drops and drop them on the AP after the 5 hours than to breed them specifically to drop them on the AP where they'll likely clog traffic.


While I have done AP clearance in the past, these days I'll now pick up only AP dragons that I may want or find useful, such as CB Neos, to keep, while I no longer prick up breds which are useless to me to raise to hatchie-dom for abandonment.


Frankly, I'm chronically short of room and there are far too many dragons I want and breed for others (or try to, anyway, lol) for me to spend room anymore on raising dragons I have no use for and wouldn't actually want on my scroll.


This has been going on an awfully long time, and I'm not the only one to choose that route.


So there's a much larger pool of potential homes for CB commons of the more over-produced varieties than there would be for most sorts of breds of those types.

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@ Syphoneira



Totally agree.

Spot on.


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Lovely job on explaining how things actually work. smile.gif


I'm part of both the Fifth Element Lineage and the Dragonriders of Pern, and I've participated in several "Save the Commons" projects in the past. So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.


I worry about the Stripes, too, but I think it's too early to tell how it will work out. We'll have to see.


In the meantime, I'm hoping to see CBs of the older breeds start to appear again soon. Never thought I'd see the day it would be hard to catch a CB Mint, lol happy.gif

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Apparently wilderness dragons do not count in the ratio sense.


Anyway...if someone wants to take this thread over, that would be nice. I won't have time to report anything anymore, since I will be busy with other things.

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Very interresting! Thank's for this Threat!

Bred three uncommon this morning and...two hours later catched my second CB-Black! WOW rolleyes.gif Dont't know about the Ratio-Thing before!

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That's very strange. Don't quote me on this, and if anyone can provide us with true TJ's quotes, that would be very nice.




First, if you kill an inbred gold or black, that doesn't mean the cave will generate cb gold or black.


Second, if even 100 users will release all their blacks and metalls, that has very little affect on the system.


Third, I see pretty much cb blacks, vines, and even metalls. What's wrong with cb blacks getting mm, well, uncommon? There's more fun in catching one.

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Since Z is linking to this.. could the OP and/or mod please edit the first post to reflect that wild dragons do not count for ratios? TJ said it at least three separate times in the last few months.

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Also - and for the same reason - the first post should note that EQ DOES (now) count for a kill action.

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