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Vocaloid and UTAUloid Discussion Thread

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I really like Reboot....



It made me cry ;-;.. So many feels

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There are a couple Vocaloid songs that persistently get stuck in my head!


Kagerou Days


Clock Lock Works


Thoughtful Zombie

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Obsessive post about OwataP: BEGIN!

Back in the trucking days (which consisted mostly of Vocaloid, Touhou, Youtube, Nico Nico Douga, Japanese, video game music, and IRC) I was a newly obsessed Vocaloid fan. One day, I stumbled on this video on Youtube called Owata(Hatsune Miku's version). Having a liking for piano music, I thought it was really awesome how someone could take a classical piece and give it lyrics and use Vocaloids as singers. Of course, that ended up being one of my favorite Vocaloid songs(though Ievan Polkka is still up there). After some time had gone by, my obession with Vocaloid actually died, and I even started to lose interest. But after doing some browsing on Youtube, I found other songs that were rather catchy, and I noticed they were done by the same guy who did Owata, who I learned is OwataP. Some of the music was easy to relate to. I know what it's like to be unemployed and stuck on the computer all day(Just work neetはたらけニート). I hate being nagged even a little(Stop Nagging meゴチャゴチャうるせー!). And songs like Kataomoi Samba were just outright catchy. I then found out OwataP had an account on Nicovideo, and I decided to add him, and discovered these awesome piano arrangements he did from various Nintendo games. I never got into music from Nintendo games, but I have a love for piano and game music and general, and a lot of his arrangements were of good quality and quite relaxing to listen to. Of course OwataP ended up being one of my favorite Vocaloid producers(okay I lied, he's my only favorite :3) and then of course I later found out about his adorable cat persona, Owatan, and now I've developed a little bit of an obession(Just a little! :3) Of course it doesn't help that having come to Thailand, one of the commonly used Thai words here sounds exactly like another name he goes by, which is Garuna. If there's one thing I am happy to say though, is that I can at least like and appreciate someone who makes music for Vocaloid, and not just Vocaloids themselves. Vocaloid is great, but the ones who make the music and put all of their work into are the ones who bring life to Vocaloid and make it what it is happy.gif


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I don't know much about Vocaloid or Utau, but there are some songs I quite like.

, which is absolutely beautiful, Senbonzakura-Lapis Aoki (I find hers better than Miku's, idk why), Electric Angel-Kagamine Len and Rin, Cyber China-Miku Hatsune, Candy Candy-Gumi, Soraru and Lon's version of Remote Control and that's all I have to say for now.


Edit: I forgot to mention Tsukema Tsukeru-Kagamine Rin and Demon Girlfriend-Tatari.

Another edit: And I didn't mention Luo Tianyi.

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Vocaloid's AWESOME!!!!!!! Whoops. Sorry with the Caps Lock.

Favorite Vocaloid is totally Kaito, Gakupo, Len, Rin, Akaito, Taito, Miki, and Gumi.

Favorite song(s): Imitator, Bad End Night, Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder, the entire Seven Deadly Sins series, iNsAniTY, Cantarella, and others that I;m not going to name.

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my friend semi-recently got me back into vocaloid although ive only really listened to Luka and Miku and a bit of Kaito

i like Luka best


my favorites are DYE, Dancer in the Dark, NEL, and Stratosphere

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Eheh... I don't know much about Vocaloid... But I know enough, I guess. ^^'

Favorite Vocaloid(s)... Probably Len/Rin Kagamine...

Favorite song(s)... Prisoner and Paper Plane, iNSaNiTY, Death Should Not Have Taken Thee, the Clockwork Lullaby series, the Daughter of Evil series, and Eight Hundred.

Prisoner and Paper Plane never fail to make me cry... Mainly Paper Plane, though...


Okay, back to lurking!

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Favorate vocaloid? Don't make me choose, please, that's painful.


as for favorate songs:



Outer Science

Purple Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder

Story of Evil Series

World is Mine

Alice of Human Sacrifice

Four Seasons

My Crush is a Monster Boy

Madness of DUke Venomania

The tailor shop on enbizaka (I really like the 7 sins series)

Two Faced Lovers

Alurring Secret: Black Vow

Fire Flower

Bad End Night

Night Tales Decieve

The Riddle Solver who can't Solve Riddles

Just Be Friends

Imagination Forest

Remote Paranoi

Night Tales Decieve

A Young GIrl's Self Harm Habit


^ wow, I listen to all/most of these in one night O.0

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well Miku just appeared on letterman's show and that was wild from start to finish

i bet someone's grandparent in america turned on their tv and just saw that with no context

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I like Vocaloids / UTAU too -has friends who are obsessed about Vocaloids / UTAUS-


Evillious Chronicle's series (geezus, how confusing, that series!) Especially Escape of Salmhofer the Witch and The Pride Arc.


I also really like Luo Tianyi.

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I Love Miku Hatsune! I have a rendition of Phantom of the Opera that she sings with another vocaloid. I am so in love with it!

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