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Vocaloid and UTAUloid Discussion Thread

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All of them can sing, just some are harder to use then others. A master could make them all sing perfectly.


Are we forgetting that the singing component of them is robotic. We decide what they sing or not, well, at least those people who actually have the program do.


There synthesized voices with images, and personalitys derived from fandom.


And there awesome xd.png.

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Are we forgetting that the singing component of them is robotic. We decide what they sing or not, well, at least those people who actually have the program do.

No. That's what I meant. The ACTUAL people can't sing... 'speciallly Saki Fujita... She's a seiyu, not a singer... Most of them are...

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Well, these aren't the people. They are voices, with different components, different qualities. Even if the person can't sing, its just their voice.


I judge them on voice components, and their "personality" arisen from song.

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Teto to the end!


and Kaito.


I like Rin's 'kokoro' and The Series Of Evil.


Len screams a lot....


oh well. I''m actually not a HUGE fan of them...

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Oh Gawd, you do not know how many nights I have spent just listening to their music... Here are some of my favs, I'll put a short summary next to each so you'll know about them. tongue.gif


Chain Girl-Miku Hatsune- Girl who is chained down by life, breaks free. Good tune.


Rolling Girl- Miku Hatsune- Girl who keeps trying at life, no matter how many times she falls.


Two Faced Lovers-Miku Hatsune- Girl gets pregnant( Never stated in song, assumed by PV) good song, fast though.


World is Mine-Miku Hatsune- High pitched, a girl likes a boy and tries to be cute for him.


Good Night, Last Night- Miku Hatsune- A random song that's slow and sweet, about leaving.


Hope- Miku Hatsune- Short, like two minutes, about hope and fufilling dreams.


Dark Woods Circus Series, total of six songs, all awesome- Miku Hatsune- Um...creepy, Miku is kidnapped by a circus because she was crazy and put into a circus after being deformed in the mental hospital, and commits suicide, burns in hell, then rises up again and kills people as a reaper. Total of six songs...


Stargazer-Miku Hatsune- A boy who is good at playing guitar sucks at singing, he steals Miku from a store, but get caught, catchy tune.


Popipo- Miku Hatsune- A song parodying commercials, catchy, yet...stupid.


Magnet-Miku and Luka duet- Sad song about overcoming prejudices with love.


The Little Mermaid- Luka Megurine- The original little mermaid, where she dies at the end.


Double Lariat- Luka Megurine- About a girl who "spins" and in the end, she gets good at it..catchy tune, good song, very motivational.


Just be friends- Sung by Luka, but from boys point of view.A couple has lost the magic in their love, and even though they still care for one another, he feels it's best to ' just be friends'


Scarborough Fair English Cover- Luka Megurine- English cover, one of the best enlish covers by a vocaloids, slow song.


Sakura Graffiti- Luka Megurine- About leaving your mark in the world, in the PV, it's a good song...but the artist gave her way to much cleavage...


Daughter of Evil- Rin Kagamine- Girl is evil, kills people, makes twin servant kill for her, fast paced, good song.


Servant of Evil- Len Kagamine- From twins point of view, is all emo because he had to kill, gives up life for sister/queen to escape. Also fast paced. Awesome song.


Regret Message- Rin Kagamine- How she realizes she did wrong, but it is to late, sad song, but catchy.


Daughter of White- Yowane Haku - Super long, almost 8 minutes, about how a girl finds the Queen who killed her best friend, but forgives her, sad and awesome tune.


RE_Birthday- Len Kagamine- No offcially part of the Evil series, more part of the CLocwork series, but is referencing the Evil series. Okay song...


The Riddler who wouldn't solve riddles- Len Kagamine- Okay tune, must watch to get the second part.

The Riddler who can't solve riddles- Rin Kagamine- Extremly catchy tune, and awesome murder mystery song too.


Black Vow- Rin and Len duet- An angel falls for a human, and becomes human for her, catchy song, some subliminal pictures shown, but by far the Twins best duet. Superb art.


Searching for you in the Sky, part one of synchronicity- Len Kagmine- A song about how a twin searches for his long lost sister who was sacrificed to sing for a dragon to save the country. First part, must watch to understand second part.Short, only 2 minutes. Amazing art.


Paradise of Light and Shadow, part two of synchronicity- Rin and Len Kagamine Duet- Has one of the most beautiful duets by the Twins ever, about the ending and how they find each other. Ended, there was going to be a third part but the project got canceled. Beautiful art.


Kokoro-Rin Kagamine- Robot find her heart.Many, many, many PVs, I cried the first time I watched it.


I like you, I love you- Rin kagmine- A nervous girl who finally confesses, high pitched, but cute.


Paper Airplane- Rin Kagamine- A girl who is sick goes one last time to see a friend she met in a prison her father runs. Sad.


Meltdown- Rin Kagamine- About escaping from life,one of Rin's best songs ever.


Prison- Len Kagamine- From prisoners point of view, he meets a girl who makes prison bearable. Super sad, cried the first time I watched it..


Spice- Len Kagamine- Uh, not for the kiddehs, a boy is a player, but has only one love.


Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder- Len Kagamine- Awesome tune, catchy and amazing, tons of different covers for it though. .-. About twincest, I think...


Fragile Snow- Miki- Yes, one of the newer vocaloids, not developed by crypton, actually. Good song, she has a realistic voice, like Miku but more mature and awesomer. I don't know what it's about, I only found the raw version.


Canterella- Kaito- About the only song I like of Kaito's , based on an old play. A boy captures a girl he's in love with by force. Awesome song 8D


Reverse Rainbow- miku and Rin,- not to confused with double rainbow ( lol) Beautiful song about being unique. Totally random though.


Triple Baka- Miku, Neru, and Teto - Funny nonsense song, super catchy, and funny too.

Alice Human Sacrifice- Meiko, Kaito, Miku and Rin an Len Quartet- About how all of the Alices are gathered by a dream, and are corrupted and stay in Wonderland, creepy song..


Circle you Circle- Meiko, Kaito, Gakupo, Rin and Len, and Luka- Again, creepy song, a group of genetically altered orphans plays the game 'circle you' and kills you at the end...


Nico Nico Chorus


Nico Nico Choruses are basically someone who takes different covers of songs sung by real people on Nico Nico Douga and edit them all together. They don't have to be Vocaloid songs though, some can be anime OPs or popular anime songs. Some can be as few as 4 people, and the largest I've ever seen if 200+ people for the song Meltdown. (EDIT: Nevermind, it's been topped, 2000+ People. xd.png .)some good examples would be...


- Just be Friends

- Canterella

- Butterfly on your right shoulder

- Meltdown



I did it in order, for easier access, all awesome , awesome songs. It goes Miku, Luka, Rin and Len, Miki, Kaito, and then group songs. tongue.gif Hope you look some of these up and enjoy them! I really loved all of these songs..will edit and update when I remember more...

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I've seen a good portion of the concert on Youtube, as I don't live in Japan, I couldn't see it live. sad.gif But they weren't " holograms", they were simply images put onto a special glass screen that was clear so it looked real. It was just a projector, no holograms yet. Though we can hope...

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I've seen a good portion of the concert on Youtube, as I don't live in Japan, I couldn't see it live. sad.gif But they weren't " holograms", they were simply images put onto a special glass screen that was clear so it looked real. It was just a projector, no holograms yet. Though we can hope...

my bad =p, my english gets turned around a lot. Happens when you live in a bilingual home xd.png

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That's cool, you're biulinigual? What language, I speak fluent chinese.


I'd trade that to understand Japanese though. TT^TT


I'd love to listen to Vocaloid music and not look at messed up subs to understand them

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I know that Teto isn't a Vocaloid. She's a Utau, sometimes also known as a Utauloid.



Here are some of the most popular Fanmade Vocaloid:

-Haku Yowane

-Neru Akita


-Meiko Sakine



And now for the original vocaloids...




Leon | Lola | Miriam | Meiko | Kaito




Sweet Ann | Miku Hatsune | Rin/Len Kagamine | Prima | Gakupo Kamui | Luka Megurine | Gumi | Sonika | SF-A2 miki | Yuki Kaai | Kiyoteru Hiyama | Big-Al | Tonio | Lily | VY1 | Gachapoid | Iroha Nekomura | Piko Utatane | VY2


Now, contrary to popular belief, Miku is NOT and never WAS the first Vocaloid, or even the first of the Vocaloid 2 series. Sweet Ann was the first of the Vocaloid 2 series. The only reason why Miku has a one on her shoulder is because she's the first of the character series. Rin/Len are 02 and so forth.


And also, Gumi and Gakupo are official vocaloids, they just weren't developed by Cypton, which is by far one of the most successful Vocaloid makers. As they made Miku, Luka,and Rin and Len


Now, Vocaloid 3 is still in the process of being made, but it has been confirmed. <3 I can't wait.


Now onto the Utauloids... The most popular is Teto, she's kind of like their mascot. But there have been many, many, many, MANY, official Utualoids. The two most commonly seen are Teto and Ruko. UTAU was developed as a way to give free Vocaloid sounding products out to the people who couldn't afford one. They're downloadable through the internet.



MikuMikuDance is an animation program that lets users make various Vocaloids move around and dance. There's also a program PMD editor, that let's you make your own models or edit others. There are an infinite amount of models available through the internet or links on Youtube.


Project Diva- Project diva was the first official game of vocaloid. It involves the user hitting the correct buttons at the right times, much like DDR for you hands. There was a Project Diva Second as well, and it had an add on that you could buy called " Dreamy Theater." Which basically gave you better animation and pictures, and some little extras.


And one more desperately important thing...

The Black Rock Shooter. Good Lord, how many people get this mixed up.


Basically, there was a character design on some persons site. Now, back then, the up and coming producer, Ryo, ( Who now has produced many popular songs with Vocaloids...) was inspired by the character design, teaming up with the illustrator, huke, I believe, they made a song based around the picture, with Miku Hatsune as the voice. Now, it was because of this song that the PV ( promotional video) gained popularity, and eventually gained it's own OVA. Eventually getting it's own anime in 2010. So they've announced.biggrin.gif




Appends are like add on's to a Vocaloids. They have different tones of voice to use, instead of just one like the old Vocaloids. You buy the append as a seperate product, not as an extra to a pre-existing vocaloid that you own ^^ So far only Miku, and Rin and Len have appends, but Luka is getting an append in 2011, and there are rumors of a Kaito or Meiko append. Each append gets new boxart, which is more digital and technology based than their original boxarts. They also come with voice "tones" For example, Miku's new voices are...


* MIKU Append SWEET : French Pop, Ballard, Electronica

* MIKU Append DARK : Ballad, Jazz, Falk, Ambient

* MIKU Append SOFT : Soft Rock, Ballad, Falk, Ambient

* MIKU Append LIGHT : Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno Pop

* MIKU Append VIVID : Pop, Techno Pop, Trad

* MIKU Append SOLID : Pop, Rock, Dance, Electro



Rin's appends are "power", "warm", and "sweet". Len's appends are "power", "cold", and "serious".



Also, if there are any confusing songs that you don't get the meaning behind , just shoot me a PM, or ask me here. As I've explained almost every single one of the more...confusing songs to various people on multiple occasions.



To find out more, just type in Vocaloid Wikia into google and click the first site that comes up. They have tons of information. ^^

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Miku for me. Love her fanart, lol.


As for her songs, hmmm.... I'd have to say my favorites are:

Last Night, Good Night


Love is War

Disappearence of Hatsune Miku

Love Like S***


Haven't really heard a whole lot, though what I have heard is pretty good.

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Minus Appends, this is a nice introduction to the Vocaloids.


@98hime actually, Sweet Ann doesn't have a number at all, only the Character Vocal series does (thats; Miku, the Kagamines, Luka). It doesn't matter much though.


The Teto thing was aimed at the few who think she is part of the Vocaloid crop (same with Haku and Neru, this is so commonfor people to call them "offical Vocaloids" though... ). Still amazes me every time Vocaloid crops up, at least one person is still getting these wrong though. That and BRS... That one is so tiring.


I prefer the engloids over the J-loids though, only because I like to be able to hear a song in english from time to time... The J-loids are nice, but I like to hear a song I understanding without translation subs thats all. happy.gif'

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My absolute favorite vocaloid song has to be "Free LENmix" by avtechno! which features Luka Megurine and Len Kagamine.

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Ironic Freddyness, xd.png Usually MEIKO and KAITO's names are capitalized, but you switched them around I guess. ^^


I have some favorite vocaloid designs, which go-


1. Lily

2. Miki

3. Miku Hatsune

4. Luka

5. Piko


But by voice it goes;


1. Len and Rin kagamine

2. Luka Megurine

3. Miku Hatsune

4. Megpoid GUMI

5. Miki


I also recently listened to the Disappearance of Miku Hatsune. It was one of the first Vocaloid songs I heard, but I never finished it, since the beginning is so fast, and my then unaccustomed to Vocaloid ears couldn't take it. Now it's in my top ten songs ^^ Which goes like this...


1. Black Vow- best song of all time ( to me) Rin and Len

2. Disappearance of Miku Hatsune- By Miku, duh.

3.Regret Message- by Rin.

4.Toeto- Luka Megurine

5. Butterfly on your right shoulder- Rin for like two second sin the beginning, the rest is Len. <3

6. Reverse Rainbow- Rin and Miku, surprisingly.

7. Look this way baby- Miku

8. Sakura Graffiti- a little known song by Luka

9. Canterella- by KAITO

10. Persona Alice- Miku Hatsune


I'm going to Katsucon as Rin Kagamie this year 8D

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Nope, I like in America. But I'm going to Katsucon in ( Two weeks!) Maryland ^^


I can't order my Rin costume though...to late. Shipping would take forever. ;_;


But I have the wig for her.


I'm thinking of blasting Vocaloid music where ever I go xd.png

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VOCALOID!!!!!!! my favorite vocaloid's are Rin and Len Kagamine because they are sooo awesome!! my favorite songs are world is mine by Len I like you i love you teto's butterfly on your right shoulder and melancholic by rin.

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Points to person above




Okay, had to mention that xd.png.

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VOCALOID!!!!!!! my favorite vocaloid's are Rin and Len Kagamine because they are sooo awesome!! my favorite songs are world is mine by Len I like you i love you teto's butterfly on your right shoulder and melancholic by rin.

YES. Rin and Len are the best. biggrin.gif


Maybe I'm just saying that because I have a twin. LOL.

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