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Male to Female Ratios

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Well... 254male:250female at the moment... and I generally only use my pinks once, to make sure I have at least one dragon of each gender per species. The rest are left to chance!

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started out with only males, but then started getting more females so now the ratio is like 60:40 female:male (slightly less skewed when not counting breeds that only occur as one or the other).

It goes up and down though. Last batch of eggs hatched 75% male smile.gif

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Most times I don't use influence on an egg I get a female, rarely a male. During my first months my scroll was full of "pink ribbons", only with my beloved male Pinks I've correct this and now the ratio is quite good. But there is a funny thing I've noticed: I usually take two eggs at time, and when the two hatchies gender (in the same hours) they have most times the same gender, and often is the same gender of the hatchies that gendered the day before! blink.gif

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I influence all mine. I've got four of each pinks and use them to the fullest. It's my ambition to eventually end up with at least one female and one male of every dragon.




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I have some more females, but that's no problem. I have about 49/51 %.

If a dragon really needs to be a certain gender, I influence it. Otherwise I just let it gender. If it's the gender I want, great. If not, I either freeze it or just let it grow up.

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I could not tell you, I influance most if not all of mine.

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I'm going to do this by dragon breed because I have over 200 dragons right now so...


Splits: 2M 6F

Albino: 2M 2F

Ballons: 2M 0F

Blacks: 9M 13F 3NG

Alt Blacks: 3M 3F 1NG

Bluna's: 2M 5F

BBW: 2M 2F

Canopy: 1M 1F

Cheese: 3NG

Chicken: 1F (duh)

Yulebuck: 2M (duh)

Snow Angel: 2F (duh)

Ribbon Dragon: 2M (duh)

Coastal Waverunners: 1M 2F

Vines: 5M 3F

Daydreams: 2M 2F

Deep Seas: 2F

Dorsal: 4M 2F 1NG

Electric or Spark: 1M 1F

EMBERS biggrin.gif: 7M 7F 1E

Flamingos: 2M 1F

Frill: 1F

Crystal: 3M 2F

Day Glory Drakes: 2M 1F

Night Glory Drakes: 1M 4F

Shallow Water: 3M 5M (most I gendered female because they look better)

Grey: 1M 2F

Pebble or Green: 1F

Guardians: 2M 5F

Pumpkin: 2M 1F

Marrow: 1M 2F

Autumn Dragon: 1M 3F

Fell Fire: 3M 2F

Horse: 3M 2F 1NG

Icicle: 4F

Water: 5M 4F

Magi: 2M 3F 1 NG

Magma: 5M 2F

Mint: 1M 1F

Nebula: 1M 2F

Neotropical: 2M 2F

Nacturne: 2M 2F

Ochredrake: 2M 5F

Papers: 4NG (duh)

Old Pinks: 3F (duh)

New Pinks: 5M 5F

Purple 1M 5F (they use to only be female)

Pygmy: 3M 3F

Reds: 2M 5F

Ridgwing: 4M 3F

Seasonal: 7M 7F

Silver: 3M 8F

Skywing: 4M 9F

Spitfire: 1M 2F

Stone: 1M 1F

Stripes: 11M 6F

Sunrise: 1M 1F 1NG

Sunset: 1M 3F

Sunsong: 4M 2F

Terrae: 2M 2F

Thunder: 3M 1F

V Days:1F (duh)

Sweetlings: 2M (duh)

Vampires: 13M 5F (mostly gendered them male because they look better)

Waterhorse: 1M 2F

Waterwalker: 1M

Whiptail: 2F

WHITES biggrin.gif: 5M 5F 1NG

Dinos: 2NG


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In the start i had like 7 females and 1 male now i have 67 males snd 52 females i'm trying to even it out with some pinks i'm breeding myself but is not really bothering me now that i have 100+ dragons.

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My adult male to female ratio is 1.038. I used to have more females than males but now, I usually have a ratio of near 1.

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My females continue to dominate...I currently have 14 more adult females than males. However, my frozen hatchlings somehow like to gender male. tongue.gif

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My scroll was heavy on the males for the first 100 dragons but has settled out to 50/50, most of the time. My current crop of hatchlings were actually all influenced to be male, just because I need these four to be male for my future plans! wink.gif

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Currently my scroll is quite well balanced, the ratio is 0.94. I guess it tends to even itself, as more dragons are collected.

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Mine tend to gender both ways pretty evenly.

Back in the day, though, I used to have a scroll that was 75-80% female.

I used to have to trade for males constantly back then, but I didn't actually even it out completely until after influence.


My current ratio is: 1.0398230088496





(The latter has hatchlings included)


I think I have 9 more adult males than females right now, and... 6 more females (including youngsters) than males.


Considering my scroll size (600+) that isn't that bad of an unbalance.


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I'm wondering about the samething right now


Adult male dragons


Adult female dragons



Despite my various gender tinkering efforts, the male/female ratio here seems quite balanced.


Did TJ make it so whenever a scroll's certain gender increases, the uninfluenced eggs will gender the opposite?

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Without influence, my dragons tend to gender female. The moment I started working on a personal lineage, I had to influence the dragons male otherwise I had nothing to start with. Whenever I catch two or more eggs I notice they both tend to gender the same unless influenced. Can be quite annoying. Hopefully the ratio will even out once I get even more dragons.


Currently I have around ten more female than male dragons, the ratio between breeds is quite messed up on my scroll, with most of them being compromised of the same gender.

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Some breeds I have a lot more females than males but over all I think I have more males. Nebulas, stripes, ridgewings, blacks, those are the heavily male breeds for me (not counting pinks because I prefer the male sprite over the female). The girls rule the golds, silvers, winters, vamps.

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Out of 565 dragons, 287 are male and 278 are female, but I use influence a lot.

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Out of 410 adults, I have:


214 Male

194 Female.


I'm trying to balance things out by influencing. It's slow progress but it's working.

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Mine's surprisingly even considering I influence for breeding projects, not to even up numbers.


ratio: 1.014164305949

Males: 358

Females: 353


When I started I remember my scroll being overall, heavily female...except my splits which were an all-boys club.



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My ratio is currently


for adults : 1.02

with Female: 1349

males: 1379


Overall : 1.004

female: 1460

males: 1466



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