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Adlai nodded at Emrai's statement, but he couldn't help but feel suspicious about the boy at the same time. Boy? He may as well be older than Aldia himself even though he was rather old by human standards. Even so, he stillwas curious about the intentions that he held. "So why are you here and how did you get here?" he asked meaning the area, not the camp.


Kagiso continued to stare down at Emrai and Adlai wondering what made them do this. Daemon hadn't done anything wrong and he hadn't even harmed anybody except her and she didn't matter as much as a foal or filly. She jumped slightly when she felt Daemon close his hand around hers, even though she did smile.


Scorpo looked around and noted that the other animy and pegasi had run off without responding which was rather insulting, but that didn't matter all that much. She stood up slowly feeling each little scratch in her sensitive wings and was about to step back, but found herself blocked by Lyon and actually fell backwards into his lap, her wings disappearing as she did so.

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((short post is short...))


Lyon fell back, surprised, when the Scorpo's weight fell on him, and he splashed into the creek, causing his clothes to become thoroughly soaked. Her wings had disappeared, at least, so they weren't flapping in his face.

"Sorry..." Lyon murmured, and slowly helped her up as he shook the wet droplets off his wings. A bit embarrassed, he walked back to the edge of the creek, where he found a stump to sit on, and sat, shivering, for his clothes were soaked and dripping onto the now moist grass.


Shiroi was prancing in the water, the splash of the cold stream cooling her off. The sun had been brutal for most of the day, and she flopped into the water, her muzzle just on the bank of the river, over.

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Damon blinked for a moment, pulling himself from those thoughts. "I slipped out at dawn while no one was looking. It isn't that hard, and I had two others with me." He explained. His blue eyes shimmered like heat rising from the desert, revealing a slight yellow color as it did so.

He was going to lose it in a few days if he didn't figure out a way to quell this hunger.

"As to why we left is no mystery. Obviously you know something about the Deamon's, otherwise you wouldn't have noticed anything off about me." His fingers gently closed a little more around Kagiso's as he leaned forward slightly, gaining the courage to finally face his captors.

"You're in for a surprise. Something far greater than the pathetic war you fight now." His tone was serious, but not grave. He only meant to inform them, nothing more, nothing less.

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Scorpo blushed slightly at the incident and found herself being rather flustered with all that was going on. "I-It's not your fault. I wasn't watching what I was doing at all and I should be the one to be sorry." she said and felt guilty immediately as he sat down on the stump and started to shiver as thought his life depended on it.


Scorpo had to think for a moment and wondered if her animy could produce a warm wind instead of a chilled one so she gently graced his mind and found that he could. "Please Brutie??" she whispered to him as he trotted over to her. The wolf growled for a moment before Scorpo corrected her tone and asked him seriously. "Please Brutus?" she asked him again before sitting on the ground.


Her wolfs color changed from the light blue that he normally was to a slightly red tinted white as he changed his normal air from chilled to warm. He took a deep breath, expanding his lungs as much as he could, then started to release a slow breath that was warm and drying at the same time. His breath continued and when it did stop, it was only to take another breath. THe only thing that would be somewhat disturbing, was the smell of meat that was on his breath, however it was very slight instead of outspoken like most smells would be when coming from the mouth of a carnivore.


Adlai raised his eyebrows at the Daemon's comment. "And what, pray tell, is that? This war has been going on for years and if there was something to unite us all once more, I would be entirely grateful for a more drastic war." He said somewhat sarcastically, but also hopefully. Maybe they could reunite the clans again and have hope of returning peace to everyone.


Kagiso felt Damon's fingers tighten around her own and immediately responded by tightening her hold on his hand. What he said somehow frightened her, and she felt a shiver travel up and down her spine and cause her wings to appear behind her. It was a flight and fight response to her when her wings appeared meaning that this war...was it true?

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Lyon dipped his head and waited for the wind to come over him, until he had dried off. He had held his breath when the animy was blowing over him, which made it slightly tolerable. When the animy was done, he stood up and looked at Scorpo. "Are you.. finished? If you don't mind, I believe that I should go."

When she heard those words, Shiroi flattened her ears and trotted back to the river and sat in the middle of the creek.

Lyon brought his hand up to cover his face with a little exasperation at his animy's stubbornness. in response, she perked up a little, and she nodded in the direction of Scorpo, and then flopped down, despite the cold water that splashed over her face.

"Um..." Lyon sighed. "I actually.. don't have anywhere to go... Would you mind if I..."

He looked down, not used to asking people for help, or talking too much to one person, as well.

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