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What's your favorite type of dragon? (Favorite)

Favorite type?  

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Zov, I think you better list in the first post. Looks like only us requesting regulars know the difference xd.png


Me- ACK, I CAN'T CHOOSE! I love the grace of the easterns and the shape of the wyverns most, I think. But at the same time, different ideas work better for different body types.




Okay, description time:


Amprhithere: Best described as a winged serpent, with no limbs but wings. Wings can be any style.


Draclans: A DC only style dragon. These guys are goat sized with compact bodies and no wings. They are described as being delicate, and often have pretty stone/scales/crystals/plumes running down their spine.


Draks: See ochredraks. Created by Dove, these have antlers which are shed twice a year, only one wing-thumb, three toes, black eyes, and the intelligence of a wolf.


Drakes: Westerns with no wings.


Lyndwurms: Long body. Low-to-the-ground.


Wyrms: Also known as 'Worm'. Basically, a serpent, with either a snake or dragonic styled head.


Sea Serpents:Aquatic dragon with serpentine body, often with fins.


Easterns: Asian styled dragon. These don't have wings, but fly by magic. They have fur running down their spines, often have mustaches, and can have any number of limbs.


Westerns: Stocky dragon, usually with four limbs and a set of wings. They can often breed fire, and are 'Classic' dragons.


Wyverns: Raptor like body. They're usually slimmer than westerns, and don't have any front legs.

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Amprhithere: Something like an Eastern but without legs. Usually has feathers.

Draclans: ???

Draks: ???

Drakes: Smallish dragons.

Lyndwurms: Long body. Low-to-the-ground.

Wyrms: ???

Sea Serpents: Not exactly a dragon. Usually scaly and green/blue color. Sometimes has legs. Sometimes has only fins.

Easterns: Long bodies. Short legs. Whiskers. Think Asian dragons.

Westerns: Large. Stocky. Usually walks on all fours. Think dragons you hear in fairy tales.

Wyverns: Large. No front limbs.


And those are somewhat plain descriptions of what I think each type of dragon looks like.

I vote for Easterns! DC needs more of them.

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Drakes happy.gif kinda old school dragons xd.png

What kind of dragon is the chinese dragon?

















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Western (you're typical dragon) but I prefer them being slightly slender and graceful

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ranarn: Eastern. smile.gif


I'll put the list in the first post, fine. >_>

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voted for Amphithere (luv the shape of body of Sunsongs :3)

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Ah, westerns. Gotta love the classic. And the only real type of dragon I can draw. Even my wyverns turn out western-y. But Amphitheres are my close second.

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I personally love westerns. I feel like if they were real, they'd move beautifully...



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I have to go with the classic westerns. They're what I grew up with, and western dragons tend to look the most powerful and regal (at least to me tongue.gif). I like wyverns as well, but not as much as westerns.

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Total sucker for wyverns and drakes as Dovealove created them (not the wingless variety...truly not a fan of those).

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I'm a huge fan of beautifully blended colors and intricate line art.


Fave dragons,


- glory drakes

- nebula

- new pinks

- seawyrm pygmy

- ice trio

- male bbw

- goldfish and bluna


- female daydream

- male vampire

- stripes

- sunrise

- original silvers

- original gold female


- xmas 2011 alt horse

- xmas 2011 alt skywing

- ribbons

- winter magi

- alt black hachie

- tinsel hachie S2

- rosebuds

- neglected dragon

- tri color snowangels

- ghost sweetling


On a side note, this is a nebula pic I just found, which does look like either a pokemon or a dragon,


user posted image


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