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Welcome to the Freeform section! This section is for people who like to roleplay the different styles of roleplaying, and who want to roleplay for fun or simply prefer a more laid back form of roleplaying.


Post count is not counted within this section to ensure that this place isn't abused as a way to only increase your post count. Just thought you all should know about this.


Because this section is going to probably be moving at a faster pace than the other RP sections, please do report any abuse that you see, or any rule breaking. If a fight breaks out, don't participate, and only report. The moderators are there to handle that.



  • All board rules apply.
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable. Your RP must be unique and created by you (unless a previous OP has given you permission to remake).
  • Kicks must be handled privately and may not be made public.
  • No chat speaking or text talking. Try to use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Roleplay must have a story/purpose. It cannot just be chatting between your characters.
  • Don't have the same RP in two places.
  • Only bump a topic once every 24 hours of the last post.


If someone is breaking any of these rules, please simply use the report function (the little flag in the upper right corner of a post) to notify mods.


Note on someone breaking your roleplay rules:

If someone is breaking the rules of your roleplay or the forums and is not listening to you, please use the report function or PM an RP moderator and give us a small little summary of what is going on.


Rules on OoC (Out of Character) Threads/Comments



  • Character sheets
  • Plot discussion
  • Updates
  • Critiques and questions concerning actions taken in the RP, the setting, or about the RP in general
  • Summary of events
  • Comings and goings/your availability (though replies to these are not)



  • Small posts with no relevance to the RP (ex. I edited, your turn, gtg, had a great day, etc.)
  • Chatting with friends – CPA in Forum Games is available to everyone for that
  • Discussing DC events, avatars, or any other irrelevant topic
  • OoC roleplay of your character



If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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