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Favourite Anime?

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Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and One Piece

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I've recently gotten into Deadman Wonderland. Sick and twisted stuff, but I'm very much enjoying it.

I've sorta gotten into this one as well. I was very curious as to how it started to I looked it up on wikipedia. According to that, we haven't even begun to see how sick and twisted the show is going to get. I've been catching it on Toonami.

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I love Soul Eater! And Aquarion. Also, Tsubasa ( or whatever it's spelt) and Fairy tail... Hmm.... OH YEAH. And Witchblade. Also, Sasami's Magical Girls Club xd.png ANNNDDDD Black Butler.

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I watch anime! ^^ But I'm quite picky though...no boyxboy or girlxgirl...I also don't like plain love stories or real life. There has to be action involved. Yeah.

Anyway, below are anime that I have finished and liked. They are rated from top-awesome to bottom-not as good.:


Steins;gate (Really good. You may think that it's kind of weird in the first episode, but by the second or third, you will probably love it.)


Shakugan no Shana (Fantasy, action, adventure, love story. Great also. There's many episodes, though.


Hidan no Aria (Again, this anime is quite nice. It is made by the same company and the main characters' voice actors are the same as Shakugan no Shana's, I believe. Although I think this anime is good, its ratings are lower than that of SNS. I think that you'll find out why.)


Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Really interesting...it really keeps you into every episode. Search in google for more information.)


I was also pretty into Hetalia a few months ago. But now I just think it's silly. It's pretty funny though.

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I've recently began watching Natsume's Book of Friends (or Natsume Yuujinchou) after reading the manga for a while. I'm in love with it. @_@

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Recently I watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I went through all the episodes without pause between each episode with my friends, it ended up with me crying at many points in the series.


I'm also a fan of Nichijou. That one's really funny.


I'm not as much into anime as I used to be, and these two are the only ones I've watched recently at all. My sister keeps mentioning some other ones that are really good, so I might as well give them a try as well.

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FMA (Brotherhood), Tsubasa Chronicle (even though it's confusing as heck) and Puella Magi Madoka Magica (hence Kyubey avatar) biggrin.gif

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My favorite would have to be Trigun, just for Vash the Stampede <3


The only reason I like Yugioh, Yugioh 5D and Dragonball Z is because of the abridged series :D


And I do like the depth of Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Lately, I'm obsessed with Mawaru Penguindrum, although it took a LOT of reading up on things after I finished it to understand it better. In any case, it has some of the catchiest songs ever.

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn. MygodIloveit.

Also Another. I'm just starting it, but I like it so far :3


The list of animes I plan to watch/am watching/have watched is in my siggy. If anyone else has a MyAnimeList, feel free to add me :3


ETA: Now that I've watched a few more anime, I would say my favorites are Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Mirai Nikki, and Trinity Blood. I'm really liking Kuroshitsuji, so it may also be a favorite once I finish it.

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D.Gray-man. And Speed Racer - the First Ever Anime i've seen =P Though i can only remember Mifune's laughting face from one episode Oo

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Digimon (the first season) Oooooh how I loved that and miss it T-T

Death note was AMAZING, though.


Bleach and Naruto are up there, but not in the epic reaches of Digimon.

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My top 5 are:

#1 = Avatar: The Last Airbender (epic and hilarious!)

#2 = Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden (my either first or second ever watched anime. I still love it!)

#3 = Dragon Drive (they have dragons.....can't help but love it!)

#4 = Wolf's Rain (I love wolves, and this was an epic series.)

#5 = Avatar: The Legend of Korra (not as good as the first in my opinion, but still funny and epic!)

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detective conan


one piece

fullmetal alchemist



fairy tail

kimi ni todoke

and.........MANY MORE!! xd.png

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In no particular order here are some of them:


One Piece



Fairy Tail


Avatar L.A.B

Avatar L.O.K


From when I was younger


Zoids New Century Zero

Zoids Chaotic Century





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Anyway, in no particular order:


Naruto - Its one of the longest animes ever, but I really love the story line and plot in general. The world crafted by its creator is superb.


Dgrayman - ALLEN WALKER. How can you not love him harhar. Somehow, animes with dark settings totally draw me in. *points to kuroshitsuji* But really, dgrayman has a really great story line, and i love the ingenuity of creating demons using the despair of ordinary mortals.


Kuroshitsuji - SEBBY CHAN ! ~ *goes fan-girling again* I dont know why, but this anime just draws me in. I mean, you tell me. A kid walking around with a kickass demon butler. Now that's cool.


Nurarihyon no Mago - Again, its all about the hot main character. Lawl joking, theres much more to anime than that. Although the story line in general is rather cliche, what with the 1/3 demon and 2/3 human thing, I found the term "Night Parade of a Hundred Demons" just so damn epic. Not to mention, japanese demons. Its cool, in my opinion - something different from the normal type of demons. And the power of "Fear" is highly enticing too.


Death Note - I swear, Death Note has really really impressed me with the thick mystery, and Im just..... Well, impressed. Impressed at how the creator manages to come up with two lovely main characters with ridiculously high perceptive abilities... I really enjoyed watching death note, and L is my hero <3


Sket Dance - This. Is just plain hillarious.


Beezelbub - A green demon baby. Interesting. Hahaha. But the anime is hillarious too!


Fairytail - I must say, this is perhaps one of the very few, and i mean VERY few animes in which I am not particularly fond of the main character. Natsu just doesnt appeal to me, and Lucy is plain irritating. ERZA <3


Avatar - Sokka just drives me insane. Nuff said.


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Over a long while, I have changed.



Elfen Lied-favorite anime so far. It has deep meaning despite the graphic nudity and intense violence. Plus the opening theme is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

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one piece


K anime

Polar bear cafe



Law of Ueki

Mar Heaven


Black Blood brothers

Black Lagoon

Any clamp anime

D grey man

Pandora Hearts

Bleach (Only with Aizen arch) Skip the rest

-many many many more-

-yaoi- ohmy.gif

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