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Un Official, Official Trophies On The Forum

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that's exactly what I was thinking tongue.gif


what size should the stands be?

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well i guess each award will differ to the drasgons size

e.g. a pygmy stading on a stand made for a zamp lol

and i was thinking of making a grid

so thatif you get a lot (two words, not one) of the awards you can put them in the gerid

just like our scriolls smile.gif

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Good idea,I'm interested,but there's a LOT of things to be worked...


Just some ideas:


You should make the formats all general(aka the same),like 60 x60 or 50 x 50.Just don't make them take too much spaces and it'll be okay~~~And each individual that'll receive a trophy will have different codes(in order to prevent fake trophies and such).On the top of that,you should make the requirements for a trophy be extremely difficult in order to work people's as*.And you should notify whenever you saw a user having the requirements,PM'ing them or replying them in this thread(if they ever posted here)


That's about it~Just brainstormed a little...

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cool now i need some ideas from all u guys

pm me if u guys have good ideas

muffin** can you make 3 diffrent stands?

1 with a bronze plaque

1 with a silver plaque

1 with a gold plaque?

raikozo pm me with some trophie ideas *if u have some*

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That Would be incredible biggrin.gif

Are you good at spritting? Cause I have an idea brewing biggrin.gif

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i also think there should be diffrent trophies


some trophies a small stand with a dragon on it

a dragon egg

symbols to reprisent the award


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Hello our name is the Dc records, and we are currently taking care of all the records in dc, we like very much your Idea.

We would like to know that if in the future you would like to work with us?

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The trophie of vamp fang could be a red vamp fang crossed by holy swords

Or could be a set of vampire teeth.... the kind that glow in the dark? xd.png

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maybe an award for getting each type of dragon i think that would be cool

That would be nigh impossible.

Several dragons - hollies, neglecteds, are very hard to get, and some, such as Bright Pinks or Frills, have been retired and are, for all means and purposes, impossible.

Also, for your information, the singular of trophies is trophy.

Un official is spelt un-official


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