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Titi's Art and stories

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(Sorry i no longer make the Leetle flag dragons because people just ignored :| )


My DA:



Quick Links to some stuff on my DA page:

MapleStory: Life of a Beginner :


Description: It's how a beginner starts his way in the big world out there.

He must learn to survive with his....awesomeness...


Old Poems:



I'll only link one cause the links to others are in the artist description.


They were made 5 years ago, which is why, i did not speak English very well. Plus. They used to be French poems, that got traduced into English.


A really Old story: Two Souls.



It was never finished or updated because i lost what i had wrote about it.... Then years passed and i eventually forgot about it.

It's a true story, it's something that happened to me.


Art owo


Another thing i hate is how people ignore non-popular, or new users.

It's sad because i've seen some great stuff coming from someone new :<


I am no great artist, but some feedback and crit could be very nice. Although i have more chance for that to happen on the myadopts forums. lol.


user posted image


Something i drew while talking on a chat. Took longer than i though and was made on Sai.

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A Story that name is still...unknown.

I know it's not really awesome grammar and chapter one is...pretty short, but its the story of my original characters that boils into my head if i never get any criticism from anyone D:


For now, we only get to meet one character ; Valen.

I am telling you his past, before coming to his present..


-Some informations-


Valen was mistaken for a girl when he was little because of his...girly voice.

His name...well i never knew why i named him Valen... xd.png;;

He used to be someone i would have wanted to be but eventually that changed with years, the only thing me and him share is our brown hairs =x


Yep. Valen is a demon, a demon cat, a furry,call him whatever you want XP.

And he is....well attracted by the same gender. His present age is 8880, so i might not talk about EVERYTHING between 8 year to 8880,but i will say the important information through the story.


- Some info /end -


Woo i love space.... i hate text walls LOL. Anyways onward to the story.


Chapter 1: Why Must I Be Born?


A children's voice was resonating through the air, making some head turn to look at a little kid harbouring black cat ears and tail on his brown head. He was obviously asking for help, but what was he doing in a human village? No idea. All he remembers is that his name is Valen and that he woke up in that same place. . .


The people around Valen glared at him, shouting and panicking ; It's a demon! But he's just a kid! It doesn't matter he will all kill us later on if we don't do it now!

The poor kid did not know what was happening, until some tall guy going by the name of Walter came by saying; You look like a nice prey for my gun.


Valen then knew that he was gonna die if he stood there, so he started running the fastest he could, heading for the woods,trying to confuse the man. Of course, Walter wasn't really impressed and could catch up with the little 8 year old kid without problem.


Uh oh! It's a cul-de-sac. There was no more issue for Valen. He is dead. Dead. Dead....


As we heard a gun shot, we also hear a high pitched ''Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!''. A second tail grew on Valen's back and some black aura appeared around him for a short while,pushing back Walter who was then wounded.


Profiting of that short inattention of Walter, Valen started to run once again in a different direction. . .but after a while he felt exhausted and eventually fainted.


''Why hello there.'' said a voice with a ridiculous accent. Seems like you're not feeling totally well little buddy. Don't worry, you can sleep as much as you want.A shy little voice of a young boy was talking to that same ridiculous sound from earlier.


''Master who is that?'' he said.

'' Someone i found half dead in the forest'' the master answered.

''Im not half dead!'' shouted Valen, mad at that unknown ******* calling him an almost dead person.

''I just fainted from so much running! Not even wounded! he then said, still in rage.

''Well then, im sorry! But you do are hurt.'' he giggled.

''Huh...strange'' though Valen as he fainted again.


A few hours later, the same young boy came into the room laughting at how pathetic Valen looked. ''You look weak'' he simply said.

Valen did not feel like answering that with a curse word, so he asked '' What's your name?''

''Tero'' the boy simply answered, still laughting at the poor cat kid who looked ridiculously lazy. '' My name is Valen.'' he then said.


The two boys talked for a while and they then fell asleep on the floor, which made the Master sigh. He then took them into a bed, pulling the blanket over their small bodys.

''Tomorrow morning i should maybe present myself to Valen.'' he had sighed again.


It's just a start for now, so it's sure some stuff is not revealed.

Valen might be a demon, but he is totally not invincible.

/Welp it's only half of chapter 1 because i have to go right now D:


Critic and such are welcome ^^


IM FIRIN MA PASTA LAZAA. Y so many saids D:

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Some art o mine:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


yep. im pretty bad :<


If you want something drawn i can try <3 it's free.

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Oh thanks you sock <3


i was thinking of remaking them because the sprite looked a lil off :<

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The only thing I really noticed as off on them is that the wings seem really triangle-ish rather than naturally wing-y. But that tends to happen with smaller dragons, so... But your art, so it's up to you. :3

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well i guess that's what bothering me on them <3. i'll change em once i get 5 min to work on something O;

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moar art. user posted image


Will link it later ;-;.


That is how bad i am at drawing a dinosaur in 5 mins D:


user posted image




Something in progress


Horrible spriting tutorials :

Part 1


Some Other Stuff



Im not the best at drawing, but if you want me to draw something; fill out the info down there;



Position(Just write same as ref if it's not different):

Type of Art: Outline(Paper/or/Computer), Sprite, Pencils ( Grey ), Pencils ( Color ) or Painted (As in Colored on computer, No not ms paint)

Specific Colors? ( If you want the colors like on the ref leave this blank)



It's free and bad D; but i hope you enjoy it anyways.

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Bumples. Just wanted to talk about a project im working on wink.gif


Im making an rpg ( Role playing game) with RPGMAKER VX.


I won't reveal much on the story, for now, since almost nothing is done.


(Barely 10 lines)


When i get more of the story going; ill post more about it.


For now all you're gonna expect is something about;


A hero who meets a maiden; which is actually not the real maiden.


The ''fake'' maiden appears to be the brother of the real one.


The maiden's brother is actually a cross dresser, but that, the hero doesn't know about yet.


*I have no idea on how the hero is going to know that the maiden he met is fake PLUS a MALE and PLUS, a cross dresser. *


I'm on this project along with two friends, as we chat on a chatango chat elsewhere.


Of course, theres more to it. But I'm not gonna reveal the whole thing.


When the game is started, or when some art/characters infos comes out, i will post it here.


(Note that some of the art WON'T be mine, but my friend Chisami's one. She does not have a dragoncave/forums account.)


If i get a working demo once the game is started, i will post it here.


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your spriting tutorials help me alot.png! gonna try it later. love your stuffs :3


oopsies. spelled a lot the wrong way.

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You're really good. Do you take requests?

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You're really good. Do you take requests?

Yes i do.


I'd be happy if anyone requested anything. I want to improve ;-;

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Alright, how 'bout trying this?

[MAKE HIM. DRAW HIM. DO SOMETHING. WITH HIM]. But for the picture and pose base, here's his personality.

He's angry at the world and hates everything, especially humans. He is usually outside (if you draw him inside, he lives in a large white horse stable) and he likes to be left alone. And don't forget the pink crescent scar on his right eye and he is a shadow. He is also very protective of [HIS SISTER] You don't have to include her but if you want to, here's her personality.

She is happy-go-lucky with a go-getter attitude to match. She is also very clumsy and love company. Adores butterflies. She is usually outside (if you draw her inside, she also lives in a large white horse stable) And she is albino.




You can try it out, it's probably gonna be hard but that's why the call it practice. Go nuts, have fun but make things match the references.

See you when it's done!

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Alright! I'll get to it tomorrow (Later on today actually).


4 am isn't a good idea to draw at this hours :9


user posted image


something for the lol in the meanwhile.


user posted image


;-; just praticing a little on random stuff, i don't wanna screw up when i do your request ( Especially at 5 am ).

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Sure. Currently a little busy because i need to pack up some things ( as i said, im going on vacations soon, in about 2 days to be exact but i have to be ready by then).


What do you want in your siggie?

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nope, make it how you want.

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nope, make it how you want.



i was talking to sunfire.


The requests may have to wait until after my vacations (im very sorry!). Im going in about 2 days, and im really feeling not-so-well ><


I'll give it a go while on vacation, do you mind if it's traditional? I can always make it digital, after.


@ Both of you.

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Pshh, I knew that.... unsure.gif


Well okay. I see you then.

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Okay guys and girls im definetly back!


Your requests may not be done right at the moment ( Im very sorry! ).. I just came back from vacation and i have to make sure everything is alright on all of the websites i play on, and my two myadopts .-. i don't want members to go bananas and ask where i am Dx


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Notes before you read; Sorry about the bad paragraphs. I don't have a computer version of my text, beside the one i wrote to my friend on a chat, so i am copy-pasting that version here. I promise i'll edit it in a way that is more readable later.


It was pouring while I was here, writing a story of fantasy for my dear sister, caged in her castle princess room. As for me, I refused this life of luxury to live as a wandering writer, so i could see the world.


''To my dear sister, Laina...'' I had to stop writing, since the storm took out the electricity. I sighed '' There we go again'', as i was searching my desk and bed in this deep darkness.


'' Guess i'll go to sleep, if i can't write tonight'' i muttered to myself. The next morning, something or someone woke me up.


'' Mister Rye, Mister Rye, please wake up!'' shouted a voiced with an high-pitched tone right into my ears.


''Mmmngh... What is it?'' i mumbled. This is pretty unusual. Nobody ever wakes me up, especially when im at the INN.


''Oh, nothing much. Apparently a named Miss Laina at the castle wishes to see you'' giggled a girl, dressed in what could seem to me as an average castle servant dress.


It was a maid suit bathed in the colours of the kingdom's emblem; gold blue and white, with an headdress of laces supporting a similar colour scheme. Strangely, I noticed something abnormal from the girl; She wore neither shoes or gloves. In fact, a gold chain twisted around her ankles up to her belly.


''Weird, how could she even run like that?'' I thought, but decided to ignore my mind. I decided to follow her anyways, even if I don't trust her for the last thing in the world, because she had mentioned my sister's name.


''Alright, i'll only go if you bring me there.''


The servant grabbed my hand, then my whole arm, started running while dragging my all across the town at a bullet's speed and sang a bunch of non-sense.


We arrived at the castle, where my sister resides in no time but...


Something was strange.. my body and mind kept giving me this feeling of displeasance and abnormality.


The maid girl stopped, turned to me, showing a long and crazy grin.

That is where she announced; ''Your road ends here, Rye.''


''W-what does that mean'' i jabbered, confused at this unexpected turns of events.


The servant surprised me with magic, slowly retreating in my back, putting her sword's cold blade against my neck. *


''Return immediatly to this castle...or else...'' she stopped, while her grin faded into a scared, lost look on her face.



---- Will finish putting the rest soon.






* Self note: Yes, i do know it might make you think wrong in some ways. It wasn't on purpose .-.




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OH, hey that's good! But your wings are too... fat? muscular? Something along those lines. I like the feet. I know personality that feet are extremely hard to get perfect.

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The wings aren't that much. IT's supposed to be a wyvern tongue.gif...


Maybe just my wing fingers are too short and big ;-;


Feets and legs are hard xd.png


Im sorry i didn't get on your request. i shall....soon.

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