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Seems like my computer doesn't supports those methods. Might try to look for audio drivers...

I tried one at first link and it actually doesn't I wanted. It is playing at two speakers at same time. Second link one seems like what I want but looks like that method is not supported on this version of Windows...

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I need to get a new laptop, and I was wondering if people who are more computer-savvy than me might have some recommendations?


I've always used Windows OS up until now, but I'm not happy with them any more. I really liked Windows XP and Windows 7, but I hate Windows 10. I find it cluttered and difficult to navigate, plus it comes loaded down with so much bloatware it's not even funny.


I mostly use my laptop at home, so I don't care much about long battery life, but I like something with a lot of memory so I can store video files. I want a system that is easy to navigate and arrange my files. I want to be able to run Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator.


I'm leaning towards getting a Macbook, but since I haven't used them much I don't know know about the different models. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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I love my Acer Aspire. It's a few years old now, but I bet the newer ones are as good.




I always have things "built" to my specs; it is VERY much worth it (and very often cheaper.) I go into a store I trust and tell them what I want and they put it together for me, based on the model I select. And they kill all the bloatware before I take delivery :) I had it built with Windows 7. You need a nice friendly store to do that for you !


Macbooks are SO expensive. LInux ?

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As my main computer blew up a few weeks ago, I'm currently using my old Laptop that I bought about 7 years ago.

It's a Dual core Intel Core i5-3230M with 8GB RAM and a 1TB HD running Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS and still looks really neat.


Heh. Looks like they still sell the same design: https://www.tuxedocomputers.com/de/Linux-Hardware/Linux-Notebooks

And yeah, they build stuff to your specs if you don't find the right one in the shop. If you happen to be in Germany, I can recommend the folks.

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