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Ooo, pwetty monster :3


I think I'll post something or other after school...

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Those of you who know me will understand this next bit very well; MWUHAHAHAA!!!






Name: Tia

Age: Unknown, she say's she's 'I would be 20 if my lifespan was mesurable.'


Sex: F

Powers/Abilities/Weaknesses(Cause ware is lazy):

Tia is an unsual elemental who's powers developed in a different way from the norm. Her powers grew into something similar to Genetic manipulation. She can manipulate the cells of living, and some non-living, objects. She usually uses this for healing. She does this by placing her hands on the wound and then on some skin that is not wounded and replicates the cells of the good tissue to replace the bad. She can also manipulate, normally temporary, muscles to make them perform at twice the normal rate. But this 9 times out of ten comes with extreme side effects. "Usually it's unconsiousness for a few days. Once a person turned to water, oh and there was that time with that guy who-well lets not go into details over his extreme case of diahreha.")

However, she is no real use in battle, and usually stays behind the back lines to heal her alies.



(Give the picture a second to load, and NO wings)

Tia has black hair and clothes made out of vines. The vines cover her body in a way similar to that of a swimsuit(Like this, except more Viney), and the rest of her body is entertwined with them. When in cold weather, which she rarely feels, she puts on a cloak she keeps in a bag she has on her back. It also has a small amount of medical equipment.


A quiet, and shy girl, she is one who is not known for opening her mouth. When in need, she is the first to raise her hand. But when she is in trouble, she is the first to tell everyone to get away. She does have a smile, but it is usually hidden behind a timid shyness. Except for the moments when she blows her top and becomes as loudmouthed as her flame elemental father. Not that she would let anyone see her like that if she had a choice.


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AHH I'LL POST!!!!!!!!! *runs to go post... not really since he is sitting at his computer* Also sorry for the zero response. I got busy with school and then I got sick. :/

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yep, midterms are done, so I'm better off

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This looks fun heres my character sheet:


Username: Ryujin13


Name: Seath


Age: 26


Species: Anthropoid


Sex: Male



*Seath is very strong, easily double the strongest human alive

*His senses are much better then a humans, smell, sight, night vision, everything except for touch



*Blood rage: Once in combat Seath does not stop until the death of himself or his enemies. He will literally tear anything around him to pieces, and if he runs out of enemies he might turn on his allies. He doesn't feel pain in this state, but he also is out of his mind in rage.

*He is a proud warrior, who will not back down from a challenge no matter what. Even in a hopeless fight, retreat is not an option.

*Seathes sense of touch has been impaired to the point of uselessness over the years. The number of fights he has been in number in the hundreds, and the amount of damage he has sustained means his nerve endings are permanently damaged. The other downside to this is the nerve endings will sometimes send phantom feelings, be they the feel of wind when the air is still, the feel of water when he is dry, even pain. He has to rely on everything else becuase he cannot tell what is actually touching him or not.


Description: user posted image

Seath stands about eight feet tall fully erect. He has brown fur all over his body but especially on his back. His eyes are yellow, but change to a red glow when he enters the blood rage. He generally wears leather made from the animals he has hunted over the years, but he has a set of armor that has been handed down to him. This he dons only in extreme cases. His axe to has been handed down but it is a combat weapon, not a display piece and he has no problem using it, even if most others have a problem event lifting it let alone wielding it in combat.



Aggressive to the point of looking for a fight, Seath is a loner by nature even if he is part of a pack. Sent by the rest of his clan to fight in the war, he has been given leeway to choose his side as he sees fit. Saying the wrong thing around him will get you into trouble, and he is not afraid of really anything except his pack leader who he has not yet challenged for dominance. The only thing Seath likes more then fighting is hunting. The thrill of the hunt and the inevitable kill make him happier then anything else except of course fighting. The one aspiration that he has is to be clan leader one day, to feel the former leaders blood leaking from between his jaws. This he has sworn to do, and it might well get him killed one day.

Edited by Ryujin13

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*deactivates stealth systems*


sorry for only lurking of late, across all boards. Finals are almost done so I'll be free for a whole month soon! My free time is increasing as they do come closer, so you may see me online more.


I haven't been booted have I?


pretty please?

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Hai jaina~. Of course you haven't been kicked, I'd send you a PM if you were gonna be. ;3


Welcome to Balance, Ryujin, thanks for applying.

First thing, there's no humans. ;3 There is humanoid things, but I'll accept it just for a reference in the sheet. You need equal strengths and weaknesses, with some relating to his physical self. Maybe tone down the senses bit, or give something to counter them? ^^ And if I remember correctly, it's five sentences for Personality?


Not too sure, haven't had an application here for a while. XD

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Ok I edited, and also I thought I was a race from the front page, i'm an anthropoid. I looked it up and either your talking about a type of monkey or your talking about people that are part another animal which my guy fits into.

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Anthro's are one of the species, just a less popular one. :3

Thanks for editing, Ryujin. ^^ And I think it's all good, now~... Accepted, welcome to the RP.

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You'll need to choose either Team Uno or Dos, but reading up on the last one or two pages would help. ;3

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