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Naming, after parents.

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I enjoy naming my dragons after their parents. (:


And sometimes, I'll get a whole line of dragons named after just mine!


My pair, Crimson Shine x Incendio had children named:

Argentum Incendio

Silbern Incendio

Crimson Thorne

Crimson Haze

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My Isline and Adikavi have a child on another scroll named Islikavi. I saw it one day and just went "Awww" and didn't stop for a while.

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Summon Spirit Corrine + Odd Della-Robbia = Corrindell.

What a nice surprise, those two are mine~! What a cute name for their baby!


From my pair Summon Spirit Efreet and Brian Lee, some of their kids are named Pyralee, Molten Spirit Lee Fire, and Gasper ar-Lee. The people who got these dragons make me happy inside.

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I do this when all the names I want to name it are already taken. X3


Madam Dracovinela + ChristmasSnow = Dracovinela Snow

Tatzel + Isenvyre = Isezel

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Faithful Dawn + Tigris Oracle = my new red striped, Dawnoracle.


I love it when the parents are well-named; it makes me naming their babies so much easier! X]



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Aquarian Element Tempest Thuwed+Moon of Soaring=Moonshine Tempest Element Thuwed (a really long name D: )


I recently bred a pair of glory drakes and I hope the new owner will name the hatchling after the parents :3

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I remember my second Pygmy's ancestors were almost all named Midget something... Like Midget Fear, Midget Claw, Midget Beak- So I named him Midget Rage, and he is now the Father of Little Big Mac. xd.png

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*squee!* I just found two more! Sha Frondleaf ( Sha'nalla x Delkyr Frondleaf) and Deepsea Silverfin (after father, Deepsilver Longtail ) biggrin.gif


I don't know whose the first one is, but for the second, thanks darkfire11! Very nice!

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I think it's really great, when people name the dragons they picked up from the AP after the parents or the naming pattern in their lineage.

I like to do it as well. smile.gif

And I'm hoping that maybe one day one of my bred dragons might be named after its parents by someone else.

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I love doing this, and I love it when people do it with my dragon's offspring as well. My favorite, though, has to be my stone Memorable... who was named that because her father was "Ignorable". I forgot the name of her mother, but I do remember that it was along the same vein. tongue.gif


As for people doing it to mine, I always get a fluffy, spazzy feeling whenever I look at Padded Firetail, Silver Chime, and Gilded Creed. biggrin.gif

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Naming after parents...


Well, one of my two red dragons's parents are Kageyoru and Hihoshi, both owned by me.


Her name? Hoshiyoru ^^

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I usually do so when I'm hard up for a name or when I feel like it. But I love seeing people name the offspring after the parents on my scroll. It makes up a lot for all the unnamed ones that you get as well.


I used to have more in which I believe I named the dragon off of their parents, but both of their parents are now considered as unnamed so I can't tell for certain anymore.


Ones in which I named the offspring after the parents

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/AUeh - Temperance Sky = Temperance McGee + Obsidain sky

--- http://dragcave.net/view/n/Michaelmus%20Saxophone - Both of his parents are deceased sadly, but they both had the Michaelmus name, which I kept for this one and added Saxophone instead because of his code (1sax)

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/Jpoj - Used his mother's name, Rikkal for this one.

--- http://dragcave.net/view/n/Amerau%20Draco - Amerau Draco = Pacis Ameraudur + Creiddylad Draco

--- http://dragcave.net/view/n/Molten%20Volkanis - Molten Volkanis = Molten Beach t'Valka + Volkanis

--- http://dragcave.net/view/n/Surge%20of%20Crimson%20Blood - Taken from his father named Then the Blood Surge.


Offpring in which I own the parents to

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/bFtf - I actually own the GRANDPARENTS in this one. (Blade Falchion and Lilac-Rose) But the fact that a small mini-liniage iwth the name of Blade here is what thought was cute.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/BKUM - I think this one is pretty close really, and you can tell the obvious inspiration from the parents.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/sIfT - Really nice, never through of a vampire with amazoness in the name. xd.png I think I had one of my vamps bite that egg before I abandoned it as well.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/PVD3 - Taken from his mother's name really with the usage of Galactica for the sirname.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/BdF5 - Taken from his father, Moontree

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/u8RH - The mother was one I released, but it really works better like that honestly.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/uKkY - Kinda typoed I think for the name, but it works.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/bvlh - Seems to be inspired by the mother here.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/Dxv3 - Kept with the "Shining" name that I've been using for all silvers that I end up getting.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/sE32 - This one has part of his father's name here

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/xQqb - Kinda cute really.

--- http://dragcave.net/lineage/9u85 - Might of been a coincidence and not that much taken off of his dad's name, but still...

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I love to see this myself, so I share the love and do this most of the time - whenever a dragon's not caveborn and doesn't have an exceptional code. Like Tails and Sonic said, several sets of parents have become unnamed over time, too.


Some of my earliest dragons still show their parents names:


Sacred Flower - the code is 'holy'



Some others on my scroll:

MAK Halliday - Taking the theme as 'smart people'

Golden Sea Monster - The obvious choice

Panais - food plants?

Frill Heir


Vitahringur - Tried to follow the beginnings and endings since the parents matched.

Sky Scout - Fitting for a split, she's actually been named after her parents twice, since I lost my names one time. I think she was called Sky Skirmisher before - mmmaybe.

Ness Quick


Zhanmadao - Weapons

Puni Ryuu - punipuni is squishy, and puni looks like 'puny' = win-win.



Some examples of descendants:


A little bit of this

Ocrim Bit

Bittie Wolf - My pygmies have a lot, relatively speaking.

Zephyr Cloud Magdelene

Lagrock Block

Pfui Rock

Silver Mangeur

Grove Mackane

Whirlpool Flame


Phew. xd.png

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Heh, I named a second gen pink after his parents naming scheme, Parker Arundel out of Paul and Paula Arundel, and named his mate Peony Arundel.  Whoever got their first egg?  Did this.

I was highly amused.

Heh, that would be me! It was such a tidy lineage I couldn't resist. biggrin.gif

Thanks for keeping the naming scheme <3


And thanks to those who gave their babies names after the parents too! (Including Alesandra Arundel from Alexander Arundel and Alexis Arundel,

Brenna Arundel from Brendan Arundel and Brenda Arundel,

Cherie Arundel from Charlie Arundel and Charlene Arundel...


Makes me happy to look at all my dragon's children names smile.gif

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SQUEALZ! Was digging through the progeny of my CB spring pairs, and found This.


I own the parents, but not the offspring.. Thanks to someone who kept the surname going! <3

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I love when something like this happens. I like to carry on naming schemes when I notice them and if I like the scheme and the lineage, especially if it looks like someone has worked hard on it. I always hope the owner of the parents notices. smile.gif


Like I really liked this lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/mmAV


I tag almost all of my dragons with "Verilidaine's ______" so there are a handful of dragons out there who do some kind of play on "Verilidaine," which always makes me smile.


This is my favorite named-after: http://dragcave.net/lineage/1n6Q

It's subtle but it's clever. ^^

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If at all possible I like to try and keep the Surname of the dragon going... makes it that much more special... (to me at least)

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I don't really do this often, but I Thuwed vine I got had recurring surnames so many times I couldn't help but put some in her name. Venus Natchsnap Thuwed - Natch (German for black) and Snap appear a couple of times, and the Venus part makes it sound like Venus Flytrap. http://dragcave.net/lineage/VbQG

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the first thing that comes to mind is my second female pink, Shy Pinkasaurus Gift


her parents are Shy Miniature and Dragon's Gift. plus all of my pinks have "saurus" in their name (dinosaurus, pinkasaurus, etc)


so i named her Shy Pinkasaurus Gift

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I tend to name dragons after their parents especaly if they have good names. Just a few I continued to name after mom and dad



never figured out if the numbers were breeding dates, hatching dates, or egg laid dates so I skipped that part O.o



This is also a lineage dragon, but I named it after the parents...along with the obvious lineage name (because I belong to this lineage)



And I LOVE it when people keep with my naming shcemes but normaly they never do, at least one person did and I thank them.



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