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Naming, after parents.

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I used to use name generator to name my dragons but I actually add some "line name". Glad to see some people actually taking the "line name" I use to name my dragon's children ohmy.gif









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Bolero of Bones and Minuet of Haunting are mine. Love what someone named their offspring


This one made my night as well. I own the parents and they at least followed the theme smile.gif!


It doesn't happen often but I am so ecstatic when someone at least follows my theme.


I try and follow the themes of parents too because it is fun!


When I got this little guy his parents names made me lol so I HAD to follow the theme.

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I don't breed much but this is the first time that someone used the parents last name. It's great to see, thank you to breeder. - So nice ^^

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Originally, this inbred weirdo's name was going to be Nutterbutter to honor his lineage, but then he ended up with his current name and it makes me giggle too much for me to rename him.


I officially feel a little bad for not giving more of my AP dragons names that go with their parents... I did more of that with my Halloween breeds. Unfortunately, most of the dragons I adopt have unnamed parents, so NOT MUCH TO GO ON THAR.

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This made me smile when I noticed it:

Lecki and Laureel are my dragons, I had been breeding Reds to the AP. Someone picked up this one and named it Laurel's Flame. A bunch of the abandoned eggs are never named, so it was great to see this one named something nice.

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I always put "zon" at the end of my dragons' names. Seeing someone take one of the offspring of my dragons and put "zon" in the name is a great feeling, especially when they also reference the theme of the parents' names.

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It tickles me to see the next person to continue a theme from an egg I've abandoned. And if I grab an egg and don't have an idea of how to name it, I look to the parents (or further) to get an idea for names. Because it is fun!

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These people made my day. I didn't name MY dragons after their parents. I just didn't want any noodles in my dragon names, not to offend anyone. But I've done it twice, with this guy, who'se lineage I am also proud of. and also Cvamem, which is the best I could do with "Cvam" and "Maven"I hope they appreciate it.

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I'm not sure if I've seen too many of my dragons' offspring with combo names yet, but this guy has always made me smile a bit when I look. In any case, I always check out the lineage of the dragons I collect, and if the names are interesting I combine or continue them c: This in particular was pretty fun, this, and so many holiday dragons; I also name after higher up the lineage (ex the top two boys), so it could be a little confusing for a breeder to see my dragons if they only look at the parents.


It's funny to me, though, that everybody seems cool with others taking the dragon's parents' names, when I actually almost had a battle with someone because of my habits. They saw I named my new dragon after its parents, and changed a whole sequence of their dragons' names; all of what they had on their scroll in that particular breed. I thought, okay, so I changed mine to suit theirs again, and they stole my original name and changed all theirs back again. Was weird; my name choice wasn't special or anything like that.


Anyways, back on topic, I love it when I find that someone's continued my names, or when I find the perfect combination of a dragon's parents' names c: it's a good feeling. ...now I want to go through and look at all my dragons' offspring just to check, hah

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I spent a few years on a nebula project, and needless to say, there was a lot of gifting to threads for color fails. Here's the happy surprises I've found from those gifts.







http://dragcave.net/lineage/9KXRL (This one was actually named for a grandparent)






http://dragcave.net/lineage/XtpIV (My personal favorite. Thank you mystery namer!)




And a few Tinsel fails...


http://dragcave.net/lineage/LuHXc (and the mother of this one on my scroll was named for her mother. Geata Realta translates to "Star Gate." wink.gif )


Thanks to all you owners. You made me very happy. biggrin.gif




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