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Naming, after parents.

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This Ridgewing. I love the name I gave it: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rum6M

Even though I really don't like peanut butter and jelly-

Wait what? The father is my scroll name? Oh my gosh. I didn't realize this until I looked back at the lineage. Whoever owns that dragon is awesome. I want to hug them.

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o.o I didnt even think about it I just figured the breeder would be glad someone continued it. should I change it?

In my opinion, yeah, just a bit. Like add an extra space between words or a generation count (I use DragonName I for cbs, II for second gen, III for third etc). I like to name after the parents or prominent dragons in their lineage whenever I can, but I try to make it different enough from the parents that the breeder won't have any problems finding names for their lineage. Some recent examples: Beautiful Carnelian S'tarr II and Beautiful Red St'arr-Light II S'tarr/St'arr is my designation for purebred nebulas and the generation mark tells me what gen they are, both allow me to make a name that reflect the parents without interfering with the breeder's naming scheme.

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I've picked up several eggs recently that I had to raise simply for the wonderful naming opportunities!


Sometimes, too, it's not as much the parents but farther back in the lineage that inspires me.


Alone and Insane


Life Goes On Yeah

Hellhunter Skullfang

Miss Austen D'Celestia

Entropic Vision

Sparkbean D'Frill

Cool Indie Vinyl

Habanero Guacamole


and finally,


My Parents Don't Have Names



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I've named a few of the dragons I've been given lately after their parents. ^^ My favourite being Fault In Our Stars, the gorgeous silver I was gifted from a friend. He's named after his mother while also being a reference to John Green's book of the (almost) same title. :3

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I have a few. Apologies if I've posted any of these before.






http://dragcave.net/lineage/q3ArY <- partially named after her code, as well


http://dragcave.net/lineage/HP6DZ <- Get it?


http://dragcave.net/lineage/Aogkg <- All my Reds have 'Blood' in their name somewhere.

http://dragcave.net/lineage/79vFb <- "Al The Killer," "Surprise Speed And Malice," and "Heartshot Kid Disaster," are all Coheed & Cambria songs/lyrics, which is where I got her name.

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I have a Dragon named FlightlessFlipper, and one named IceFlipper, when they had a child they person who got it named them "Flightless Ice."

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I bred that one.  biggrin.gif

-goes back to lurking-

Thank you! I have a couple other possibilities if anyone else needs names for offspring from that pair. They're a great combination! biggrin.gif


Newly named ~


Entomophobic, a Stripe descendant of Alcoholic;



Douverroso, based on code and a parent name.

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My Heartseeker has the parents "Sno Glitter" and "Hearts O' Cocoa Fire". I named it "Glittering Heartfire". =3

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Thank you!  I have a couple other possibilities if anyone else needs names for offspring from that pair.  They're a great combination!  biggrin.gif

Thank you. Glad you like it. biggrin.gif


I should probably post something on topic.

Named this one about a week ago;

Bye Bye Gift T-T

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