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04/04/10 - Festival of Eggs

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They show up every 11 minute about. If you work straight through, it'll take you about 7 hours, so if you start workin' now you'll be fine! Doesn't end for about 11 hours...

That's perfect! I have some errands to run, but with my iPhone, I can set the timer AND pick up the eggs. xd.png Yay~


4/38 (right?) *squee*

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greyed out=caught


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ooo too cool, what a great event thanks to everyone who pitched in. And just the right time too, got back from out of the country couple days ago.

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You'll need just under four hours, if you pick one up every 12 minutes.

Thanks so much! smile.gif

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5 to go... biggrin.gif Love these eggs, can't wait to see what happens when this is all over.


Maybe this'll be some sort of precursor to freezing eggs?

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If you haven't gotten any eggs, then I would report it, TheCraftyDragon. The eggs pop up about every 12 minutes, regardless of which page you're on (I've gotten them on the AP, CP and my scroll page).


You're missing out on a lot of fun. sad.gif

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You know how much it blows my mind that people are aware that I did any of this? =o I was honestly expecting more THANK YOU GOLDEN GLORIOUS TJ09 comments. He is, of course, the one who did all the databasing and scripting junk, but me and the other artists kind of took on the project before he was even on board. And of course Umbre with her baskets.


Also. If you kids like this event format, want me to see if I can twist TJ's arm into doing some trick or treating along side the halloween dragon release this year? =o


Thanks guys! I'm glad you had fun.

Yes, please twist TJ's arm! biggrin.gif While you're at it, maybe you can talk him into doing a Christmas stocking too.


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-bounces up and down uber excited-


Eight more, eight more, eight more!


Other people are playing games and stuff...Nah.

I am watching youtube spoofs! WOOHOO!

-runs off laughing after one amazing twilight one-

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I used a timer it went easy enough (played facebook games between)

stay on the main cave page, it has less stuff on it, and if not scroll locked great time to hunt for eggs wink.gif

click easter egg, set timer to 11 min

when it goes off, refresh, a new egg should appear somewhere on the page

click egg, set timer, rinse repeat

if you stick to timer it will take 418 min roughly 7 hours to complete


it was fun and I am so happy we can keep our little basket with all the pretty eggs

and something like this for halloween would be cute too, you can get a little pumpkin basket and fill it with eggs to show off biggrin.gif

love this idea smile.gif *gets out my auto refresher* I'll just use that lol

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all of them are found. I am wondering if something will happen.


@starthecat Thanks for the blinking basket.

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