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Art Appreciation

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I love the look of the Stone dragons. They just look really solid and powerful, even if it did take me a long time to notice that they actually had a little extra pair of arms on the front.


And the new purples, both genders *hugs them.* I want more of them now, because their faces are so much prettier now.


The female winters too. They look so demure and pretty.

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I love all the sprites. My favorites are the alt blacks and the vampires. I also really like all the holiday dragons. The work that went into the festival eggs and baskets is also much appreciated.


Thank you, all spriters.

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My favourite dragon is the white one, but I have a forbidden love. The pink dragon.

I love it. I love every bit of it, from tail to BSA: pose, expression, color, egg, hatchling...

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All the sprites look amazing. A lot of hard work was put into all of them and it shows.


Some of my favorites:


Daydream: This was my very first dragon and I absolutely love it! I'm trying to get an army, eventually, but it's just so beautiful! The colors are perfect, so is the pose. And the new male just makes me squeal. It's so cute!


Deepsea: This one fascinates me. It really looks like it belongs at the bottom of the ocean. The colors are cool and even though the pose is rather simple compared to others, it's very cool to look at.


Nocturne: This was my favorite sprite from Mid-Winter Madness. It's simple, but the detail to shading is just amazing! Plus you get two sprites for the price of one! It's another dragon I'm building an army of.


New Purples: Just amazing. Very elegant and pretty. And it has a sort-of Eastern touch to it. Not much more to say other than wub.gif


Sunrise/Sunsets: They're just cool looking! And I love the colors.


Water: I loved the old sprite, but the new ones just make me love the dragon even more! The fact you can't see the entire dragon makes it that much cooler to look at.


Sweetling: This just makes me happy. I don't know why, but I just love it! Maybe it's the feathers...


Snow Angel: I see this and it just screams Christmas to me. It fits very well with the holiday theme and, hey, it has feathers!


There are so many more that I love, but these are the ones that stand out to me. All the sprites are amazing, though. Thank you so much, spriters! You do such a wonderful job.

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I was thinking of making a thread like this. Being an artist, it's always good to see art appreciated n_n.


My favorites are:




HellFire Wyvern

Snow Angel



















(will add reasons why later, I'm kinda exhausted and can't think straight)


but main overall reason.


Some of the poses are just magnificent. Really makes the dragons come alive. The colors, and the overall detail of these dragons is very well done, it's rich, it looks realistic. Overall, great job Dragon artists of DC, and keep up the great work! biggrin.gif

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Thunders: The colours are great! So much detail on the lightning and the pose is so powerful.


Purples: I love the squiggly ears and tail! So cute.


Daydream: I know it's going to sound funny but I love the heads on these dragons. They're just so appealing! Plus the "mane" is pure win.


Mints: So cute and tiny! Small sprites are epicness.



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I can't really pick just one I love above the rest. There are fantastic features in every one of them that would take me ages to pick out. I just have to say great job spriters...the work gets more and more impressive each new release as skills are honed and refined and new talent mixes in with the old. Absolutely fantastic. I do wish that I knew how to sprite as I'd love to add some of my own dragonish ideas, however I'm more a pencil/paper artist. Keep up the great work! happy.gif

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Albino- The Sprite is just beautiful I think

Grey hatchling- cute <3

Ochredrakes- I love the colours and the pose

The blue hellfire dragon- Blue/black = woah *_______* I really want one or two or three or four..... of them. The sprite is so pretty and so detailed

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I like the most detailed sprites ... the sprites who look most like real animals, like I could really envision running into one of these guys smile.gif


Summon Dragon ~ Beautiful pose, love the teardrop wing tips

Male Electric ~ Downright gorgeous, such detail on the head and neck

Deep Sea ~ The "lure" on the top of the head, so reminiscent of those deep sea fishes

Nighttime Nocturne ~ Angle of the head is particularly striking

Snow Angel ~ They remind me of Medieval tapestry unicorns

Magma ~ It's the offensive pose, head tilting down, body lifted ... he means business, and I'm backing slowly away!

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My favorite has always been the whites, they are just impossibly gorgeous and stately and everything for them just came together right <3


However, I do love every sprite. Each one of them is far more awesome than I could ever hope to make, and every time I see a new sprite, I am always blown away. After they are around for awhile, I begin to take them for granted, but when I look back over them, or when I look at any one closely, it is breathtaking <3

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My personal favorites are frills, whites, vals, nebulas (I stalked their request thread and saw the whole thing! They based the male pose off a dragon you could see in this nebula- it looked like a dragon) and Summons.


Frills: I love how they look fierce and gentle at the same time, the colors, and the patterns on the wings.

Valentines 08 and 09: I love the 08's because they just capture Valentines to me. I love the sweetlings because they look so playful and fun. :3

Nebulas: I love their colors and poses, and it was fun to stalk that board. o.o

Summons/Guardians of Nature: I love their colors with a passion! They're breathtaking and so amazingly well-done.

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I love the Vine dragons...my favorite sprite out of all of them. The detail is amazing and the concept is so unique! Other sprites that I really enjoy are Whites, New Pinks, Daydreams and alt Blacks (male and female).


Honestly, though - there isn't a sprite I don't like. I have my faves, but I've never encountered a sprite that I just didn't like at all. They all have their good qualities and I'm forever grateful to the artists who donate their time to dragon cave and give us all these pretty pixels to collect.

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I love the sunsong and hellfires.

Sunsong: I love the design of the dragon, the poses, the detail on the wings, and the colors.

Hellfire: Pretty much the same as above.


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Nebulas are amazing. There is so much detail in the wing patterns. It looks like a real nebula.

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Sunrise hatchling - so beautiful color, realy depicts morning sun


Gold - i like the funny horn on it's nose.

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The Vine dragons. I loves them, they are so unique and I just love the positioning.


And I've recently fallen in love with the female Grey sprite, it's so sweet and looks quite playful too me.


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What a great idea for a topic.


Firstly, I want to say a huge 'thank you' to ALL the spriters, each and every dragon has clearly been done with love and care and time - all given freely. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into all of them. You are all amazing.


Now to my absolute favourites:


- Ice. I just love them. Blue is my favourite colour and the way the different blues have been used here works so well. I love the pose and the intricacy of the little icicles, the end of the tail and the paws. They have a regal feel to them. Looking at them actually makes me think of ice and cold - both of which I love. I'm working on building an army of these wonders.


- Magma. Again, I love them. The colours and the pose and the definition is excellent. And every time I look at one, I'm sure the tail is actually sweeping from side to side. Another dragon I'm working on building up quite a collection of.


- Sunsong. They are just so beautiful, especially the female. They seem to glow as you look at them, the balance of the colours and the position they are both is is superb.


- Blunas. Another blue dragon and another extremely well balanced one. They are clean and sleek and look very friendly and again, as daft as it sounds, I can see them moving.


- Frills will always have a special place in my affections, as a frill was my very first dragon (my second too) and I find them a very attractive, fun dragon. The colours balance so well and the intricacy on the wings is excellent.


The above are the ones I love most of all, but in all honesty I could easily say something good about every dragon, they are all beautiful in their own way and all deserve praise.


So again, thank you, spriters.




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I love the pinks. They show movement, and their wings are beautiful. It doesn't matter that they're commons, they're still one of my favorite dragons.


The splits are wonderful also. I think how the colors are opposite on the male and female sprites is just a great way to tie the two genders together without two entirely different sprites.


The noctures are amazing as well. The day version has such powerful looking wings, and the night version has beautiful shading. And I love the position of the gendered night hatchling sprite.


And of course, the frills. I had forgotten how much I loved them, as they were one of my first dragons and commons. But the colors make them so amazing.


Thank you to all the spriters!

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To choose a favorite....dang tough job, I have not seen a dragon here I did not

like, but, with the new MM's, I would have to say the BBW

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I'd also say; a huge thank you! - to all the spriters. You're all awesome!


And well, I only say something about two sprites for now (I think I won't have time to write about more of them) and then I'll come back later and write my opinion about the others. :3


Frills; They're one of mine favorite dragons here. I really like the hatchlings, they're really, really sweet (I can't come up with anything else to say about them, sorry about that). The adults are truly amazing and sweet too, they looks really friendly, but also "watch out, I'll bite you if you harm me!", or what I should say... ^^' I really like the pattern on their wings, and the color combination is so right and perfect for them.


White; I take them now since my first dragon was a white dragon. (: I'm really attached to them, I think the hatchlings are really cute. And somehow I connect them with puppys or kittens... :'P And the adults seems very gently to me. I really like their pose and think they're really sweet (:

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I love the Albino dragon. I know many people dont like their necks, but I think they are pretty.. and scary in a way to. I mean, they have red eyes D: Well, its an Albino so xd.png I really love them so much so my goal is to have 100 of them on my scroll :3

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I love the paper hatchie sprite. Somehow the way it was drawn makes it look so adorable.

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I'm not quite sure I have a favorite dragon. Well not in the cave at least. In other words I have a tie for my favorite between two that aren't released. These two would be the Cat Dragon and the Betta Dragon.


The cat dragon is just the perfect blend of cat and dragon without being too much of one or the other. The pose is fitting and the marking and bright green eyes give it personality to spare. It probably also helps that I live with several cats despite allergies and consider my cat to be like my child.


The betta dragon, like the animal it's based on, is just flat out beautiful. The sprite Vicats made manages to capture their beautiful fins while still keeping it a dragon. I must also express love for the way she managed to make the fins look iridescent as well and the fact that the female has beautiful colors as opposed to the brown body/red fins or blue colorations that most associate with them. I have raised bettas on and off for years and particularly focused on females because they were not nearly as popular as the males. They lack the long fins so instead I found ones with beautiful coloration and good personalities then also focused on the fact that unlike the males they can be in the same aquarium with resulted in a small tank of colorful gems instead of one beautiful male all by himself. As a female betta supporter I give the female betta dragon two thumbs up.

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Purples (L)


I always loved them, before and after the sprite change and when the male appeared. Not only because they have my favourite colour... but because the female always looked so motherly and I always loved the way their necks curve elegantly. And now they look just... perfect. Elegant and also a bit ferocious.


And I also like a lot the female Sunrise and set's sprites. I don't know how to explain it, but for me the female sunrise is the most... draconic sprite in the cave xd.png. And I like the brightness in the new Sunset sprite, and also the pose: she looks young, girly and jumpy.

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I love the female blacks, they seem so swift and graceful.

I also love all the striped dragons; they remind me of tabby cats in a way.

I like how the female geode strikes me as wise somehow.

I've always liked how the orange eyes of the guardian dragons contrast with the blue and grey of the body and seem somehow like a mothering gaze.

The new waters seem majestic and royal, especially with their curly whiskers.

I love both bright breasted wyverns; the red goes well with the green, turquoise, and black.

I love how the frills have a sort of bumpy texture as well as their facial expressions.

I like how the male canopy seems to be dancing.

I like the dainty fragility of the pygmies, as well as their light orange coloring and lack of markings.

I like how the dorsal's pose reminds me of a wolf.

I love the brilliant contrast of the gold and purple on the sunsongs, as well as both poses.

I love the new purples, both male and female. The moustache-looking whiskers on the male were a nice touch.

I like how unnatural the albino's pose is; it seems to fit well the breed's concept to me.

I love the ochredrake's antlers and the skin flaps on it's legs, as well as it's overall pose and shading.

I like the hellfires, especially the female. The blue fire looks amazing and it looks awesomely fierce.

I love the female winter's cat-like pose, as well as all of the poses for the female seasonals.

I like the feathered wings of the snow angels and the whites.

I like the cute face of the pumpkin.

I like the grace of the lightnings.

I love the color and markings on the male vampire.

I love pretty much everything about the nebulas.

The wings of the guardians of nature make me think of the fabric of the universe and the entire sprite just feels flooded with the legendary power they are said to have. GoN are probably my favorite sprite.

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