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120 deviations per page is something I love too! That was one of my main reasons for wanting a premium account. It drove me mad having so few deviations on each page.

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I do want a premium account, but I don't think my standard of work is really /worth/ a premium account.

I may fork out at some point.

I heard you can also get on via points?

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I don't really have a clue about that point system at all. We, my boyfriend and I, just used the offer of "double" premium last year when we could get one subscription each for the cost of one.

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Lucky you Nim!

Yeah, I think if you collect like 700 points or something you can trade them for a membership but I don't really get it </3


By the way, as a generic thing, has anyone else found the community on dA fairly exclusive and people on dA to be actually fairly rude/arrogant?

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Seems to me that it's just as easy to just pay the "normal way" in stead of messing with those points :/


I haven't really explored the community much. I've just started using a couple of groups to get my pictures out to a larger audience, and I drop by the thumbshare part of the forum once in a while, but that's it. Oh, and I think the forum is horrible to use. I have failed to discover such simple (and in my mind necessary) features as a "first page" and "last page" buttons. It's really quite hopeless. Now if there are such features and I'm just being a blind idiot, I would like it very much if someone showed me where to find these things xd.png

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I guess, but I'm short on money at the moment.

Living at the moment is so expensive! </3


I have tried the chats and after Rhea pointed out groups, I had a look there.

But I just found people so rude!

Like you post simple questions and people bite your head off.


It's like: Ask questions, but if you do we'll act fairly arsey with you.


Like just now, I wanted clarification on something and in my opinion got a fairly snappy, why are you asking a question sorta response.

It was the sorta response that if I acted that way on DC, I'd be called rude, abrupt and unhelpful. It would affect how the were perceived mods quite badly if we acted the way some people did on there.


It's just I've never joined a community that's so exclusive to people, like you're either in the clique. Or you're not. And if you're not, then bugger off. I find it quite saddening really.


I've never tried the forum.

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Living is indeed expensive! It's really hopeless wanting so many neat things, but never have enough for any of it. Not that I should complain at the moment, after having bought a new camera xd.png


I guess I must have been lucky with the groups I've chosen. I'll admit I haven't interacted with the people much, but I've generally gotten a good impression of them. In what group were they rude? Or was it several? It really is saddening that some cliques won't even consider being nice to people that aren't already "one of them".

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I've bought expensive things like cameras, and now I don't always have enough money to eat properly xd.png

I'll maybe get one later this year or whenever i'm on dA enough for it to be worthwhile.


I must've been unlucky. Some haven't been bad, but some I find quite shocking.

It was a fair few, but in all honesty, not too impressed with the attitude on the DC one.


I agree, I think the clique thing becomes an issue, especially on the internet when people come and go and move around so much. You're bound to get new people, so it seems counter-productive to not let them 'in'.


I've joined iPhotograph and they seem fairly friendly.

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By the way, as a generic thing, has anyone else found the community on dA fairly exclusive and people on dA to be actually fairly rude/arrogant?

Depends, really. Personally, I've made quite a bunch of.. maybe not really friends (although I've gained a few of those, too,, including my current crush.. *blushes*), but friendly peers with whom I talk a bit and stuff.


Also, if you read around blogs, some of the really popular artists, like Shinerai, for example, seem to be really nice people.

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The groups on devart are about like any you'll find on any other net site. Some run in cliques and want nothing to do with you if you aren't eager to be just like them, others are a little more open and friendly.


I gave up on 'em ages ago, but then the poetry groups they had back on my last try were, shall we say...less than open minded about people who preferred old/archaic stylings for poetry.

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As long as I'm on the net I'm on dA, hoping for new comments and such - I'm afraid I'm hopelessly addicted xd.png


I've looked in on the DC group briefly, but my priority have been to join photography related groups, so those are the only ones I've really tried to figure out more about. I've seen a couple of group that seem pretty nasty and "better than you"-ish, so those I've stayed faaar away from. If they want to play high and mighty then that's definitely not the group for me.


I've always enjoyed small groups where I know all the people. That is really nice, and I think it can be pretty stressful to have a bunch of unknown people around. It is harder to keep track of everyone, and obviously you won't get the same atmosphere in larger groups - but really. If a group for just the closest friends is what's wanted, then why not write so to prevent anyone else from trying to join in the first place? That would certainly make it a little easier to find the friendly groups.

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LB: I've made a fair few friendly peers through my art. People who are watching me and I enjoy chatting to. But I've found that when I go out of my 'bubble' to expand into groups, chats etc, it becomes increasingly difficult.


Kyrieath: I've found more often than not, the groups/chats are fairly *shunts* rather than inclusive. I've found a couple of friendly ones, but they're smaller ones which means fewer people.

I don't want to give up, since I would like to be more a part of the community, but still it's fairly disappointing.


Perhaps we should make our own group.

Be friendly.





Nim, give me some of your obsession. I want to be addicted too.

However, I have spent all day responding to comments and getting llamas and not been into Uni so perhaps I am turning into an addict.


I've joined iPhotograph which seem tricky at first but once a couple start talking to you, it's easier to get into. I found the other Photograph chat more difficult.

The dADC group...I was frankly shocked, to be honest, at the attitude that comes across in some of the responses. Not just the one to me, but to other members, who seem newer to DC who are asking pretty standard questions. Just look at the comment page without scrolling further back, the way the main people seem to be treating people is fairly shocking.


I mean imagine if us mods responded like that to users here in the help section like that? We'd be branded as appalling mods.


I'm struggling though to find the friendlier groups. Some are VASTLY worse than others, but it's still pretty bad.


And I agree completely on that. I just want a group with some regulars who will chat and we can get to know each other, check out each others work and just become more friendly. I just want to a nice little community to be a part of.



They should just say so if they don't want it though.



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What should we call it?

It shall be OUR corner where we shall include people and chat to people and make friends!

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There's already a DC dA group ^^


Paine started a "Shows us a Song" group which is... fairly dead. I'm part of it.


And the dragon group people seem pretty nice.

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I know, I've seen it. I'm not particularly impressed with it.

I think the way some of the people reply to user comments is pretty shocking.

And I feel thoroughly slapped on the wrist for asking a question in the journal.

It wasn't particularly pleasant to be honest.

I'm quite snarked off about it.


There's a different Dragon group Rhea? Where abouts?


And Paine has an awesome group?

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Yeah, just now Zephyr (dA DC group leader) get angry about the art limitations... the DC dA group's a bit iffy. I'm rather new to it.


Check out the list of groups I'm in.








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Frankly that's just pathetic.

Cutting your nose of to spite your face.

Rude to users asking questions, and rude when they're told they're wrong.


Frankly, it's common courtesy EVERYWHERE to at least bother to find out if you can/can't use art with the permission of the artist.

Most will say yes, same with fan art.

In fact most will be proud to see it.

But the fact of the matter is it's polite, to just ask or even look.


I've actually been blocked by them, in fact.


I don't really see how bothering to check if you can do something with someone's work is a limitation, more a courtesy. You don't even need to PM most artists since they're in the thread.


Clearly they are a mature person.


Ooh thanks Rhea I'll check them out.


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;_; they blocked you? IDIOT MEANIES


Make new group.


... how does one leave a group? I'm having difficulties finding that particular button.

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Once you join...









If you notice all my comments have been hidden. Presumably because they're...HONOES...accurate.

And yes, I am blocked.


Because I'm clearly a horrible person who believes you should ask before nicking someone's hard done work and ideas.


I'm making a new one.


I'll call it DragCavedA


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DC-dA? I likes the short and sweet.


And I'll join your group ^^




user posted image

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Oh awesome Rhea.

Are you a fellow person who likes making acronyms and initialisation of words? xd.png

I do <3


I'll have to do it slowly though.


I'm actually thinking of making 2.

A new DC one and one for people to hang out and make friends with each other.

Somewhere which isn't so exclusive as some groups.


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