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I could have sworn already posting my DA link on a thread like this but I looked through all the pages and didn't find a post from me so here it is..




I am limited in what I can do right now though because I'm going through a bit of a financial bump in the road. The most I can do right now is pixel art and only small things. I love drawing and painting traditionally though, and gimp was my favorite program until my laptop died. I'm not allowed to install gimp on the laptop I'm using right now as it isn't mine.


My nice camera is busted too so other than me periodically uploading a bunch of old stock pics I never uploaded there won't be much from me in the photo department.



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Ooh! Just spotted this! Here's my dA! https://fangirlmasquerade.deviantart.com/


I live there. LOL If you're a Loki fan, drop on by, I promise you won't be disappointed with my stories. (I've been told that I write a fantastic Loki) I also take some pictures of my Loki figure collection (really needs to take more/post more lol..) and sometimes random stuff to post too. But it's mostly Loki centric fanfics. :)

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I'm paintedliger.deviantart.com :)


Come say hi! I mostly draw cats, but I keep meaning to draw some Dragon Cave dergs. Someday...

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