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Pictish Lizards

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I am hoping to get some 2G pumpkins. Does anyone have breedings that aren't spoken for?

Sent you a PM biggrin.gif

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I have yet to breed my Pumpkins. If anyone would like one-just shoot me a PM. I have Pumpkin x Pygmy. I can breed 3rd gens. smile.gif

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Ldyfsh that would be great! I believe I have four 2nd gen pairs. One is spoken for, so that leaves me 3 more to use to breed 3rd gens with. I will be able to breed later this afternoon, once I become unlocked.


I wish TJ would give us extra slots for Halloween. I just don't have enough room! I love my Pumpkins, but I also breed Black Marrow x Silvers. I havent even touched my Shadow Walkers.

I agree about the extra slots wink.gif Shoot me a PM when you are ready to breed the PB 3G Pumpkin and I'll breed mine then send you a 2-way TP link smile.gif

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Introducing this year's crop of Pictish Pumpkins:


HellHunt's Pictish Pumpkin - 4th gen perfect checker

Pumpkin Erastes Vex MacDubh - 4th gen perfect checker

Pumpkin Ice Cream Q'MacDubh - 4th gen perfect checker

5E Pumpkin Jack Q'MacDubh - 3rd gen PB Pumpkin

Gabby's Pumpkin 5E Q'MacSuibhne - 3rd gen PB Pumpkin


And...my 1st ever Thuwed Pumpkin biggrin.gif

PL Pumpkin MacDubh Thuwed


I'll have to work on getting a perfect checker Thuwed Pumpkin next year, but I'm happy with this first effort laugh.gif


Too bad TJ had them mature as "recently bred"...otherwise I'd have even MORE Pictish Pumpkins to announce in a few days. Ahh well, there's always NEXT year!!

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Looking for Even-Gen PB Pumpkins, if anyone has any extras, 2G or more wink.gif

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Well, the pumpkin breeding frenzy is over for another year. Hope everyone made good progress on their scroll goals biggrin.gif


Because the Halloween drop has been delayed, I managed to get a couple more pumpkins *yay* Will post them when they've hatched, gendered, and been named.

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Desperately looking for 3gen pumpkin x crimson with lineage like http://dragcave.net/lineage/OE5XN

I can offer 2gen pumpkin x crimson hatch, 2-3 PB pumpkins hatchies or eggs (I have many of those...even though I didn't plan on having them....they attack me in packs)

also have 2gen shadows


please help rolleyes.gif

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I think its past time I registered here. smile.gif


2nd gen PB Pumpkins Pairs:


1. Jack-be-Little Mist

2. Lil' Pumpkemon Mist

3. Hooligan Mist

4. Sugar Treat Mist

5. Aladdin Mist

6. Jack-o-Pomme Mist

7. Musque de Provence Mist

8. Rouge Vif D'Etampes Mist

9. Red Warty Thing Mist

10. One Too Many Mist




11. Full Moon Mist

12. Kabocha Mist


3rd gen PB Pumpkin Pairs:


13. Rock Star Mist

14. Pic-A-Pie Mist

15. Padana Mist

16. Luminath Mist



17. Halloween in Paris Mist

18. Cinderella Mist


4th gen PB Pumpkins:


19. Jack-be-Quick Mist


I do have a couple more PB Pumpkins that haven't hatched/gendered yet. I will add them later.


The following are my Pumpkin/Dark Myst lines:


2nd gen Pumpkin/Dark Myst Pairs


20. Jack Skellington Mist ~ Dark Myst

21. Sally the Pumpkin Queen Mist ~ Pumpkin

22. Malade Mist ~ Dark Myst

23. Helgamine Mist ~ Pumpkin

24. Echos Mist ~ Dark Myst

25. Zeldaborne Mist ~ Pumpkin

26. Hallowd Mist ~ Dark Myst

27. Coraline Mist ~ Pumpkin




28. Mystics Mist ~ Pumpkin


3rd gen Pumpkin/Dark Myst pairs:


29. Black Jack Mist ~ Dark Myst

30. Jarrahadale Mist ~ Pumpkin

31. Damine Mist ~ Dark Myst

32. Kakai Mist ~ Pumpkin




33. Zelchos Mist


I do have a few more that have not gendered yet. I will post those later.


I will be happy to breed any of the above pairs for my fellow Pictish lovers. Just pm me if there is anything you will need. I will be looking to swap some Dark Myst breedings to get ready for next year if there is anyone breeding that line.

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Wonderful dragons, buckskinmist and trekwriter! Congrats on a successful pumpkin season biggrin.gif


Good luck to everyone for this year's hunt. Wonder what the new eggs will hatch into?

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Awesome, lilysally!


I wasn't fast enough to get either of them, but they're great lineages. Thanks for sharing biggrin.gif

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I had a very successful Halloween for breeding/collecting new pumpkins and pygmies! Here are my newest Pictish Lizards:




Pictish Licea - 4th gen Pygmy x Pumpkin checker

Jiffy Piko - 4th gen Pygmy x Pumpkin checker

Jack of Souls - 3rd gen PB pumpkin

Susi Jons - 3rd gen PB pumpkin

Rero Myst - 3rd gen Dark Myst x Pumpkin checker




Pictish Tiny - 5th gen Pygmy x Pumpkin checker

Jiffy Tiny - 5th gen Pygmy x Pumpkin checker


Dark Myst:


Haunted Myst - 3rd gen Dark Myst x Pumpkin checker

Tilni Myst - 4th gen Dark Myst x Pumpkin checker

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Nice to see you again, rileysasha!


Next time you post dragons, please use the 'lineage' link instead of the 'view' link. That's especially important with eggs, as the view link is considered "egg spam"



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