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Pictish Lizards

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A clearinghouse for Even Gen Pygmy lineages biggrin.gif


I love all of these tiny dragons and am anxious to play with lovely lineages for them.


Even Generation projects that don't specify names are also faves of mine, so that's what I'm planning here. You're welcome to name your dragons anything you like. The Pictish Lizards name is just my nod to the legendary small folk of the Scottish Highlands and the lizard-like size of these dragons.


This will be a place for breeders to come and exchange eggs to fill their own lineages. Even generation lineages only, please. If you need a definition of even generation, please check the Even / Perfect Thread...that's where I learned all about the subject.


All righty then...Who wants to play with tiny dragons?


RULES: (updated 5/29/11)


1. Allowable Breeds:

* Original Lineage: Pumpkin Dragons & (original) Pygmy Dragons. (For original Pygmies, each foundation pair must be CB Pygmy x CB Pumpkin. For Pumpkins, PB are allowed.)


* Beginning May, 2011: Any and all Pygmy species (including pumpkins), in any patterns you choose to design!


2. No Inbreeding, please.


3. Be polite when requesting eggs.


4. When you receive an egg, do not abandon it, kill it, or freeze it. Please don't request an egg you don't really want.


5. Once you have your lineages going, please offer eggs here first. This thread will act as a clearinghouse for pygmy even gen lineages biggrin.gif




BANNERS: - Many Thanks to egwenna!


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Breeders willing to Contribute Pygmy x Pumpkin eggs:













Husker (anything except 2nd gens!)









Click on the breeder's name to send a PM and *politely* request an egg.


We will also be announcing eggs for trade in the thread once we get rolling biggrin.gif

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Pictish Lizard Thuweds!

Pictish Lizard Q'MacS Thuwed (deblogan)




*Original* Pictish Lizards:


2nd Gen Pictish Lizards:

Pygmy Pict Secundus MacDubh (deblogan)

Leetle Alpha II (Gesepp)

Leetle Beta II (Gesepp)

Not Yet Named (kelverathewinged)

Leetle Gamma II (Gesepp)

Duncan Tofucake (eavesdropping)

Pict Liz Two MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Celena Cornucopia (egwenna)

Pygmy Pict Duo MacDubh (deblogan)

Pict Liz Duo MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Clint Tofucake (eavesdropping)

Laoise (caustic)

Igaine Luin (Husker)

Feistithe MacDubh (Husker)

Leetle Epsilon II (Gesepp)

Pictish Lizard (egwenna)

Tricksy Pygmy Pict MacDubh (deblogan)

Mawgan (caustic)

Harere (Janissa11)

Rocker's Pict Liz MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Airborne Midget (Nano9910)

Jaure (caustic)

Eacharn MacDubh (Eringirl1)

Biddy Douglas (Eringirl1)

Pict Liz LiddyTea MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Geb of Gosland(Goslander)

Gee of Gosland(Goslander)

Faelan Luin (Husker)

Elaeth Luin (Husker)

Awena Luin (Husker)

Seumais MacDubh (Husker)

Padraig MacDubh (Husker)

Mallaidh Luin (Husker)

E'bez (caustic)

Not Yet Named (Raistlin24)

Garon MacDubh (Husker)

Pygmy Pict PonyTales MacDubh (deblogan)

Jf0 Big Sky (Raistlin24)

Lil' Erlkonig of HellHunt (hellhunt)

Pygmy Pict Miku MacDubh (deblogan)

Leetle Lambda II (Gesepp)

Bia Beetle (beetle)

MacEhss Beetle (beetle)

Lil' Mudita of HellHunt (hellhunt)

Kleiner S'aar of HellHunt (hellhunt)

Lil' P'Pro Saar of HellHunt (hellhunt)

Makoto Citrouille (sethless21)

Sachi Musashino (sethless21)

Otomme Whispers (Xyie)

Butternut Angel (Xyie)

Crisdean MacDubh (Husker)

Lil' Dragon of HellHunt (hellhunt)

Leetle Nu II (Gesepp)

Leetle Omicron II (Gesepp)

Kaie Luin (Husker)

Dougal MacDubh (Husker)

Torin MacDubh (Husker)

Jolyanth (Ldyfsh)

Zelda's Pictish Founding Pygmy (Zeldarax)

Geminoth (Ldyfsh)

Croth of the MacDubhs (Ldyfsh)

Leetle Be II (Gesepp)

B'jornth (Ldyfsh)

Kellith of the MacSuibhnes (Ldyfsh)

Tiny PygmyPict MacDubh (deblogan)

Jhorith (Ldyfsh)

Zalleeth of Miku (Ldyfsh)

Norianth (Ldyfsh)

Leighi (caustic)

Lil' HellHunt's Edmy (hellhunt)Pollinth (Ldyfsh)

Giannath (Ldyfsh)

Panth (Ldyfsh)

Kim Luin (Husker)

Petruth (Ldyfsh)

Paradiso the Tiny Dragon (codyne)

Orc the Tiny Dragon (codyne)

Morag the Tiny Dragon (codyne)

Gosland Street Mouse(Goslander)

PictLiz Mudita MacSuibhne (deblogan)

LVicu Vex HellHunt (hellhunt)

Mystical Mie (Angle)

Mystical Favor (Angle)

Candorth (Ldyfsh)

PictLiz Jf0 MacSuibhne (deblogan)


2nd Gen Pictish Lizard PUMPKINS:

Pictish Pumpkin MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Bit Pictish HellHunt (hellhunt)

HellHunt's Pictish Labyrinth (hellhunt)

Pictish Ryuu of HellHunt (hellhunt)

Leetle Upsilon II (Gesepp)

Qijva (caustic)

Jf0 Little Pumpkin Eater (Raistlin24)

Jf0 Little Driver (Raistlin24)

Vestolth (Ldyfsh)

Jillorath (Ldyfsh)

Mearog Luin (Husker)

Hamish MacDubh (Husker)

Boo Alabaster Beetle (beetle)

Pumpkin Beetle (beetle)

Little Treat Beetle (beetle)

Spicy Pict MacDubh (deblogan)

Genie-of-the-Pumpkin MacDubh (deblogan)

Cadeneh (caustic)

Nualdri (caustic)

Endien PictLiz MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Little O'Treat (nooey)

Jf0 Candy (Raistlin24)

Jf0 Hogwarts' Halloween (Raistlin24)

Fang's '09 Pumpkin Patch (Fang486)

Fang's '09 Pumpkin Pie (Fang486)

Fang's '09 Pygmy Pumpkin (Fang486)

Leetle Tau II (Gesepp)

Pictish Erastes MacDubh (deblogan)

Gourdy of Gosland (Goslander)

Pictish Lag of HellHunt (hellhunt)

HellHunt's Pictish Vex (hellhunt)

HellHunt's Fat Pictish Pumpkin (hellhunt)

Pictish HellHunt (hellhunt)

Nancy Thompson's Nightmare (codyne)

Laurie Strode's Halloween (codyne)

Pygmy PumpkinPie MacDubh (deblogan)


2nd Gen PureBred PUMPKINS:

Elemental Jack-O-Lantern MacDubh (deblogan)

Jf0 Halloween Pumpkin (Raistlin24)

Elemental Puimcin Luin (Husker)

Elemental Puimcin MacDubh (Husker)

Treat In A Pumpkin (beetle)

Salorith (Ldyfsh)

Ellyanth (Ldyfsh)

PictLiz Pumpkin 5E MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Zeta Xpleta (codyne)

Candyman Stitch (codyne)

Mr Pipp's 5E PictLiz MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Gabby's Boy 5E Q'MacDubh (deblogan)

HellHunt Pika Harvest (hellhunt)

Not Yet Named (hellhunt)

HellHunt Melio Harvest (hellhunt)


3rd Gen Pictish Lizards:

Pygmy Pict Tertius MacDubh (deblogan)

Leetle Delta III (Gesepp)

Leetle Pict Liz MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Leetle Zeta III (Gesepp)

Eogan (caustic)

Sorcha Luin (Husker)

Pict Liz Three MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Leetle Eta III (Gesepp)

T R Pygmy Pict MacDubh (deblogan)

Onni (caustic)

Leetle Iota III (Gesepp)

Gex of Gosland (Goslander)

Fionna Luin (Husker)

Gev MacDubh (Husker)

Caoimhe Luin (Husker)

Daearen MacDubh (Husker)

Ian MacDubh (Husker)

Gavin MacDubh (Husker)

Leetle Kappa III (Gesepp)

Pygmy Pict TeaTales MacDubh (deblogan)

Leetle Pi III (Gesepp)

Butternut Whispers (Xyie)

Jf0 Formol (Raistlin24)

Leetle Mu III (Gesepp)

Leetle Pi III (Gesepp)

Gawyn MacDubh (Husker)

Brigid Luin (Husker)

Leetle Omega III (Gesepp)

Leetle Rho III (Gesepp)

PictLiz Pearl MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Zirath (Ldyfsh)

Zallorith (Ldyfsh)

Jf0 Pygmy Pict MacDubh (deblogan)

Not Yet Named (trekwriter)


3rd Gens with a Pumpkin Parent:

Leetle Phi II (Gesepp)

Sheilath (Ldyfsh)

Leetle Psi III (Gesepp)

Cas Beetle (beetle)

MacCal Bettle (beetle)

Erastes PictLiz MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Pictish Jack MacDubh (deblogan)

Hellath (Ldyfsh)

Lil' HellHunt's Erlkonig Vex (hellhunt)

Sandith of the MacDubhs (Ldyfsh)

PictLiz Lady MacSuibhne (deblogan)

PictLiz PT MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Lirooth (Ldyfsh)

Tauth the Leetle (Ldyfsh)

Jf0 Yersinia pestis (Raistlin24)

Leetle De III (Gesepp)

PygmyPict Spice MacDubh (deblogan)

PygmyPict Djinn MacDubh (deblogan)

Pegasith (Ldyfsh)

Ezmith (Ldyfsh)

Lil' Dudu of HellHunt (hellhunt)

Pyganth (Ldyfsh)

Brianna Luin (Husker)

Aron MacDubh (Husker)

Lil' HellHunt's Qenk (hellhunt)

Parva Pictish (Fleetfiend)

Geeth of Gosland (Ldyfsh)

Winifred the Tiny Dragon (codyne)

Michael the Tiny Dragon (codyne)

Jf0 Clostridium spiroforme (Raistlin24)

Lil' Vex HellHunt (hellhunt)

Gosland Street Rat (Goslander)

Autumn Luin (Husker)

Rosemarith (Ldyfsh)

Cheith of HellHunt (Ldyfsh)

Ryuuth of HellHunt (Ldyfsh)

Flaveath of HellHunt (Ldyfsh)

PumpkinPie PictLiz MacSuibhne (deblogan)

PictLiz Spice MacSuibhne (deblogan)


3rd Gen Pictish Lizard PUMPKINS:

PictLiz Candlelight MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Pictish Ryuu Vex MacDubh (deblogan)

Pictish PumpkinEater MacDubh (deblogan)

PictLiz Autumn MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Pictish Lil (codyne)

Jiffy Text (codyne)

Jf0 Pictish Pumpkin MacDubh (deblogan)

HellHunt Pictish Erastes (hellhunt)

HellHunt Pictish Erlkonig (hellhunt)

HellHunt Pictish Orc (hellhunt)

HellHunt Pictish Dragon (hellhunt)

HellHunt Pictish Ben (hellhunt)

HellHunt Pictish Elder (hellhunt)

La Pictish HellHunt (hellhunt)


3rd Gen PureBred PUMPKINS:

HellHunt's Little Liar (hellhunt)


4th Gen Pictish Lizards:

Leetle Pict Liz Four MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Leetle Theta IV (Gesepp)

Pygmy Pict Quartus MacDubh (deblogan)

Pict Liz Leetle 2 MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Eira Luin (Husker)

Fearguis MacDubh (Husker)

Terror Attack TEA (Jollymad)

Birdsfoot MacDubh (trekwriter)

Darjeeling Luin (Husker)

Leetle Sigma IV (Gesepp)

Nolan MacDubh (Husker)

Leetle A IV (Gesepp)

Alith of the MacSuibhnes (Ldyfsh)

Vaughn MacDubh (Husker)

Pretty PictLiz MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Not Yet Named (caustic)

PictLiz Genie MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Luinth of the MacDubhs (Ldyfsh)

Nevernever the Tiny Dragon (codyne)

Rowan Luin (Husker)

Pictish Spice MacDubh (deblogan)

Kamarile Luin (Husker)

Jf0 Thermoactinomyces sacchari (Raistlin24)

Taurath (Ldyfsh)

Jibbith (Ldyfsh)

Pyrooth (Ldyfsh)


4th Gen Pictish Lizards with a PUMPKIN parent:

PictLiz Vex MacSuibhne (deblogan)

PictLiz Pie'nCream Q'MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Peter's PL Wife Q'MacSuibhne (deblogan)


5th Gen Pictish Lizards:

Pygmy Pict Quintus MacDubh (deblogan)

Maura Luin (Husker)

Liam MacDubh (Husker)

Leetle PictLiz Kim MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Leetle Ve V (Gesepp)

Sasha Luin (Husker)

PL Spicy Djinn MacDubh (deblogan)


6th Gen Pictish Lizards:

Owyn MacDubh (Husker)

Leetle PictLiz Six MacSuibhne (deblogan)

Not Yet Named (Husker)


7th Gen Pictish Lizards:

Claire Luin (Husker)




Final Dragons in Pictish Lizard Lineages:

deblogan's Pictish Lizard Rainbow - Pictish Rainbow Q'MacDubh

deblogan's Reverse Pictish Lizard Rainbow - PL Rainbow MacSuibhne

deblogan's DOUBLE Pictish Lizard Rainbow - PL Double Rainbow MacSuibhne

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Named it Lil' Dudu of HellHunt


By the way - I can't wait for next year Halloween - hoping new limits will be applied by then - and I can breed/keep and/or trade for most of my 7 pumpkins tongue.gif Is hoping to a least double they number biggrin.gif

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Nice name hellhunt! Will update the front page biggrin.gif


And...as far as I know there are NO limits on the number of pumpkins we can have *happy dancing* I certainly have lots more than the usual 2 for holiday dragons biggrin.gif

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Yes, sorry... just have been so busy with other things that I forgot to "register" these:


Pollinth 2G M


Giannath 2G F


Panth 2G F


Pyganth 3G F


I think this is all of them... at least until I can find 2 more 2G males, since Panth was supposed to be Giannath's mate but refused to go with the influence sad.gif Now I have 2 mateless females sad.gif

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Yeah...refusing influence doesn't happen very often, but it's a REAL bummer when it does sad.gif


I'm off to update the 1st page!

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This sounds really fun! I'd love to join, but the link leading to the definition of even generation doesn't work for me. It says I'm not allowed to read it. Could someone really quickly give me a definition?

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Thanks for pointing out the broken link, Schnikeys. All fixed now!


From the Even-Gen Thread:

So what is Even Generation?

Simple; it’s when all the lines in the lineage goes back to the exact same point. There’s no “empty slots” somewhere in the lineage. For example: a Gen4 would have all parents, grand parents and great grand parents, and all the great grand parents would be Gen1/CB.


I know sometimes a picture makes more sense than words, so here's a couple of examples from my scroll:


This is an even gen Pictish Lizard.


This dragon is not even gen. Its lineage is ragged.


Hope that helps, and welcome aboard, if you should choose to join us!

Edited by deblogan

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This sounds really fun! I'd love to join! Except...I have no Pygmies or Pumpkins. *fail* Could I request one? I'll try to snag a CB Pygmy as soon as my scroll gets unlocked, but...yeah. Hope that isn't a problem ^^;.

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No problem at all biggrin.gif


When you have space on your scroll, just contact a couple of the breeders listed on the first page and *politely* request a 2nd gen Pictish Lizard egg. You'll be off and running in no time!

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I just picked up this little cutie in the AP!




I was thinking of either trading or donating him to this thread... but I also kind of want to keep him. D:

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Welcome to the lineage, Fleetfiend! Let me know if you decide to keep that baby and I'll you and your dragon to our lists biggrin.gif


I'll update the list, hellhunt. Sorry your baby auto-abandoned. I did that a couple of times last week...just not with Pictish Lizards.

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Welcome, Fleetfiend! Added you and your egg to our lists.


Be sure to remember to come back and tell us when you give it a name biggrin.gif

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I could sure use 2 2G eggies (not related to mine) in about 24 hrs when I get unlocked... had one refuse influence and now I have 2 mate-less females sad.gif

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wow, where did all the pictish talk go (or thread is shrinking o.O )

_Z_ cleaned our thread last week. All is well biggrin.gif


@Ldyfsh - I'm pretty sure you already have sibs to my self-bred 2nd gens, but feel free to take a look at my scroll and request anything you want. Also, take a look at the breeders listed up in the 2nd post, maybe you'd do well to ask some of the ones who are less active in the thread!


Good luck!!

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I went and got myself scroll locked again. >_< Just a moment, please...


And I was wondering, could I ask for CB pygmys or pumpkins? Or would that be impolite? 'Cause I wouldn't know where to start with a second generation one...

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