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Highest Stat Count ( Scroll stats )

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Oh shizz. I haven't been keeping up.

This is going to be an adventure. Updating the first post. Slowly. XD

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This thread totally piqued my curiosity and I did a search. :3 Here are my stats:


Views: 8,481 - Repress - Varekis


UVs: 2,141 - Combo - Varekis


Clicks: 57 - Sulfiate - Varekis


Edit: Strange, this search made me realize that I also have a dragon without a single click. o.o

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Please do not repost your stats.

I have a lot to get through, and I can only take copy-pasting stats into order for so long. I will get to you.

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Okay, so currently...


Views: #16,696 - Sisuli - Dragonpuff

UVs: #1,722 - Archaer - Dragonpuff

Clicks: #40 - Nemlaw - Dragonpuff


EDIT: OH! And these are all new dragons. I wasn't around back when adults still got views. wink.gif

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Here's a link to a tool TJ released a while back. http://dcrecords.tj09.net/ You can easily see some scroll stats by using it, including dragons with the most views, unique views, clicks etc.


edit: Some of my stats from the tool


Dragon Stats

Record Your Best Dragon

Most Views: 12,890 Winter Smurf

Most Unique Views: 2,055 Leafy Rainbow Wing

Most Clicks: 83 Fruit Eater Smurf


Frozen Hatchlings

Record Your Best Dragon

Most Views: 9,165 Frozen in Air Smurf

Most Unique Views: 1,107 Frozen Gravel

Most Clicks: 42 Frozen Dark Midnight Smurf

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My best for all three are on my Holly:


Views: 22,409

UVs: 4,198

Clicks: 349

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