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Highest Stat Count ( Scroll stats )

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I wish I could claim dragons with high counts, but at least I have one with an awesome scroll in its lineage. I don't know if it's a violation of rules to post links to others' scrolls, so instead will post my dragon's lineage:




Look at the far right edge, and you'll see that one of its ancestors is from a gold/silver breeding. I clicked on one of those dragons, found the owners scroll, and saw some amazingly high numbers. I know that long before I started playing, metallics could breed with metallics, and adult dragons continued to collect V/UV/C. That's the case here.

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Well mine are...mine.


And the others are from when adults/frozen hatchlings could still accumulate views.

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Im a collab in the Dc record Book, Would You mind If we took some of your data to update over there? Thank you!

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