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Highest Stat Count ( Scroll stats )

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And FYI, we aren't supposed to post the view links anymore, but lineage links are allowed.

Wasn't that only for growing dragons, as they'd gain clicks from it?

You won't gain anything from having people click your adults/frozen hatchlings, which is what we're dealing with here.


That means: View links = Okay for full grown dragons/Not okay for growing dragons (eggs/hatchlings).



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"Spirit Burst"



RV 88,429 UV 47,778 Clicks 60


My most notable dragon. None of my others reach that high. Don't why Spirit Burst got to be so high though. Its an adult dragon though. Nothing else on my scroll gets past 2,000 RVs normally.

Edited by Geobreeder

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Woah falling behind. Updating right now.


If any trouble comes from posting links direct to grown dragons, have the mods give me the warning for it. But linking to lineages wouldn't work for CB dragons, and I really do not want to dig through scrolls to check the stats. So, my laziness, my punishment.

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Views: #6921 - NooP - The_lioness33

UVs: #1848 - L--Bob - The_lioness33

Clicks: #36 - Qpaj - The_lioness33


Not sure whether they're new or old. Bob was born when I first singed up - January. All of the others are more recent.

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Views: 5399 - Crukojahar - Bandahar

Unique Views: 1497 - Birujahar - Bandahar

Clicks: 34 - Ohnekahar - Bandahar


These are all new dragons and the highest numbers on my scroll.

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Updated. :3


A reminder to please post your dragons exactly as the first post describes. This includes linking to your dragon in some way so that I may check what list they belong on.

If you do not you will not be listed.

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I have a new highest UV:


UVs: 3299 - Hiat - Pink


She grew up yesterday on my signature amidst a high powered plot discussion on another large site.

Edited by Pink

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Clicks: #85 - Bloody Shirley - Play


I am to lazy to do the other ones right now tongue.gif Is it okey if I only post this right now?

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Views: 27139 - Ekole - Gil212

UVs: 1870 - Knae - Gil212

Clicks: 71 - Kitarto - Gil212


that little gold hatchy had almost the most uvs as well o.O no idea why


old btw


Edited by Gil212

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Scroll: Akago


Views: 22,470 - Mem - Akago

UVs: 10,145 - Mem - Akago

Clicks: 386 - Mem - Akago


Mem is the first dragon I had, and holds the highest stats on my scroll all round. Probably always will.

Edited by Akago

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