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Highest Stat Count ( Scroll stats )

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My highest stat would be


Views: 24,306 - Sciet - Resix

UVs: 11,509 - Sciet - Resix

Clicks: 631 - Sciet - Resix


Bleh she was my first dragon and has been sitting at the top of my scroll forever.

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Very Old


Views: 1225- Dustman

Unique: 879- Dustman

Clicks: 132- Dustman

sig for link

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Views: 31133 - All in the name of Science - Pink

UVs: 2896 - Sirineth - Pink

Clicks: 632 - Nefarious Darkling - Pink


The second one is old, but the others are both recent.

I tried to kill the hatchie and it didn't work out so well.



Oh well, Science would still top the current charts for UV in newbies.


UVs: 2113 - All in the name of Science - Pink


Yeah, science was my invincible, frustrating test subject.


Edited by Pink

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views - 10,784


uv - 1,665


clicks - 53


All the same black dragon

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Well, it's just for fun, so..


New dragons: all clicks


232 - [url=http://dragcave.net/view/n/The%20Nostalgia%20for%20Infinity]The Nostalgia for Infinity[/url] - kadoatie
130 - [url=dragcave.net/view/n/Woken Furies]Woken Furies[/url] - kadoatie
145 - [url=dragcave.net/view/n/Slipped%20Past%20the%20Dorkface%20Line]Slipped Past the Dorkface Line[/url] - kadoatie


And one of the old dragon anomalies in clicks:


612 - [url=dragcave.net/view/n/Threads of Twilight]Threads of Twilight[/url] - kadoatie

- whom was not named after any novel.


Until I can find the actual cut point where old -> new, none of the dragons look particular in unique views/views.

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Also, Ion Syphos has 158 clicks, the highest on any of my new dragons. I've also got 56 on Summon Spirit Celsius.

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Aros 'Thalinor is my highest, although she doesn't have the highest UVs on my scroll. She falls in the new category. Highest UVs belong to a male split on my scroll, & he tops out at 1,991 UVs.

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My Green Dino,

Greeno Lisp

Views : 22,275

On my Scroll :Passiii


Check my scroll out by clicking the little Articuno Bird [;

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My highest are:


Views: 14,130 - Ellicott - cxc37

UVs: 1,757 - Rhayn - cxc37

Clicks: 303 - Holleigh - cxc37


All of them are in the 'newbies' category :]


**edited to fit the format

Edited by cxc37

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Views: # 9422 - Natus Silex - Sif


UVs: # 2234 - Natus Sententia - Sif


Clicks: # 101 - A Revelation - Sif


And if you allow second-placers....


Clicks: # 98 - Obsidian Silhouette - Sif


If only because they're pretty close to Revelation. Though, I still don't have a clue how a skywing managed to accumulate 101 clicks, but it happened. *shrug*


All of mine are for the newbie category.

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since i joined after adults could not recieve views these all go into newbies


oddly enough my highest views dragon grew up this morning

Views: #14931 - (Wham) - votehim


got this guy a while ago in a neglected experiment

UVs: #1741 - (cG8L) - votehim


yarolds works teh wonders

Clicks: #265 - (ZCJ4) - votehim


edit: form failz

Edited by votehim

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Views: #3309 - Roormonth - DragonLady86

UVs: #1742 - Roormonth - DragonLady86

Clicks: #4 - Roormonth - DragonLady86



edited for correct code tongue.gif


Name: Roormonth

Egg Laid on: Jul 07, 2009

Hatched on: Jul 11, 2009

Grew up on: Jul 15, 2009

Overall Views: 3309

Unique Views: 1742

Clicks: 4


Not sure if she's old or new. Im thinking the cutoff was in June of '09 in which case she'd be new. (she's really only in the running for highest UV and not even my highest on other two.)

Edited by DragonLady86

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Doubt any of mine break any records, but whet the hey...


Views: # - 9,740 Elemental Nocturne Draconna - Cinnamin Draconna

UVs: # - 2,212 Breeze Draconna - Cinnamin Draconna

Clicks: # - 131 Starkeeper Draconna - Cinnamin Draconna


And FYI, we aren't supposed to post the view links anymore, but lineage links are allowed.


Elemental Nocturne Draconna - Egg Stolen on: May 15, 2009

Breeze Draconna - Egg Stolen on: Jan 28, 2009

Starkeeper Draconna - Egg Stolen on: Nov 08, 2008


Breeze and Starkeeper qualify as old dragons.. Nocturne is a newer dragon

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