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Dusk Lineage

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By Nature's Design is one of the first dragons I picked up in the AP when I first started my scroll nearly two years ago. As I recently picked this back up as more than just an occasional hobby and I'd found out about inbreed checkers and other various tools on some of the fansites, I was messing with some of said tools and found out that this little doll had a smashing total of 441 dragons showing up multiple times in her ancestry. This made me curious just how many generations she actually had in her lineage and, lo and behold, 24 generations back down one of the lines I was checking I found Uh Huh and Plata Luna Dusk from Duskspoken's scroll. I thought that was pretty cool. smile.gif


Found a different line that goes back to the 28th generation so far, and at least two other instances of a third page lineage, if anyone was curious. Haven't finished checking them all to see if any go farther. @_@


I'm not likely to be changing her name to add Dusk in any time soon, she's had that one for so long and I'm rather attached to it, but I'm going to be trying for alt vines at some point in the future and I will definitely give Duskspoken a nod when I get there.


With as many generations and lines of ancestry as there are to check with this girl I'm a bit surprised I haven't run into another one of the more well-known ones I've heard of so far. I'm going to have to do some checking to see if there are any more lineages in there worth noting that I don't know about yet.

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I have quite a few, because my first Dorkface was a gift from Duskspoken several years ago, and I have a whooooole bunch of Dorkfaces from that one red dragon!


Thank you, Duskspoken!

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I can't believe it was still there this morning! Lucky me and thank you!

It wasn't up there too long, my winters don't seem to go that fast.


I haven't bred splits in a while {years in fact} so here are two.


Gen 2 http://dragcave.net/teleport/1d1127ed9cfa3...f1560b776efcc7c

Gen 4 Dusk Thuwed http://dragcave.net/teleport/0d398eb331057...f33eefbc3a57679

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