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Pern: A World of Dragonriders and Dragons

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OOC! http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=101769&st=0


found an awesome site to get colors for your characters!Site and a site for dragon colors! scroll down where the dragons are described smile.gif






Pern. The one place plagued by the devouring microorganisms called Thread. When Earth became slightly overpopulated, they set off on a journey to find new planets. They traveled to the Sagittarian sector of the universe to the planets orbiting the G-Type sun/star called Rukbat. There was planet that orbited Rukbat that had oxygen, water, gravity and plenty of fertile soil. Soon they settled on the planet and called it Pern. When the sister planet of Pern, known as the Red Star, drew close, it shed its parasites down to the planet. Before the people knew what was going on, most of them were injured and their crops dying. They would send out teams to burn the Threads where they burrowed into the ground. Soon, with unlimited technology, the humans developed a large winged beast from the native reptiles. These became known as dragons. The dragons would connect their minds with humans who had a slight innate telepathic ability. The people that connected with the dragons became known as Dragon riders.


Soon enough, the dragonriders outgrew the first Hold (what we would consider a Fort) known as Fort Hold. While their technology was still running, the built what was known as a Weyr. Weyrs would be the home of the dragonriders for all time. Fort Weyr, was the first, Benden the second, and then High Reaches, Igen, Telgar, Southern, and Ista after that.


It has now been nearly 2700 years since that first landing. There are now Several holds: Nabol, Keroon, Bitra, Lemos, Telgar, High Reaches, Half-Circle, Tillek, Southern and Southern Boll.


Lessa, Benden Weyr's Weyrwoman and rider of the Golden Queen dragon Ramoth, has just gotten back from bringing all the Weyr's forward in time to help Benden fight a new round of Thread. The current Weyrleader is F'lar rider of Bronze Mnementh.


Unfortunately, besides the immense help the Oldtimers had offered, not man were willing to accept them and are usually highly against them.


Season-Summer, entering Fall




Many of the "Oldtimers" (People brought from the past) are doing their best, but there still isn't enough dragons to cover all of Pern! Lessa, in her Ruathan ways, is wheedling many of the Lord Holders into letting their sons and daughters come to the Hatching Grounds. Without any more riders to defeat Thread, there won't be a Pern left.


Riders are coming form everywhere to Benden to add their knowledge in the raising of the newer colors. Hope is arising as all of the newer colors seem to have more of a nimbleness which allows them to fight thread more efficiently.


There is someone in Benden that is stealing food and supplies causing the weyr to go further into dissaray as Lessa and F'lar try to get things back together. See if you can help Weyrwoman Lady Journeywoman Heedana and Journeyman Harper Sesron figure out who the culprit is...


Common Pernese Terms


There are a few variations of dragons. (color-gender-breed with- size (largest/smallest recorded))

Gold- female- bronze, champagne- 67/60

Gray- female-bronze, champagne, brown- 60/57

Bronze- male- gold- 58/55

Black- female- Champagne, brown, blood- 53

Champagne- male- black, gold, gray-57/55

Brown-male- gray, green, black- 55/50

Blood-male- green, azure, black- 55/40

Blue- male- green, azure, black- 49/40

Green-female- any male- 46/30

Azure- female- any male - 30/25


Golds are the largest and are the queens. They are the only egg layers and are not allowed to eat the rocks that cause the dragons to spew flames because it causes them to be sterile (at least that is the story^_^) Golds are only ridden by women and not men! What they do best is rule. They are naturally born leaders and do it very well. Many dragons (all) obey the commands of the queens subconsciously and find it hard not to. All golds are vain and proud and never allow anyone to insult them. They tend to be vindictive, protetive and vicisously protect their clutches. The largest recorded queen is Atisith at 67 feet, then Neith at 66 then Tilleth at 65.


Bronzes- Bronzes are the second largest dragons and are males and are only ridden by Males. They are usually only 50 ft smaller than the Queen in length and nearly 100 in wingspan. They are almost built for leadership more so than the Golds. They often make the best leaders having critical minds and quick decision making skills. Sometimes they can be conceited and have serious pride issues.


Browns-Browns are smaller than Bronzes and far more agile. They do not breed with the Queens although they do join in on the flights. They are more so calm than all the other dragons, although sometimes not exactly the smartest. They have the ability to understand emotions more than a bronze does and that is why they are often chosen as Wingseconds. they are some of the most caring dragons of all.


Blues- Blues are some of the faster dragons but not as agile as a green. They are only ridden by males and tend to be less placid than the browns. They can have a very fiery temper and often seek to prove themselves. They almost always daredevils and very brave. They are competitive and hardly ever give up and have a tenacious streak. they are also known for their curiosity and tend to enjoy being around lower ranking dragons than higher.


Greens- Greens are the supreme fighters of the sky. Smallest of all and with the shortest wingspan, Greens can dive around thread at much faster speeds than other dragons. They are all female and ridden by female. Greens are often passionate and tempermental creatures who rise more often then the queens do. They usually chose the same mate over and over again and hate change.


Here is a site that shows the colors of the dragons. I will allow all of them so that we can make this our own RP and to have it be unique. Although, there will be no white, red or black dragons. The new colors will ONLY be allowed within the next hatching so sign up now as a Candidate to get your newly colored dragon! ColorsGold, Bronze, Brown, Blue


New Dragon Descriptions


Gray- Grays are female dragons who bond to females. Their size is in-between that of a gold and a black and their temperments tend to be even more so mothering than a gold. They are more slenderized dragons and tend to make up for what they lack in physical strength with mental strength. They are very clever, quick witted, and often enough, self-less. they are very protective and don't have as much of a vanity problem as Queens do and they prefer to listen more than speak.


Champagne- Champagne's are the polar opposite of Bronzes and are male dragons who impress to males. They are just as large, although they lack the muscle that the bronzes have. They are almost too gentle for their own good and hopeless romantics. they are simple peaceful beasts that bring encouragement to those who aer upset and are always happy to help. they deal with the distaste that bronzes have for them since they can fly queens with calm pacivity and are adored by all other colors. They lack the drive that a bronze has during a flight at times and will more than likely go after lower colors.


Bloods are males and will only bond with them. They are between the size of a brown and a blue and have are rather cantankerous and broody for a male. They are even more so protective then a gold and tend to take any sort of injured animal or being into their care and fuss over them increasingly. They are very fatherly animals and you have to make an effort to become friends with them and have to be patient with them.


Azure- Azures are the smallest dragons recorded to be smaller than even white Ruth. they are among the most even tempered dragons and it takes a great deal to upset the females. They get along with everyone and are cool and collected in in the most dire of situations. They bond only to females and adore weyrlings and make great mothers despite their inability to breed like that of a greens. When the queens are called to go somewhere with their riders, they are often the ones asked to watch ocer the cluth. They are the most empathic dragons of all.


Black- Blacks are rather vivacious and fun loving. They sometimes like to fight playfully with other dragons and are sometimes some of the most frequent breeders. They are females and bond to females. They enjoy flying all the time and would rather be sunning in the sky than on the ground.




Thread is in the skies and dragonmen must fly!


Weyrleaders- Weyrleaders are, as the name suggests, leaders of the Weyr. They handle all major dealings with the Lord Holders and handle all of the fighting tactics and times. Amongst all of their other duties, they still have to feed, clean and oil their dragons. They are always either a Bronze or Brown rider.


Weyrwomen- Weyrwomen are the riders of the Golden Queens. There can be several Weyrwomen (and Queens) in a Weyr at one time. Although, the max is 3-4. There is a Senior Weyrwoman and there are Juniors. The Senior weyrwoman for Benden would be Lessa, and her Junior would be Kylara (another Queen Rider). Weyrwomen take care of what would be considered the household duties such as making sure tithes to the Weyr from the Holds come in.


Headwoman- The Headwoman operates underneath the Weyrwoman and makes sure that the kitchens run correctly and that people are clothed, fed and taken care of.


Weyrlings- Those that have just Impressed on a dragonet.


Wingleaders- They are the Men of each dragon coloring that lead their "Wing" which is usually made up of 5-7 dragons each. They report directly to the Weyrleader


Wingseconds- There are two of these and they help out their Wingleaders by making sure the group is in order. For example. R'gul is a Wingleader. He has two Wingseconds, K'ton and S'lel.


Thread- Microorganisms dropped by the Red Star onto Pern to eat any and all organic life.


Threadscore- When Thread falls onto a being and starts to eat away flesh


Between- The black nothingness that allows dragons to easily and quickly transport to other areas. It is a form of teleportation. You can go from place to place, or time to time. The are of nothingness and sensory deprivation between here and there.


Numbweed- Numbs the skin to any sort of pin, can be taken internally in small amounts. Also a narcotic


Fellis- What we would consider a sleep aid; a soporific


Black Rock- Coal


Fire Stone- a phosphine bearing mineral which dragons chew to produce flame


Impression- The joining of minds of a dragon and his rider-to-be at the moment of the dragons hatching


Weyr- The home of several dragons and riders


weyr(no caps)- a dragons den


Klah- A hot stimulating drink made of tree bark and tastes faintly like cinnamon (I have a recipe for this if you want it! it tastes soo good!)


Sevenday- Week


Weyrsinger- A harper for the dragons. Usually a dragonrider himself (or herself).


Wherries- A bird that resembles that of a Earth Turkey but is the size of an ostrich. They are common food for Dragons and kept in the Bowl next to the Hatching Grounds


Bowl- The sandy area where dragons sun bathe, eat, and swim in a lake to one side


Hatching Grounds- A soft sanded area where the Queen hatches her eggs. The sands are almost unbearably hot but they warm the eggs. There are tiers around the grounds for spectators to watch the hatching.


(There may be more added later on!)


Fire Lizards.- Smaller versions of dragons with the same fire-breathing capabilities. They are small when born --around the size of your palm-- but then grow to where they are the size of a parrot and are able rest on your shoulder.


Whatchwhers- are cousins to the great dragons but are rather ugly. They are nocturnal and usually used to guard entrances.


Glows- are what are used as lights around Weyrs, Holds and Crafthalls. They are small round phosphorescent drops that are hung around rooms to keep them all alight.


Harpers- are those who keep the children learned in their reading, writing and knowledge of the outside world. They are also singers that keep the spirits up when times are hard. (If you wish to be Harper you MUST put this code in your PM AND have read the Harper Trilogy: Master Robinton)


Runners- Horses


Herd Beasts- Cattle


There are Crafts Masters but that is not necessarily for this RP.




user posted image


user posted image

(If you know of anymore, please PM me the sites. They must be in English though which is harder to find than say... Russian, or even Polish.)




*Follow all the RP rules already stated in the Guidelines post.


* DO NOT under any circumstances, God-Mod F'lar and Lessa. They will be played by myself (If you think you know enough of them, PM me and we'll talk)


*Please make sure you SEND me your sign up form. I don't want the RP area to be clogged up with forms.


*Make your posts look nice!


*1 full 8+ sentence for their history smile.gif


*If you have multiple Characters, please post them in different colors, sizes, or fonts.


*You are allowed as many characters as there are fonts, colors, and sizes sooo a max of, 16 PLUS any variations of the three...so a lot of Characters.


*YOU MUST, when you sign up, have the amount of Impression Candidates outweigh those of the Full grown riders


*There is a max of 6 Fire Lizards per person.


*When signing up a full grown dragon, the name has to have "th" at the end of it like Lamorth, Tineth, Quintenth, Mnementh and so on and so forth.


*Please use a VERY detailed description of your characters' looks. For some people, like myself, it is essential to visualize how the character looks to be able to RP. If you do not have at least 1 paragraph of 8 or more sentences long, the form will not be accepted. I know this may be hard, but it's a requirement.


*Please make sure your posts are at least 2 paragraphs long each being 8 sentences long. Please also do not use words that your common man would not know. That is just unfair to those who don't understand them. Plus I don't think that they would want to pull out a large, burdensome dictionary every time you post a large, frilly word.


*I will allow Romance. But please at least PG-17-18 okay? Especially when the Queens go on mating flights. because of the close connection, the passions of the dragons overflow into the humans rolleyes.gif


*Violence is usually not in the books and the Thread fights can get sorta violent


*No "earth" cussing. There are other oaths that are used: "Jays!", By the egg, By the first egg (usually succeeded by "of Faranth"), Scorch it, Shards, By the shards of my dragon's egg, Shells, Through Fall, Fog and Fire.


*As always, have fun!




Accepting forms

(send in forms for your characters)


As for the names of your characters, please remember that you sign up as a dragonless youngling first. The name, once Impressed to a dragon, is shortened. For example: Tyman would turn to T'man. The womens' names do not change. Keep in mind that yes, I will have a full grown dragon and rider with a Fire Lizard to set the example!


If you sign up a full grown rider (please only do this if you have read at least 2 books of the Anne McCafrey Dragon Riders Series), please remember to stick to the example above for males and the females do not have their names shortened...at least I have never seen it.


Do not fill out the dragon name if you are signing up for a Candidate. Once your youngling has been Impressed, you will need to PM me the name of the dragon and its color and I will fill that part in for you on the Existing Dragons section.


Code for Sign Up

[b] Username: [/b]
[b] Character Name: [/b] no last name
[b] Personality: [/b] 
[b] History: [/b] where they come from, parents names, siblings, children.
[b] Looks: [/b]
[b] Gender: [/b]
[B]Current Age:[/B]
[b] Dragon Name AND Looks: [/b]
[B]Rank:[/B]  (please ask when signing up)
[b] Fire Lizards: [/b]




((if you want to edit anything on your form, please PM me and I will make sure and edit it smile.gif ))


The hatching has already happened. If you are signing up for the first time, please put that your person is a Candidate.






~Existing Dragons~




((please PM me if you have any complaints or I have forgotten someone))


Queens - Tilleth, Ramoth, Valiath , Atisith


Bronzes- Mnementh, Dereth, Hethath


Black- Qannath, Corianth, Kandicath


Champagne- Xitith, Retirrrith, Siruth


Browns- Canth, Feyth


Blood- Gleanixth, Leroth


Blues - Tsinth


Greens- Jubilath


Azure- Vixenith, Sedath, Cerith



~Existing Firelizards~


Queen-Yenay, Achimara, Ananke


Gray - Rosia


Bronze- Achronos, Etanor


Black- Gloriana


Champagne- Voren, Vance, Dorian


Brown- Hayzef, Eccos


Blue- Jerome, Astraios, Gusto, Kyl, Lyre, Plummet


Green- Huzah, Tricky, Amphitere, Lira



Big Thanks to.....






For helping me get this RP underway! happy.gif

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Accepted Characters


If you have a picture of your character and you want it posted, send it to me and I will do so!

If you want, I can also do a collage of all of your characters smile.gif






Username: LoveLost

Character Name: Heedana

Personality: Heedana is a very straightforward type person except for when it comes to guys. She is young and has never had a boyfriend or anything like that because she wants to wait for the right one. All that to say, she is very patient in long term things, but impatient in short term things. She values honesty and courage above most things and demands respect. If it is not given, watch out! She has a fiery temper that sometimes flares up for no reason at all. She tends to be londwinded as well...

History: Heedana was raised in a not-so-known fort just outside of the actual Fort Hold as the daughter to the Lord holder, Heedor and his dying wife Jaytana. By the time she was 10 years old, she was mamanging most of the Hold's inner workings for her mother while her father was taking care of the large things and bringing in fosters as well as sending them back out again. She has 10 (Hena, Heran, Heeta, Heetor, Jaydor, Jayd, Tana, Hea, Doran, Aydo) blood siblings and took care of them since she was the eldest. Her father, despite the fact that her mother had passed away with the latest child, sent Heedana off to Fort Hold to study as much as she possibly could and bring some education back to their home. Heedana put her sister, Hena, in charge of things until she would return four years later. During her time at Fort Hold, she studied with two other students, twins to be exact, Sesron and Sesania, under the wing of Master Robinton. When not studying under the Masterharper, she was mainly studying under Masters Olodkey, Oldive and the Master scribe that all resided in or around Fort. By the time she was finished, since she took an intense study, she was named Journeywoman Harper, Healer, Scribe and Drummer. When she returned home at the age of 14 after saying farewell to her friends, she found her home in shambles. Her father too had become ill and her sister was trying her best to keep the Hold from falling into the hands of the holdless. For two years, Heedana repaired with the help of her younger siblings and the man that her father had planned to be her husband, Rugta. SHe didn't like him the least bit and on the eve of her marriage day and birthday, she was Searched and found acceptable. Her father was furious, as was her fiancée, but Lessa was adamant. Heedana's last wish was that the hold would not fall into the hands of the scum and her father accepted her wish. She is now the Junior Weyrwoman and next in line for being the full fledged Weyrwoman. She has made friends with many people and has been reunited with Sesron and Sesania to find that she has immense feelings for the young man.

Looks: Oye, where to start? Heedana is a 6' tall woman with the looks to match. Her hourglass figure is sultry and her bust rather nicely formed. Her legs are lithe but generously muscled from her rides on runners and now a dragon back. She isn't completely slim, but hardly carries any sort of weight that is not muscle. Her hair is a deep auburn brown with the tips dyed a vibrant blond that hangs down to her waist. Her eyes are rather intruiging with them being a sort of feline eye color since they are yellow. Her eyebrows arch gently and her hands are worn and calloused from years and years of work.

Gender: female

Current Age: 18

Dragon Name AND Looks: The freshly minted gold Tilleth

Rank: Junior Weyrwoman Lady Holder Journeywoman Heedana

Fire Lizards: Golden Yenay, Forest green Huzah and Jade Green Tricky



Username: LoveLost

Character Name: Ezran

Personality: Ezran is a very quiet and foreceful being. Her very actions can sometimes be intimidating without her even knowing. She hates men most of the time but has foind steadfast friends in K'leb and T'lom. She is defensive at all times and takes anything dealing with her Wing very seriously. Somtimes she can be to serious and at others she can be very lighthearted and almost bi-polar. This stems from a hard life and many struggles.

History: Ezran was born in Southern hold to Ezek and Tyrana. Her parents adored her astuteness and ingenuity that she showed when younger but as she grew, her thoughts wondered to the outside world. In time she no longer played with the younger children but frequently slipped outside to explore the forests that surrounded the hold. At the age of 13 she had some of the most knowledge ever gained about all the of th herbs, spices, fruits, trees and other things that grew and lived on the SOuthern continent. She had actually at one time explored all the way to the mountains in the south. But that last trip would be her last there for when she returned her mother and father, with aid from her eldest brother Etaran, had decided to send her to Southern Weyr to keep her "safe". The night that she left, she and her brother fought long and loud until it became a fist fight and guards had to separate them. During the course of the argument, she recieved a scar across her eye and Etaran one across his leg.


Once at the Weyr, many people began to recognize her beauty and that she was a rather fiery character. She soon became the bed companion to any male that requested her presence. If she did not come to them when they called, she was beaten until bloody and bruising. If not in a man's bed, she was cleaning the Weyr while even the drudges treated her as if she was dirt. Her love for outside never diminished and her she was often beaten for walking outside the Weyr. 2 years after, Southern was asked if they could have a few Candidates by the northern continent and Zee was sent to find the most applicable children. Ezran hid behind the other where she was placed, but Henath found her and she was rescued for hell on earth. Once at Benden, she Impressed the green Jubilath and has been her bonded for a year now. Exactly 18months after her impressio, she was promoted from weyrling, to Wingsecond.

Looks: A tall, and still growing girl of 5'6 with curvaceous hips and a rather gorgeous body. Despite her red hair which is usually associated with pale skin, she has rather bronzed skin that is accented by her fire red hair. Her eyes, are a sky blue that is almost so blue, they are white. Her nose is a little crooked at the middle and her a scar runs from above her right eyebrow down to her high cheekbones. Her back is also heavily scarred and she bares some on her legs as well. She usually wears tighter clothing as a habit from when she was at Southern Weyr and plus hse feels trapped in baggier clothes. Her clothing color ranges from deep muddy brown o a dark green. Her hair is rather long and curly and hangs down to her waist when wet, but to her shoulders when dry or not in it's usual braid.

Gender: female

Current Age: 16

Dragon Name AND Looks: Leaf green Jubilath

Rank: Wingsecond

Fire Lizards: Night Sky Blue Jerome


Username: loveLost

Character Name: Gora

Personality: Gora is a rather quiet being whom tends to keep to herself. her mothering nature, can however take over the quietness and cause her to lose that gentleness if any of the children are hurt. She is considered rather bossy at times but it is only because she cares and sees things a certain way in her mind. When she is warned however, she does ask for forgiveness. Her temper can flare and tends to last long periods of time but she is always forgiving, although hardly forgiving herself. She tends to be very poetic and very singy...she loves to sing although is embarrased to sing around others save her firelizard Gloriana.

History: Gora is the daughter of K'lor and Gesaba, sister to her older siblings K'leb and G'lor and older sister to her siblings Kiba, Gior and Klora. She was raised and born in Benden Weyr in the Lower Caverns. When she was nine years older, her mother's impeccable health became severely changed and spiraled downhill. As a child of knowledge and a yearning to help as well as mother, she took care of her mother and father when he contracted illnesses. She also took care of the children and the home as well as earning as much money as she possibly could to support her family. All this time her older brothers had been sent to other areas. Gilor, now G'lor, was sent to Fort to try and alleviate the financial burden and kaleb was taken by the Weyrleaders to be put under manoras wing. When she was 14 years old, Heedana had Impressed Tilleth. She soon walked to the lower Caverns to find the oor girl shivering in the cold and trying to help the youngest, Klora, fall asleep. heedana gave her a golden necklace to sell as well as several other riches. this brought the family back in prosperity. Gora is now still taking care of her siblings and parents.

Looks: Gora is 5'7 with broad shoulders like the rest of her siblings. Her eyes, although not blind, have a look of blindness. her eyes are of the lightest most entrancing blue. In the center, however, there is a yellow tinge causing her eyes to look more green than any sort of blue. Her hair is a sandy blond which frames a round face. her smile is large as is her heart and it seems to be the very extension of her only joy. Her bust is rather large and her hips are also sultry, but her waist is rather small with an almost exaggerated hourglass figure. When wearing her skirt tied up, her legs are rather attractive and smooth as well as darkened from her recent time at Southern for a vacation.

Gender: female

Current Age: 16

Dragon Name AND Looks:

Rank: Weyrfolk

Fire Lizards: near black Gloriana



Username: LoveLost

Character Name: Xyliana

Personality: Oh boy where do you begin? Xyliana is a very respectful person around her elders. She views them as knowledgable beings who deserve her attention and she wishes to learn from them. Som ecould consider her a brown nose, but in all honesty, she does like just about everyone and wishes them well. She has a quick mind and has learned the simple parts of many practices form the Journeymen that were sent to Southern Weyr to help provide there. Her smile is radiant to all who see and she can sometimes be a little mischievous and ornery. Her largest joy in life is singing and reading as well as learning new things. She is rather serious sometimes and can hardly multi-task even if she tries her hardest. Xyliana has a soft spot for jewelry and hand made things that are gifts to her and is often a very sentimental person. There is hardly a time that she will throw something away when it was given to her.

History: Daughter to Xylor and Vivian

Looks: Xyliana is a rather medium sized woman at around 5'7 with moderate curves. Her shoulders are rather broad as are her hips. Her hair is long and goes down past her waist although she usually keeps it tied up and hidden underneath her favorite green bandana. Her waist is rather small for someone of her stature and her bust is of medium size if not slightly large. She takes pride in her legs which are firm from years of riding and walking in the Southern forests. Her skin is most definitely bronzed from her time in the sun, although she has no visible tan line. What most find odd, are her eyes. They are a medium chocolate brown with the iris being outlined in an almost vibrant orange. Her eyes are rimmed by thick lashes that she adores. Xyliana usually wears a thin leather green skirt that hangs to mid thigh and a thin cloth shirt that has no sleeves. Over that shirt, she wears a tan vast which holds a knife as well as a pocket for her goggles and gloves. At one time or another, she will be seen without earrings, but for the most part, she wears them constantly. As for her feet, she wars thick leather boots to guard against the heat on her feet.

Gender: female

Current Age: 18

Dragon Name AND Looks: prominently gold, more of a cobalt blue than turquoise. Azure Vixenith. Vixenith is a very gentle dragon but will always be protective of those she loves. She is great at mothering people and takes care of the weyrlings as if they were her own dragonets. She is also sometimes sensitive of her size but will hardly show it.

Rank: Rider/Researcher

Fire Lizards: maroon Joker

Username: LoveLost


Character Name: Kaleb --->K'leb

Personality: K'leb is a very quiet person at most times but will also be very kind to those whom he thinks deserve it. At times he does have a temper and his leading skills are almost unparalleled. He likes to do crafts and things with his hands such as tapestries and making new leather adornments for his dragons fighting straps. His mind is constantly on the move and he tends to go at things with a passion. When he talks to people, sometimes he seems proud or distant, but that is only because most of the time he is nervous.

History: K'leb was born in High Reaches Weyr as the son of K'lor and Gesaba. He has 5 brothers and sisters with him being the eldest (G'lor, Gora, Kiba, Gior and Klora). At the age of 3 he was diagnosed as a mute and grew up trying to help his parents even though he couldn't speak. When they moved to Benden weyr, he was sent to work underneath the headwoman, Manora. It was the only way to keep him from trying to do anything more to help his family in selling his works that his mother wanted kept. After he left, and after G'lor did, he knew that his sister Gora had to take over the family. Any time he wished, he tried to get back home to try and help his sister, but was refused. As he grew up, he learned more of the cooking trades and was soon sent to the Candidates grounds as the hatchings began again the year of his 18th birthday. During his entire life he had always heard the voices of dragons in his mind, but was never shure of the gift. When he Impressed the large Hethath, who is the size of Ramoth, his voice box was somehow knocked back into the way that it needed to be so he can now speak. only a year after being a rider, he was elected to be a Wingleader and is now courting Junior Weyrwoman Soria rider of Dusted gold Atisith.

Looks: K'leb is rather plain in the face but with gorgeous deep blue eyes. HIs hair is rather long but always tied back by a long black leather thong. His skin is almost always tanned from the time that he spends in the saddle and his height is around 6'3. HIs muscular structure is much like that of any dragon rider who spends as much time as possible with his dragon; sculpted. He tends to wear a lot of brown that is the traditional color of Benden Weyr. He almost always has his gloves on just in case he has to ride at a moments notice.

Gender: male

Current Age: 19

Dragon Name AND Looks: true bronze Hethath. Hethath has a very straightforward mind that keeps his rider in place. He enjoys keeping things in order and always helps K'leb keep his wing in place and makes sure that all the dragons obey whether they like it or not. His has affections for dusted gold Atisith.

Rank: Wingleader/Weyrlingmaster

Fire Lizards: light brass based bronze Etanor. Etanor is a rather quiet little fellow who is very amiable. he tends to be frightened around to many people but enjoys the presence of several firelizards at a time.


Username: LoveLost

Character Name: Gilor ---> G'lor

Personality: G'lor is....obtrusively kind and outgoing. He loves to make people feel at home but in the process he can sometimes push them away without meaning to. He loves to play around within reason but will always take orders to the best of his ability. He loves to take a chance every now and then on his dragon and have fun. G'lor is also somewhat of a melancholy person every now and then even though it doesn't really look like it. he just becomes quiet and doesn't really talk all that much.

History: G'lor was born right here in Benden Weyr to K'lor and Gesaba and has six siblings including his latest sibling named after his late mother (K'leb, Gora, Kiba, Gior and Klora, and Gesaba). As he grew he noticed that both of his parents were ill and tried to help them out as much as he could but wasn't able to do anything but get in the way. So to help his mother and his father, he searched for work in Benden but found none then traveled to Fort. There he did find work and was able to send marks back to his parents which helped them in buying whatever medical things that they needed.


On a fateful day when he was totally unsuspecting, a rider came over to him saying that his dragon had found him suitable to be a rider. G'lor was taken off-guard and his first impulse was ,no, but the rider persisted and didn't allow G'lor any room to argue and threatened him if he didn't go to the sands. So G'lor hopped up on the dragon reluctantly and asked his boss if there was any way that he could still work for him as a rider, but both his boss and the rider told him no. He had lost any way to help his family. Once on the sands, and without any proper training and any proper attire, he stood still in his thick boots and looked around at those that were younger than he was. At the time he was only 14 the usual age to be cut off from the sands. When the eggs started to hatch, he didn't feel the excitement that was normal but instead a growing dread...one of them might pick him. The first egg to hatch was a rather large dragon almost the size of a bronze, but he was a creamy, white...well champagne color and made a beeline to G'lor. The impression was made with the dragonet crooning and humming to his rider the entire time and telling the older dragons that he was just fine and that he could fly right then and there if they wanted.


Over four years, it was shown that the new color was one of the fastest growing and one of the kindest possible dragons that there ever was. G'lor stayed in Fort and trained as well as learned about himself before he was told to go back to Benden. While there, his mother and father died in the same day as his mother gave birth to his youngest sister and he was also hit by thread on the same day. Now he assists his brother in training the Weyrlings.

Looks: G'lor is a strapping young man with broad shoulders and a strong build that shows him as sturdy. If you look at his family, he is the reject of their body types because the rest of them are lithe little things including K'leb. He is still able to move quickly though. He has the same blue eyes that are in his family. Although the difference is that his right eye is brown and his left eye is blue. He also has terrible threadscore along the right side of his face that hasn't exactly healed properly since the only person who really knew about healing humans was lost. He stands at around 6' and has shaggy brown hair that Manora has to continuously trim.

Gender: male

Current Age: 18

Dragon Name AND Looks: dappled Champagne Xitith. Like all Champagne's, Xitith is kind to everyone and finds people to be the very object of interest. His kindness is unparalleled since there are no others of his kind here at Benden.

Rank: Rider and Weyrlingmaster Assistant

Fire Lizards: none


Username: LoveLost

Character Name: Earan --->E'ran

Personality: E'ran is a caring person but it takes time to work through his defensive shell. He is usually quiet and seems to be brooding but isn't really, he's just quiet. He is very defending of any woman especially his sister Ezran and Sesania. He is a lover, as in he loves with his whole heart which is another reason he is defensive. He doesn't want to love someone he may just lose or forget about at some time or another.

History: where they come from, parents names, siblings, children.

Looks: E'ran is a dark haired young man with deep green eyes that shimmer all the time with life and also can turn steely when need be. He is rather tall at 6'4 and has a muscular build that shows he is used to lifting things and tossing fire stone to other riders. He tends to wear your usual Bendenese clothing which is light and tannish red at times and he tends to have a silver necklace on although it is just plain.

Gender: male

Current Age: 20

Dragon Name AND Looks: dark blood Gleanixth

Rank: Rider/Researcher

Fire Lizards: blue Gusto, Kyl and Lyre


Username: LoveLost

Character Name: Derin --->D'rin

Personality: D'rin is a rather kind guy with a darkside of unbridled anger. He does however try to control it through times spent outside the weyr and just running along the runner traces. He is a lover though who loves just about anything that he "likes". But when he truly loves a being, he almost devotes himself to that being and to no one else. He enjoys the presence of many people even if he is just listening and will put his input in at random points. Sometimes it is said that he is to be found late at night just staring at the moons dreaming about expiditions in the future to the red star to end the flaming planet's reign over Pern; he's a dreamer. When not with others and listening to them,he is mostly found drawing fanciful things that are his renditions of the local beings, dragons, flora and fauna.

History: Derin was born in Ista Hold to Desrik and Acharina. When he was born into the world, his parents said that he could make himself known world wide for his dancing, for as soon as he was out of the womb, his feet were moving and he giggled and laughed. As he grew older, to his dismay, he found out that he was the last of a long line of children with his oldest sibling being married and gone. But they are ( in a list of oldest to youngest) Decha, Dea, Achirik, Rina, Rikan, Dearin, Ikna, Deach (Deech), and Arik.

As D'rin grew up in Ista, he learned his art through the Art Master there in the hold who had taken up residence in his old age. His odd ways of putting things to paper, soon had the Master in fits but when sent to Lord and Lady Holders as invitations to Gather's or meetings-- of course he had to beg though-- the art was rather enjoyed by it's spontaneity. At times, he found himself drawing the musculature of different beings and submitted them to Master Oldive who found them to be of much use. However, no one knows who did the charts for all he would sign was a large flourished D at the bottom right corner of the page.

After his enjoyment of his artwork, he was set to doing the harvesting for Ista but he found it to be a joy since he grew rather tan even in his longer clothing. At a time when the sun was lower, he was found by two small blues that asked if he would like to Impress. Of course the boy accepted and so did his parents. Once at Ista weyr, he Impressed Midnight blue Zoranth but was sent to Benden once the young dragon could be carried without squirming in a larger dragon's grasp. He is know there with no one knowing who he is, or what he does, just knowing he is a transfer.

Looks: D'rinis a rather robust young man who assumes it is his right to grow his hair whatever way he wishes. He has grown it longer than most but finds that it aids in keeping the sun away from his neck and cooling him off. His height is still not decided for he grows faster than most. But at the moment, he is nearly 6ft tall but lanky. His eyes are a deep brown almost black that have a daring glance to them but are also passionate and caring. He almost always wears a white shirt instead of anything dark for dark clothes were considered a death sentence in Ista. He has the start of a mustache on his face at almost all times but he tries to trim as best he can to keep himself looking nice.

Gender: male

Current Age: 16

Dragon Name AND Looks: midnight blue Zoranth. Zoranth is just a fledgeling at the moment, but already it is discernable that he will be a rather large blue with a heart of gold...if not a bit testy smile.gif

Rank: Weyrling

Fire Lizards: none


Ethril Dragon


Username: Ethril Dragon

Character Name: Sesron

Personality: Sesron has often been called exuberant, joyful, happy, excited, and full of himself. His sister will also tell you that he can be loud, hyper, with little tact, and he has no patience. Of course, all of these are true. Sesron is just an all around happy guy and loves to make others laugh. He feels like if he isn't doing something, then he's wasting his time.

He's also a very loving person.

Sesron is the kind of person that is always in the midst of things. If he isn't around hoards of people, he feels lonely. So you'll almost always find Sesron talking to people, hanging out with people, entertaining people, anything to do with people.

There is one thing that most people don't know about him though. He's overly sensitive about his own feelings. He doesn't like to talk about his emotions and tends to neglect himself in favor of making others happy.

To his friends and sister, he is loyal and lovingly. To the outside world...well, he can come off as a goof off.

History: He and his twin sister Sesania were born and grew up in Telgar Hold. Their father Sesteran had been a herdsman for the Lord Holder Larad. Their mother Teronia had been a weaver.

While growing up, Sesron would try to entertain his sister while they were playing. Their father highly discouraged this sort of behavior and tried very hard to make Sesron stop. He would sing, dance, and goof around all in the hopes to make her laugh. It was during one of these play times that the Harper Chad spotted Sesron. Chad had been visiting from the Telgar Weyr when he heard Sesron singing for his sister. Much to the dismay and outrage of their father, Chad insisted that Sesron go to the Harpercraft Hall for training.

Sesteran tried to deny his son the chance to go, but it was Sesron's mother that finally convinced her husband to let their son go. Even though he had permission to go though, Sesron refused to go without his sister.

Chad didn't want to lose a talent like Sesron's, so he agreed to take Sesania as well.

At the Harpercraft hall, it was discovered Sesania had an ear for music and a talent for writing melodies. The pair were handed over to Masterharper Robinton for training. It was there that they met Heedana. Once a bond was made, the three of them were inseparable. Sesron made it his life's goal to make his sister and best friend laugh whenever he got the chance.

This lead to a series of trouble making in which he often times got himself and Heedana in trouble. Sesania avoided getting in trouble because of her calm and quiet nature. But she would often join them in their punishment chores.

2 years after Heedana left, Sesron and Sesania were made Journeymen Harpers. Masterharper Robinton told them to go to Benden Weyr to replace the old weyr harper who had died while fighting thread.

Looks: Reference picture

Sesron is tall, pale, and skinny. That would be the best way to describe him. He tends to let his hair grow long and straight and he tends to not tie it back. His eyes are green and his hair is brown. Unlike his sister Sesania, he likes to wear bright greens and blues. One thing that people will notice about him is that he prefers to wear gloves at all times. It's because his hands are thin and long. He thinks the gloves make his hands look thicker then they really are. He stands at about 5'11 nearly 6 foot.

He's almost always smiling. He's got a big smile that seems to take up his entire face.

Sesron's preferred instrument is the flute.

Gender: male

Current Age: 19

Dragon Name AND Looks: n/a

Rank: Journeyman Harper

Fire Lizards: n/a


Username: Ethril Dragon

Character Name: Sesania

Personality: Sesania is a polar opposite of her brother. Where her brother is always excited and hyper, Sesania is calm and collected. She rarely loses control of her emotions. One thing that people will always say about Sesania, is that she is a wonderful listener. Because of her calm and quiet nature, people tend to think she's antisocial. It doesn't help that she likes to sit in the background and watch everything.

In a nutshell Sesania is dependable, reliable, patient, calm, reserved, quite, and loving. She feels like she has to be those things for her brother. If it wasn't for her, he would probably be even more impulsive then he already is. She's able to keep him inline and focused.

What no one knows, is that Sesania wants to be able to break out of her shell, but she doesn't know how. She thinks that by watching those around her, she will be able to figure it out. She wants to have friends, have fun, be impulsive, but she's too scared. She's afraid that if she makes a mistake, then that mistake could cost more then she's willing to give.

History: As a child, Sesania was more mature then Sesron. Often times, she was the one who would get them out of trouble that her brother caused. It would be Sesania who would keep her brother from doing things that would get him in any more trouble then he already was.

When Harper Chad approached Sesron about becoming a harper, Sesania was afraid she would lose her brother. At that age, people didn't know what to think when they saw Sesania, so they tended to avoid her. Sesron had been the only one to treat her like a normal person.

At the Harper hall, it had been Sesania who had kept Sesron from goofing off too much. When they began working with Heedana, it had been Sesania who would make sure their work was done on time. She was the mature one who kept the others from getting into too much trouble.

Over the years, people became more comfortable with hos Sesania was and she was able to make more friends then just Sesron and Heedana.

As for her love life, there have been some men interested in her, but she has never shown interest in anyone. Her only concern was for her brother so she never felt she had time for a romantic relationship. That and well, no one had ever interested her.

Of course, that didn't stop Sesron and Heedana from trying to set her up with several people, much to Sesania's dismay. Each time she just ended up being friends with the man in question and she just went back to being her quiet self. Much to Sesron's dismay.

After Heedana left, a firelizard clutch arrived at Harper Hall. Sesron didn't impress, but a little blue attached itself to Sesania, literally. When Sesania knelt to look at the blue, it launched itself at her neck, wrapping around it quickly. The blue was named Plummet after it's many failed attempts at flying.

Sesania's preferred instrument is the harp. She doesn't like to sing, although she can. Her favorite color is green.

Looks: Reference Picture

Sesania is darker skinned then her brother, with what is considered an olive complexion. She keeps her hair cut short to try and keep the insanely wild brown curls controlled. Her hair is a lighter brown then her brothers. Like her brother, she has emerald green eyes.

She's a little heavier set then her brother, the little extra body fat giving her womanly curves.

Sesania prefers to wear pants to skirts, and she likes to wear brons, tans, and dark greens. Her hands are small and her fingers are thin with thick calluses on the tips where she plucks the strings of her harp.

One thing she always wears is a thin bet with a single blue gem in the buckle. She also has a pair of green bangles that she wears.

Gender: female

Current Age: 19

Dragon Name AND Looks: n/a

Rank: Journeyman Harper

Fire Lizards: Blue Firelizard Plummet. He's a bit protective of Sesania, but otherwise he's a friendly and playful firelizard. Plummet has a difficulty flying. When coming out of between he tends to lose his balance and fall.

Because Sesron is Sesania's twin sister, Plummet sometimes listens to him and helps him.


Username: Ethril Dragon

Character Name: Terin

Personality: For one thing, he's manipulative. If he can't have his way to begin with, he'll figure out how to twist a person until he gets it. He's also very deceitful. He's a liar and he'd be willing to sell you his mother if he got a good deal. He rarely cares about what happens to others. He's also a strategist. With the combination of being manipulative and a strategist, he can get away with almost anything. He's also very egotistical. He knows he's handsome and he'll use that for his advantage. He'll steal a woman's heart and trick her into thinking it's her fault he's mad at her. Terin isn't exactly a ladies man, since he doesn't like many other people, but that won't stop him from using a woman. If caught in a bad situation, he'll find a way to snake out of it and to put the blame on someone else. Usually Terin is an even tempered man, but he does get angered easily. Being as strong as he is, he isn't careful about how hard he hits.

History: Terin grew up in Benden. In fact, as a child many people thought he would become a bronze rider. No one ever really suspected what he was or what he would become. Then again no one really knew about what he did in the shadows. When year after year he never impressed, he began to hate his one time friends who did impress. Finally, when he did impress, it was a bronze. He was a brash and egotistical rider and demanded more respect from those of the lower caverns then what he was getting. Eventually though, because of his brash ways, his dragon was accidentally killed during a mating flight. His dragon tried to force another bronze from the sky, and they ended up fighting. The other bronze survived, but Terin's went between never to be seen from again. After his dragon died, Terin's attitude and manipulative ways grew worse, but in a quiet way.

After that Terin went to the lower caverns and secretly began using the fear and respect he had been building up to create his own secret organization.

Because of R'gul's ineptitude, Terin's group thrived. When F'lar took over, Terin had to start moving more carefully.

Looks: Terin

Terin is very much a handsome man, and he uses it to his advantage. He wears shirts that show off his muscles, he keeps his brown hair well groomed, and he always wears the nicest clothes. Terin has brown eyes that a person can just melt right into. Terin is a tall man with broad shoulders. He likes to wear darker blues and blacks. His hair falls just past his shoulders and he'll either wear it loosely tied or just loose.

Gender: Male

Current Age: 39

Dragon Name AND Looks: His dragon was a bronze by the name of Vissith

Rank: Ex rider, hunter, fighter, stone craftsman.

Fire Lizards: none



Blue Apollo



Pigegirl 2


Character Name: R'bah

Personality: R'bah is very protective of his sister, Rebekah, and will go to great lengths to ensure she is safe. He often does rash and daring things, sometimes for fun, sometimes to show off. Rarely does he show affection for anyone or anything aside from Dereth, his bronze, whom he cares for deeply. He secretly adores music and singing. Ever since he Impressed Dereth, he has lost most of his secretive nature, showing that he cares for Rebekah often. He jokes around more and is more fun than business.

History: R'bah was born and raised in Benden Hold as Rebah. His mother, Tikah, died four sevendays after his little sister, Rebekah, was born. His father, Rebelan, died from hothead another four sevendays after Tikah's death. Though he was only two Turns old at the time, he tried to take care of Rebekah, but after a month or two, left her on the doorstep of a woman who, while being slightly harsh, would take care of her. He went to live in a small house with a family who took him in, and in return for food and board he took care of their small garden. When he was nine Turns old he went and helped in the large fields of the Hold. He was Searched by Zee on the same Search as his sister, though he didn't realize she was found to be acceptable. At the Hatching, he Impressed bronze Dereth.

Looks: R'bah is 5' 3" tall, with a great deal of his height in his legs. His blue-green eyes are typically sparkling with the thought of some new adventure. He has thick brown hair, the same color as that of his sister's; medium brown. His face normally bears a wide, goofy grin. His hands are rough and toughened. He is typically viewed as handsome, but he does not pay heed to most females. He carries himself with a bounce in his step.

Gender: Male


Current Age: 14 Turns

Dragon Name AND Looks: Brassy Bronze Dereth. He's pretty much a goof-off, but he can be very serious sometimes.

Fire Lizards: None as of yet


Character name: Rebekah

Personality: Rebekah is a timid, meek girl, but she's slowly getting more confident in herself. It doesn't take much to hurt her feelings, but if she suffers from either emotional or physical pain, she suffers silently, except her black Qannath always picks up on it. She used to rarely speak; however, she now talks more, although she does occasionally become silent. She loves to help others, but usually in such a way that they do not realize it was her. She will get confused, dazed and frightened in a hectic situation unless she knows exactly what to do, but with help, she knows she can overcome it. She is a master at hiding what she truly feels from her face. She loves animals, and adores dragons and fire lizards, and so rarely eats meat, preferring fruits and such. Something she greatly enjoys is making up little poem-songs, though she cannot write them down because she doesn't know how to read nor write and so simply stores them in her head, and doesn't normally reveal her work to any human. She doesn't even realize that perhaps someone might enjoy them. Because she cannot read or write, she is sometimes teased, and her eyes will fill with tears that she has had a lot of practice containing. She loves her firelizard, Blira, and Qannath greatly. She treasures every compliment anyone gives her, no matter how slight, and everything that she doesn't know fascinates her. Though she is so young, at only approximately twelve turns, she is not the typical "little girl"; that is, she is not impatient, and knows how to keep secrets and work very hard and such. When Blira, her little fire-lizard, hatched, she seemingly unlocked a bit of the real Rebekah. But when Qannath Hatched, she began to get more and more confident, though she still needs some work.

History: Rebekah was born in Benden Hold, and lived there all her life before she came to Benden Weyr. Her parents, Rebelan and Tikah, both died shortly after she was born, and a woman took her in, raising Rebekah to call her and any other female Mistress, or Milady, or the like, and similar things for any male, regardless of age. She worked for Mistress without pay other than food and home, and was referred to as her drudge, though she was not worked that hard. She was Searched by Zee, and was found suitable to be a Rider, much to her delight, and didn't know her brother, at the time Rebah, (now R'bah) was Searched at the same time as her until she discovered him at the Weyr. At the Hatching, she Impressed a black, Qannath.

Looks: Rebekah is a slight girl, at 5' 1", and in addition to being small, she weighs little, at around 90 pounds. Her hair comes to her elbows and is a pretty medium brown. Her face is small and delicate, with defined features and large green/brown-blue eyes. Her hands are also delicate. She can masterfully hide any pain she feels behind a stoic mask, though she is loosening up a bit, and that shows through to her face. All in all, Rebekah is really a very beautiful girl. Only being able to see herself from her point of view, however, she does not realize this in the least.

Gender: Female


Current age: 12

Dragon name and looks: Purple-black Qannath. She's very defensive of Rebekah, and typically cares for her more than herself.

Fire Lizards: Green hatchling Blira



b] Username: [/b] Pigegirl 2

Character Name: Lishi

Personality: There are two ways to interpret Lishi: by having met her and talking with her, or really knowing her. The casual conclusion is that Lishi is a self-absorbed, bratty girl. She will occasionally go to extremes against those she dislikes, and revenge seems to be her favorite activity. The only time that she doesn't care about likes and dislikes is during a Threadfall. She seems to have an aura around her that dispels potential friendships before they can begin. And she doesn't appear to have any real feelings aside from anger. Those few that ignored her bad areas and dug deeper to become her friend know her better than this. She is sort of all of that, but she also has a hidden streak of kindness that she usually reserves for only her friends. She is loyal to them to the end, and will do just about anything for them. She does have feelings, just some of them don't get exercised much. It takes little for her to be offended, but it takes quite a lot to be forgiven of a grudge she may have held against the person.

History: Lishi was born in a cot in Lemos Hold, to her father Lisken and her mother Korsh. Her mother stumbled down some stairs when Lishi was five Turns of age; Korsh broke her neck. That was when her father changed; he went from gentle and considerate to selfish and greedy. She grew up with him that way, and some of it melted into herself. That fateful Search came around, and her father found a rider, telling them that she could be a drudge to a Weyrlady if they would only take her with them, unless the tiny chance that she Impressed occurred. When at last they said yes, she was told to go to Benden Weyr, as her father would not allow her the privilege of riding upon a dragon. She may have siblings, but she does not know, as her father never thought to tell her.

Looks: Lishi is not especially tall, a fact she does not care to remind herself of all that often, at 5' 2". Her hair is a silky dark brown, coming just past her shoulders. Her hands are smooth and clean. She most often wears pale brown, because it sets off her hair and goes nicely with her green eyes, in her opinion. She has a scrap of hide that has a sketch of her mother on it, and she rolls it up tightly and ties to a string necklace that she almost always wears. She carries herself in what is read as a haughty manner, though she does not always mean it, and her face most often has a smug smile, but when she is either alone or among friends she looks far more attractive.

Gender: Female

Current Age: 13

Dragon Name AND Looks:

Rank: Candidate

Fire Lizards: none (yet)




Username: Mijikoi

Character Name: Soria

Personality: Soria is fairly down to earth. She likes to play around, but does her best when it becomes necessary. Soria avoids being in the center of attention when she can, but will bluff her way through it when she can't. She is highly non confrontational, preferring to stay out of arguments. For the most part, Soria is friendly with everyone. Mainly, because she thinks making enemies is not worth the hassle. For this same reason on the off chance she does make an enemy, Soria does her best to avoid them. She does make a habit of trying to befriend everyone. None of this has really changed, but Soria has gained a confidence boost while living in the Weyr.

History: Soria hails from Lemos Hold. Soria's mother is Feyra and her father is Gerian. She also has a younger sister, Feygia. Apart from her parents and sister, Soria has no other relative that she is aware of. Her father, Gerian, is a miner in the Lemos mines. While her mother is a maid in the Lemos Hold's Keep. While she knew little about dragons and their riders, Soria has always wished she could be a rider. To satisfy that urge and help her parents, Soria has tended watch-whers and stable animals until she was Searched out. She has spent the last turn at Bendon Weyr, learning to be a proper Junior Weyrwoman. Much of her time was spent shifting through scrolls and tending the weyrlings. When she wasn’t preoccupied, Soria would spend her time mixed between enjoying the company of those who Impressed the day she had, and whatever time she could with K’leb, Cleo and Heedana. Soria is head over heals in love with K’leb and still extremely shy around the man, but her time as a Junior Weyrwoman has given her more confidence in showing K’leb her affections.

Looks: Soria is has dark brown hair that falls to just above her waist that she, usually, keeps it tied in a green and silver ribbon. She has dark green and amber eyes, in which the green circles the small bit of amber around the pupils. Soria stands at just barely 5'3 and is still the shortest of her family. She has a fairly slim build, from working with the watch-whers and the stables, that she maintained while at the Weyr for the last turn. Soria has a slight tan from time spent in the fields with the runnerbeasts and from idling in the sun with Atisith when she can. Soria still dresses in mostly greens, now can be seen wearing a silver ribbon twined about her wrist. She has long since replaced her brown breaches with black ones. Soria wears a green belt about her waist whether in a dress or breeches.

user posted image

Gender: Female

Dragon Name AND Looks: a Dusted Gold Atisith

Rank: Junior Weyrwoman

Fire lizards: Gold Ananke, bronze Achronos, green Amphitere and blue Astraios




Username: Mijikoi

Character Name: Bambina

Personality: Bambina is a very sensible, yet attention loving 16 year-old. She never fails to greet anyone and usually gravitates toward a crowd. While she is not overly loud, Bambina makes up for by being well versed in how to handle a crowd. She likes to think before she acts but will rush in if the situation calls for it. Her favorite place is to be amongst children younger then herself. She is strongly self reliant and confident, but understands that even she is far from perfect. The only times that Bambina has ever lost her temper is when she was called Bambi by an older child that had taunted her as young boys are wont to do.

History: Bambina grew up in Bitra Hold. She was raised by her father, Wenlin, and her mother, Dreeda. She has no siblings, but has many cousins. She has never truly worked until this past summer, when she took a job as a helper for one of the various seamstresses. After having been Searched, Bambina spends her time learning all that she can about being a dragon rider. She has only been in one scuffle with another candidate since her arrival.

Looks: Bambina is a 5’8” young woman. Blue eyes clash with her red hair that she keeps tied into a high ponytail that falls on her left shoulder and is kept secured by a black hair ribbon. When her hair has been let down it falls to about mid-thigh. Her blue and black shirt tucks into her blue skirt. She wears black boots lacking in a specific designs. On her right thigh, she has a small pouch strapped to her holding herbs and medicines. She wears a cloth bracelet done in red, blue and black with a matching anklet. She has a scar that can barely be seen leading from the base of her neck to her shoulder from when she broke her collar bone as a child.

Gender: Female

Dragon Name AND Looks:

Rank: Candidate

Fire Lizards: no eggs yet.




Username: Mijikoi

Character Name: Cadyn (C’yn)

Personality: Cadyn is a fairly quiet type, who rarely socializes, but is fiercely protective of his friends. In his youth the eighteen year-old all of his time with Soria as the two were often left in the same care by their mothers. Cadyn, like Soria, has always held a special spot in his heart for the whers and for dragons. Unlike Soria, Cadyn will go out of his way to avoid anyone he doesn’t know or Soria doesn’t drag him to meet. Cadyn has spent the year since Soria left, tending the watch-whers. His love of all things not human is a common place joke amongst the stable hands at Lemos hold. Taunting that was quiet in Soria’s presence, but has been taken turn for the worst. The taunting of the others has caused Cadyn to wish for refuge in the Weyrs.

History: Cadyn has only his older sister, Malia. His father, Bridon passed sometime before he was born and his mother, Aria, passed a few short weeks ago. His entire life has been spent listening to his mother’s tales of his father. Since he began working and passed his sixteenth birthday, he has spent much of his time tending to his mother. When he was not tending to her he spent time working the stables or playing with Soria. He does have Rosia and Dorian, his fire lizards that Soria gave him from the four in total she received from the Lady of Lemos. While he has spent much of his time in the stables, Cadyn has found that his most prized skill is his writing a talent that has kept booth he and his mother fed for the last two years.

Looks: Cadyn stands at 6’4 and has short red hair. He has green eyes that have a tendency to remain focused on the ground. Much like Soria, Cadyn leans toward the greens, black and browns for his choice in clothing. He, however, prefers shortened breeches to the long breeches Soria favors. He wears a light brown coat over a black shirt. His breeches are a green that Soria claims matches his eyes. His boots are a common place black, made by his own hand. The only thing he wears that remains hidden at all times is a necklace Soria gave him when they were five. The necklace is a string tied about a smoothed stone from a far off beach.

Gender: male

Dragon Name AND Looks:

Rank: Candidate

Fire Lizards: Opalescent Grey Rosia and Champagne Dorian


Username: Genius

Character Name: Talnor

Personality: Talnor is a bit of a mystery to those who first meet him. He tends to stay to himself, always at the fringes whenever something happens. He is guarded, analytical, and suspicious of most anything he cant easily classify. He will often baffle people, however, by adding an extremely helpful or insightful comment or suggestion without prompting before slipping back into the shadows. Underneath this cold mask, however, lies a very gentle and observant spirit. It usually takes a good deal of time to crack his tough mental shell but those who do take the time will find an unwavering ally and champion. He can put up with most anyone, even seem to like them no matter his personal opinion, and tends to go at any task given him (that he accepts) with all the intensity of a stampeding herd. To most, he is simply an enigma.

History: Talnor is the only surviving child of master smith Talanth and his now-deceased wife Cilnor. He would have been the eldest of three had his two sisters, 3 and 5 at the time of their death, had not perished of a mysterious illness one winter along with his mother. Talnor seems to take after his father, the aging smith also being very reserved and logical in his thinking. His entire life he has worked at his father's side in the forge, contributing largely to his well muscled build, but he has never been satisfied. To his father's annoyance he is constantly trying to build odd contraptions of unknown purpose. When he's working on such an object, it is the only time an unknown observer can see a genuine smile on his face. He has always dreamed of flying to the stars and seeing all of Pern from the sky, though oddly he has never shared the aspiration of most boys to become dragon riders. In his mind it was never...practical and therefore bore little thought. He was content to dream knowing they would only ever be dreams and wonder what was out there.

It wasnt till a week after his eighteenth birthday that his life became what most would call 'interesting'. Dragons came into the small village where he and his father lived searching for future riders. Talnor didnt think anything of it and, once they stated their purpose, turned to go back to his work. He was invisible by choice, a monk in the monastery of his mind. Why would the dragons take any notice of him? But, to his shock, one of them DID. He was singled out by a brown who seemed to think he had 'a core of iron and a mind sharp as a blade'. Before he knew what was going on he was swept off into the night bound for Benden Weyr.

Looks: Talnor isnt one who stands out. Neither short nor tall at an even 6' and with a surprisingly heavy muscular build. His shoulders are broad and he has well muscled arms, with a collection of small scars, from his life as a smith's son. He doesnt look precisely intimidating in his size but neither does he look weak. At a good 225lbs he can hold his own in most confrontations though he rarely gets into them. His skin is a bit darker than most where he lived, the fires adding their mark in his hide as well. His hair is pitch black, cut close to his skull. Perhaps the most distinctive feature on his lean face, next to the icy blue eyes, would be a long scar that stretches up his cheek back the rear of his right eye socket before disappearing into his hairline. A small reminder that even the most prepared would-be inventor cant foresee everything.

Gender: male

Current Age: 18

Dragon Name AND Looks: (not sure what to put here since he doesnt have one yet)

Rank: Candidate

Fire Lizards: He has a single fire lizard, a champagne he calls Vance. The small affectionate creature follows him everywhere and doesnt seem to mind it's masters silent nature.


Username: Genius

Character Name: T'ron (originally Teron)

Personality: Teron was and always will be an unrepentant flirt. He loves women and everything about them and has no problems voicing his opinions. Loudly and publicly if possible. He seems to have missed the class where the word 'shame' was brought up and knows not the meaning of the word. He is a very happy, VERY friendly person who also doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word 'not interested'. That's not to say he would ever force himself on a woman if she truly had no intentions of being with him, despite his demeanor he does respect women and will leave them alone if he can be sufficiently convinced. But overall he tends to just soar through life on cloud nine with Tsinth at his side (or below him depending on whether or not they're actually IN clouds at the time).

History: Teron is the sun of Terrin and Nelon, lord and lady holder of a large hold between High Reaches Hold and Weyr. It is a quite prosperous hold for its size and location and as the youngest son he was, to say the least, a bit spoiled. He studied along with all his other siblings and absorbed the information fairly well, even if he didn't show it. Or couldn't sit still long enough to show it. He took very little part in the hold management, only doing what was required and nothing more. He did the small parts he was responsible for well but his lack of initiative left his parents nervous. Then, when he was sixteen, riders from High Reaches Weyr came on search and swept him away. His parents were sad to see him go but hoped he would learn some discipline amongst the ranks of Pern's guardians. Their hopes were, however, for naught. When not soaring around on his daredevil blue searing thread he was trying to bed as many women as he could manage. Lust was definitely a condition he knew well and indeed he took to it like a fish in water. Not that any of his many objects of affection minded his attentions. If anything they only lamented his tendency to flit from conquest to conquest. He makes no effort to hide his intentions from any of the women he chases but many still seem to want to try and 'tame' him. He was sent to Benden Weyr by the Weyrwoman of High Reaches after making a rather unfortunate (and unfortunately unwanted) pass at her. It was the hope of all in the weyr that the legendary masters of Benden Weyr would be able to straighten him out. He just sees it as a way to get out and meet new women.

Looks: He is, to the dismay of all those who try to keep him in line, what most would call 'rather dashing'. His unmarred face strong and his eyes a vibrant sapphire blue tend to draw eyes as if by their own accord. His skin is fairer than that of most men, the sun not being as strong in the northern regions of pern and the need for warm gear blocking what little color he might have gained from it. He is a bit tall at 6'2" and has the lean build of an athlete. An often ruffled looking nest of short, sandy blond hair sits atop his head and his gentle smile has been known to melt the hearts of even the frostiest women in record time. Most women find him quite attractive and he knows it. He looks forward to being able to walk around shirtless more than a single month out of the year and fully intends to put his lithely muscled body on display as often as possible.

Gender: Male

Current Age: 19

Dragon Name AND Looks: Tsinth, a frisky young blue. His hide is a darker blue than most and he's a bit small for even a blue at only 42' in length. But what he lacks in size he makes up for with a big attitude and a boatload of determination.

Rank: Dragon Rider

Fire Lizards: None


] Username: Genius

Character Name: Lerin

Personality: She is a cunning, ruthless, and utterly self centered woman. She sees other people as mere pawns to maneuver into positions that better suit her and extremely rarely, if ever, gets any closer than required to manipulate them. She covets money and power above all else and has no moral guidelines about its pursuit. She knows she’s an attractive woman and is utterly unashamed of using her body to get what she wants.

History: Lerin is the only child of parents Leltor and Nerin. She grew up on a ship that was SUPPOSED to be a cargo vessel but in reality specialized in piracy. Her first words were curses she heard amongst the villainous crew she grew up with and killed her first man at the age of five. She took to pillaging the seas of Pern like a fish to water and the prodigy child was set to take over for her parents when they decided to take their spoils and retire. But unfortunately their plans did not take into account the dragon riders.

Being people of the seas both Lerin and her parents held little regard for the dragon riders, seeing them as little more than over glorified, lazy thieves. The theft didn’t bother them, being pirates themselves, but the fact that they didn’t even have the decency to work for their spoils did not sit well with the nefarious family. So it was no surprise that they did not even bother to leave their ship when the dragons landed on Search one night while they docked at Igen Hold. What DID come as a surprise, however, was that a dragon rider demanded that Lerin be turned over to them as a Candidate. Both she and her parents balked at the idea but the rider was young and brash. His dragon threatened to sink their ship and shred its hull were she not relinquished. With some difficulty, 8yr old Lerin was torn from the arms of her parents and swept away to Igen Weyr.

She spent the next seven years as a candidate, watching others walk off the sands with partners and her resentment over her abduction grew and festered like an invisible infection. By the time green Taloth hatched for her she hated the riders so much she didn’t even care. It didn’t help that she’d ‘gotten stuck with a mere green’ either. Since then her dragon has suffered greatly under her abuse and neglect yet somehow the unfortunate dragon all but worships her rider, somehow believing it her fault that she was not loved. When she was seventeen she was transferred to Benden Weyr where she met Terin.

They weren’t precisely what one would call friends, but they each recognized a kindred spirit in the other, as well as a deep seated loathing for the riders around them. They decided a joint business venture would be more profitable than trying to compete with one another and have been working together for the last five years.

Looks: Hers is a form that would make most men faint. About middling height, neither short nor tall, her skin has a perpetual light bronze that still follows her from her days at sea. Her curves draw the eyes of men everywhere and her tight fitting leather garb accentuates her lush form. She keeps her oil black hair fairly short so it doesn’t get in her way but still leaves just enough to half-hide her playful looking emerald eyes.

Gender: Female

Current Age:22

Dragon Name AND Looks: Taloth: Small green dragon of average build, is often thin and sickly looking due to the neglect and abuse heaped upon her by her hateful rider.

Rank: Rider and pirate

Fire Lizards: none



Username: jaina

Character Name: Aoi

Personality: We all know that one person who stays off in the corner during class and draws weird machines and stuff right? Well that's Aoi. She's a quiet, shy person who is always off tinkering with something in a room. She is more then happy to spend her days secluded away coming up with something new, but she does occasionally enjoy the company of others. She has a slightly darker side and does not tolerate anyone who disrespects her partnered dragon. When discussing her creations she can often run away at the mouth.

History: Aoi grew up a lone street orphan until she was taken in by a talented smithy at the age six. She spent the next twelve years as his apprentice, learning everything she could of the trade as she silently stood by her master and helped in his task. When he decided it was time for her to leave at age of eighteen though

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- Don't double-post. Use the edit button.

- Uh, wait, they can move back and forth in time? What?

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Yes. They give their dragons a picture of where to go in their minds and if they shift the stars the right way, they can go to the past...although going to the future has not been achieved

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Whats up with the two character sheets? Did you do it on purpose or did you accidentally add a second one? If its on purpose, then whats your reason for it? And why are they the same?

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I wanted to make it easy. There is one for grown riders, those that have a dragon, and one for Candidates, those who are coming to become riders or Weyrfolk.

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Then why not simply put (Don't fill this out till you become a rider, or if you want to be a Weyrfolk.) behind it? That should clear things out aswell, and you only need one sheet.

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I'm sorry...I don't think I get what you are meaning....oh wait...you mean have the Dragon name part in there...but say not to fill that out until they are a rider...correct?

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Yeah, that way you only need one sheet, but things should be clear for all choices.

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Eeee, a Pern RP. I was planning on making one myself. As I've read a number of the series I'll need to ask this. It's set during the 9th Pass, but when. I know it says after Lessa has returned from the past but is the story set before or after Dragonquest? It's just that could make a big difference to how this is played/which characters are available for use.


Oh, and if you follow Anne's RP rules, females can ride Golds only if they are hetrosexual, Greens regardless of sexuality, Blues if they are homosexual, Browns rarely if they are homosexual and they can't ride Bronzes at all. This might help as I'm sure they'll be people who want to become dragonriders with female characters.

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Oh, and if you follow Anne's RP rules, females can ride Golds only if they are hetrosexual, Greens regardless of sexuality, Blues if they are homosexual, Browns rarely if they are homosexual and they can't ride Bronzes at all. This might help as I'm sure they'll be people who want to become dragonriders with female characters.


Well..... If you wanna get technical, they don't have to be those sexualities, but they're gonna start being those sexualities once their dragons mature!


I think she debunked all the rules though, for copyright reasons or something, so now if anybody wants to roleplay Pern they can do whatever they want as long as they give her due credit.


Here's a link to her site with all her fanfic rules:



I dunno if I'm being totally lame I just thought of that just now. I love Pern! wub.gif

I was just wondering why I hadn't seen a Pern RP on here....

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I dunno if I'm being totally lame I just thought of that just now. I love Pern! wub.gif

I was just wondering why I hadn't seen a Pern RP on here....


I was thinking the same thing... I 'bout flipped my computer when I saw this rp. Can't wait to see it up and running...

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Oh um... it is in the 9th pass and right after Dragonquest. Personally i didn't know that there were rules that Mrs. McCafrey had developed. but for simplicity's sake, would any of you who have taken interest in this RP, mind it staying heterosexual?

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I don't honestly mind. *pushes her bisexual Pern character into a corner*

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lol draco. So lets just keep this a heterosexual thing. When the greens rise to mate and there are males riding them, send them to another area or at least put them with another person smile.gif

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Of course, but first this RP needs to get accepted. Might I suggest that you change the rule about pictures showing your characters looks, I for one find it difficult finding pictures for my RP characters and much prefer writing a detailed description. Maybe you could change it to say you need a detailed description of, say, a paragraph long or pictures.

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Thats a good idea....*runs to go change it and types like a worry wherrie*))

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*rides in on a horse which has semi Pern-nerd written on the side*


Weyr's would be the home of the dragonriders for all time.
That's a possessive apostraphe. Not necessary. Have yet to notice any others.


You only mentioned the Holds mentioned in the first few books. There are hundreds of smaller holds, Half-Circle is a minor hold which is in the... *goes to hunt book for map* Keroon Hold area with Thread-fighting territories shared between Benden and Igen Weyr.


You forgot to mention the inferiority of the Oldtimer dragons - they're 400 years old, there is a big generational ability gap - and it's been far longer than 600 years. Jaxom goes back over 1800 years when they're blowing the Red Star to high hell.


You abuse exclamation marks.


The actual reason Golds don't chew firestone is because they're physiologically unable to; a trait bred into them by Kitti Ping, while Greens are allowed to but were made sterile anyway. Gold firelizards aren't sterile yet they chew firestone fragments.


If this is just after Lessa came back from he past (because that sentance made sense) then there are no female Green Riders. Mirrim (I believe, she was the one who got a green dragon accidentally, no? It's been a while since I've dusted off the books) was the first girl ever to have a dragon that was not a gold. After it became apparent that girls could bond to green dragons the chance was open to them.


There is never a brown rider as the leader of the Weyr, simply because a brown could never compete with the bronzes against the gold. F'nor and Canth were the first ever to try, because most of the dragons in that flight were oldtimers or had oldtimer blood, and Canth was one hell of a brown dragon: he stood a good chance. Plus, that wasn't deciding leadership of a Weyr. If it were, he never would've been allowed and stronger dragons would have been in the running.


There's never so many Weyrwomen in a weyr at once. Benden, which was considered the best of the Weyrs (they had the last of the stonecutters availible, plus they could iron out some of the problems that had arisen in Fort Weyr) only had three or four Queen weyrs. One was occupied by Lessa and Ramoth, and because Lessa was so ridiculously jealous she only allowed one or two other Queenriders in at once. F'nor actually occupies the empty Queenrider weyr before he shifts Weyr.


Wings are in fact more like 7-8 Dragons in a V formation. The sizes you suggest would be impossible for a single Wingleader to keep track of. And it makes logistical sense too: if you have smaller tightly-knit units are better able to cover thread. Even if this isn't the original method, it's what F'lar would have changed it too: he was hard-pressed in the first months so he would've made as many improvements to the designs as possible. F'lar is not a stupid man.


Glows are actually small worms (imaginatively called glowworms) put inside the glass (or some other glear material) balls.

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I suggest you re-read the books. Your facts are definitely muddled in several areas. Such as the part about browns never finishing a mating flight, further on there are brown Weyrleaders. As for the Queens, yes they do have the ability to chew firestone, but they are NOT allowed to. Greens are not sterile naturally. It is the combination of the firestone minerals and their own gasses that cause them to become sterile.


I will admit that, yes, I do need to put something in about the Oldtimers, and I will change that grammatical error....Thanks.

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No. You've not read the prequel books evidently. Kitti Ping made them sterile, the first queens tried to chew firestone but were physically unable. Browns mate with greens, not golds. Please name me one brown weyrleader.

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Prequel and several of the middle and few of the last. I distinctly remember their being a brown Weyrleader somewhere in the book about Nerilka. If I am wrong, I will apologize. But browns have the capability although it is rare. I will leave it so that browns can mate with golds.

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