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Rules/Guidelines + Topic Approval

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About Unapproved RPs:


Unapproved RPs is the section to post your RP in if you wish to RP in DC RPs or Other RPs, where you are generally expected to RP at a higher caliber and literacy rate than in Freeform RPs. Both DC and Other RPs have a minimum required post length. As well, approved RPs are required to have a certain amount of information included, as well as length of explanation to the plot, to start off RPing than Freeforms does, and approved RPs need to be mostly free of typos. Don't worry; you are not expected to meet these standards on your own. An RP approver will help check over your RP, catch mistakes, and guide you to fleshing out your post if necessary by catching anything confusing or vague.


Table of Contents:


  1. Rules (this post)
  2. The Approval System
  3. RPing in Unapproved


Unapproved Section Rules:


  • All board rules apply.
  • Only two (2) RPs per RPer in the Unapproved Section.
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable. Your RP must be unique and created by you (unless a previous OP has given you permission to remake).
  • Don't have the same RP in two places.
  • Only bump a topic once every 24 hours of the last post.
  • Only post in unapproved roleplays if you have something constructive to add (ie, critique or questions on the RP). All other posts are considered spam (ex. character sheets, posting that you're interested in an RP, or RP'ing before two weeks is up).
  • Use constructive criticism when critiquing an RP.
  • Kicks must be handled privately and may not be made public.
  • You may RP after you've been waiting for two weeks, but please refer to "RPing in Unapproved" for more information.


DC/Other RP Section Rules:


  • Your RP posts must be at least four sentences long, each sentence with four or more words.
  • No chat speaking or text talking. Try to use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Roleplay must have a story/purpose. It cannot just be chatting between your characters.
  • Only bump a topic once every 24 hours of the last post.


Rules on OoC Threads



  • Character sheets
  • Plot discussion
  • Updates
  • Critiques, and questions concerning actions taken in the RP, the setting, or about the RP in general
  • Summary of events
  • Comings and goings (though replies to these are not)



  • Small posts with no relevance to the RP (ex. I edited, your turn, gtg, had a great day, etc.)
  • Chatting with friends – CPA is available to everyone for that
  • Discussing DC events, avatars, or any other irrelevant topic
  • OoC roleplay of your character


Links of Interest


RP Moderators - a list of RP moderators

RP Character Gallery - to save your character info in



If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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The Approval System:


To start a new DC/Other roleplay, you must first create a thread in the ‘Unapproved Section.’ It is in this section where the roleplays are going to be evaluated by fellow members, RP Approvers, and RP Moderators. The roleplay is evaluated based on spelling, grammar, rules, openness and basic plot. We do not accept roleplays littered with spelling errors and grammar errors, and you need the basics of a plot or context to get it accepted. Once the spelling and grammar have been checked, and we have ensured that you have the bare minimum for the plot and sufficient rules, your roleplay will be moved to the appropriate section and you may begin roleplaying.


Immediately after you create your roleplay, it is automatically awaiting approval. After its creation, an approver will venture into your roleplay and evaluate it as a whole. If there is a section of your RP that needs to be reworked, it will be denied. The approver will state what you need to improve, and they might give you advice. It is up to the creator to be able to locate the problematic sections and improve them. Approvers will not correct all your mistakes for you. That will be up to you. It takes time and effort. Other members may also pop in and give you constructive criticism. Most of the time, listening to their ideas will often get your roleplay approved quicker. After this is done, your RP will go through the approval cycle again, until it is approved.


Do not send a Personal Message (PM) to an approver, unless they have otherwise stated that they would accept them. They will get to your roleplay in due time, you need to be patient. Approvers have lives too and there are a whole bunch of RPs out there. In saying this, if your roleplay has been sitting there for a week since last an approver checked or if it hasn’t been assessed at all in two weeks, you may PM one of us.


Only two RPs per roleplayer is allowed in the Unapproved Section at a time. When one of your RPs is approved and moved, you may add another one.


Please make a report or PM an RP/global mod if you see someone breaking these rules.


Getting your Roleplay Approved


We here at DC have a few standards to get your DC/Other roleplays approved. To get your roleplay approved you need:

  • Decent grammar.
  • Correct spelling.
  • Thorough rules.
  • A basic plot.
  • Character application form or specify that you want introductory paragraphs.
Once you have all these correct, your roleplay will be thrown to your peers. Whether a roleplay is interesting, or has the necessary information to attract people will be up to the roleplayers to decide. We will start you off with the basics, and you will have to make your roleplay survive from there.


Writing style will be accounted for in the approval process. For example, a deliberate sentence fragment that is a part of your writing should not be corrected as a grammatical error. Please be aware that a sentence fragment that is an obvious mistake will be corrected because it's incomprehensible. An example of a deliberate set of sentence fragments in a writing style is:

All she could see was a blank wall. Pure white. And a boring lack of anything else. How disappointing.
An example of an obvious mistake is:
All she could see was a.



What you need to get your RP approved:


Your roleplay needs to contain:


  • Rules
  • Plot
  • Setting/History
  • Character Sheet
  • No spelling errors
  • Basic grammar (punctuation and capitalization)


We do not accept:

• Illiterate Roleplays.

• Roleplays with only 1-2 paragraphs of detail (in total).

• Roleplays with bad spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.

• Roleplays that are missing one or more of the parts listed above. (Character sheet can be replaced by introductory paragraphs.)




This first thing that your roleplay needs are a set of rules. The rules allow members to know the parameters in which they can write. They often say the majors things that aren't acceptable in the roleplay. It's important to adhere to them.


Below are a few example rules you might have. Make sure that you personalize them to your needs. Note that your rules must also comply with DC's rules, including keeping things PG-13.


  • No powerplaying/godmodding
  • No swearing
  • A limit of x characters per person
  • PM character sheets for approval
  • Unless it's an emergency, please give notice if you will be unavailable





The next thing that you should work on is your plot. What do you want to start off your roleplay? What is going on, and how can characters interact with this event?


A plot can be something as simple as a general war, or students trying to pass their next exam in a school where the principal wants them to fail. They can get more intricate as plots where only the bear minimal is mentioned, and the rest are thrown in as plot twists. Take the war for example, people believe that it was started because one madman went crazy and murdered people. However, it turns out that the creator's main character is the actual bad guy, and he is doing mutant experiments on babies, turning them into zombies with amazing sniper skills who can read into your mind!


We just want to know what drives your story. We also want to know how other characters can react to it. A plot is best given with a bit of detail introducing it, and a bit more detail saying what is currently happening.


S E T T I N G & H I S T O R Y


The setting of your roleplay is simple. Where is everything going on? Is it on Earth, or in some imagined world? The further you go from reality, the more in depth that you often have to go. If you said: 'Saint John's, Newfoundland, present time' people could easily just google the images. However, if you say: 'the world of Inora, three years before the war of the Akma-Deiros and Krixennan,' you must admit, you're lost. You will want to know: what the planet is; basic creatures that you can encounter; what species live there; what it looks like; etc.


It's in the setting where people will know what the planet looks like. How abundant it is in food (if applicable) and the general atmosphere of it. If Inora is a place where large maggot-like creatures roam, with human bodies, dislocated arms, and six rows of pearly canines... Then it may not be a friendly place! If it isn't a friendly place, its good to know. However, there are exceptions to everything. If your characters are going to discover the planet themselves, leave it mysterious, just give people a general overview, and a hint of what to expect.


A basic run-down of the most popular places characters will see or hang out at is useful, if that information is known to the characters before the RP begins. If you are RP'ing in a fictional world from an established media, there is likely a setting map out there - it never hurts to link something like that.


The history of your roleplay is just that: the history. What are the major events that people should know about? What events brought the current events about? How did today's situation come to be? History is important. It allows the characters to know what is going on. Otherwise, they have no knowledge of their own world.


C H A R A C T E R . S H E E T


A character sheet, or character paragraph, is an important tool for a creator of a roleplay. It allows the creator to find details for each character at a drop of a dime (hopefully). It also allows the members of the roleplay to know where they need to develop their characters.


Character sheets can be moulded to the specifics of any roleplay, and given any format. Some creators like them colourful, and with many fonts, while others like it simple. Mould them whichever way you want. Choose either sheet or paragraph, or you can even mix both!


Advantages of Sheets:

• Easy to pin point certain aspects of a character.

Sometimes smaller than paragraphs.

• You get only the information that you specify in your sheet.


Advantages of Paragraphs:

• Better feel to a character.

• Allows more information to be discovered during roleplay.

• The members give their characters life, and it's open to intrigue.


Both have their advantages, as you can see. Here are some characteristics that you might require people to provide in their character sheet. Make sure to personalize it for your own needs:


  • Name
  • Age
  • Species
  • Gender
  • Appearance
  • Personality (with some sort of minimum required explanation, ex. a paragraph)
  • History (with some sort of minimum required explanation, ex. a paragraph)


S P E L L I N G . E R R O R S


Spelling is verry in port tent in your writing. Tho u can reed my writting, it dosn't give u a gud impresion of the writter. {{Spelling is very important in your writing. Though you can read my writing, it doesn't give you a very good impression of the writer. }}


Take a few minutes and spellcheck your writing. It will make everyone a little happier, and you'll gain the good skill of spelling. It's much appreciated by teachers, managers, and peers.


If you don't have a spellchecking program (word, pages, word office, etc) on your computer, there are plenty available online. Google is your best friend in this case. However, be careful about which word you are choosing when using a spellchecker.


Though it may be fun to meat knew people end right new things, if you reed over your sentence, you may bee surprised at what is actually on the screen. As you can sea, each word inn this sentence is spelled correctly; read at a literal view, the meaning is lost. {{Though it may be fun to meet new people and write new things, if you read over your sentence, you may be surprised at was it actually on the screen. As you can see, each word in this sentence is spelled correctly; read at a literal view, the meaning is lost}}


Taking the extra five minutes to proofread your post, and to give your sentences a quick check can go a long way.




Grammar is important. There is nothing more frustrating for some people than a sentence without any punctuation or capitalization.


If you choose to abstain from any punctuation the sentence suddenly becomes more complicated and harder to read it is much easier to place a comma where there should be a pause and a period when you are done that sentence if you don't do any of that you sentence comes out like mine: a jumbled mess.


Capitalization, and having appropriate spacing is also great. The spacebar is your friend.sentences like this drive people absolutely nuts.After a period,put a space. After a comma, use a space.


Simply applying the writing rules that you learn in school, or observe the rules that others use in their writing day to day.



Simple rules said:




Capital letter at the beginning of a sentence. || The cat roamed down the street.



Period at the end of your sentences. A sentence is a simple idea, and it usually consists of a subject and predicate. || Dashidragon danced down the street.



Dash, who knows grammar, will add more. >8D




Your roleplays


Your roleplays do not need to be perfect in every way. We expect to see rules, around 2-3 paragraphs of plot (and context), a setting, good spelling, basic punctuation and capitalization, and a character sheet.


A little effort will get your roleplay approved on the spot. There is no rejection in the unapproved section: your RP will simply not be approved until you have made the appropriate corrections. If you're struggling with the approval system, a mod or approver may encourage you to start in Freeforms instead so that you can start RP'ing right away without going through approval. Some practice in the Freeforms section may also make you feel more comfortable going through the approval system at a later date. But as long as you are willing to try and put in the effort to correcting your mistakes and expanding on your RP information, approvers will work with you to get your RP approved.

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RPing in Unapproved


If your RP has been in this section for more than two weeks, you can begin RPing in it. Please refrain from RPing in your RP if it is less than two weeks old.


  • Any rules that apply to RPing in the DC RP section or Other section now apply here.
  • Please make sure to put in your OP if you will be willing to let people RP in your unapproved RP if it gets past two weeks. The OP is allowed to decide whether they want to allow people to RP in it or whether they want to wait until it is moved. If the OP says no, don't push it.
  • If you are RPing in an RP and then a mod/approver comes in and gives a critique, you must wait until after the OP replies to the critique before you can resume RPing.
  • If you want your RP cleaned of RP posts before it is moved, PM one of the RP mods or press the report button and request it be cleared out. This allows you to start from scratch when you are moved (if you want to). Also, if a critique prompts a big change in your plot, you can also PM or report so that we can clean it and you can start from scratch with the new plot, even if it is still in unapproved.
  • Please don't abuse this. The main goal of the unapproved section is still to get your RP approved. Us allowing you to RP now is meant to help allievate the boredom of the wait; it isn't meant to change the unapproved section into a RPing section. Keep the main goal of the unapproved section in mind.
  • This means you can also list character sheets in your unapproved RPs, but only after the two week period has passed.
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