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They're still working on it, while RL keeps hitting them.


Latest updates from Scott Langdon (Seidh):

14th May,

We are currently working to establish the site economy; coins/premium currency; CD rates; rate at which these are earned etc etc etc (it's a lot to consider!)

We are also trying to decide on a pose for the avatars. Also not an easy task as this is the base for everything else.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work things out! Hopefully soon we will have something for you to look at.

17th May,

We have determined *most* of the formulas for gaining currency at this point. The details are what makes a site and we are trying to pay attention to each of them, weighing each option out; that's a big contributor to the delays. As more develops (SOON) we'll keep you posted!

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Whoot! Thanks for the update. would it be possible to post those updates here when they post such things? If there are no new posts may be just update your last or something so we don't feel so in the dark?

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Right, this is the latest update/discussion. It's a bit long, but I think it's useful. Seems we just have to wait ..... sad.gif


Lere Smith

9 hrs

Could we please get an update? Any kind of estimated time of completion?


Julia Frost Sorry Lere (and everyone), we're kind of stuck right now, because Pegasus is busy with RL, too busy to work on the site at all. For now, anyway. And we don't really know when she'll have time to pick it up again, could be in a few days, a few weeks or longer. Disappointing for those waiting for the site to come online, I know, but we can all just sit tight until she comes back. We don't have another programmer of her calibre and no one who has access to her work (which is a matter of complexity/being involved from the start as well as trust).


Lere Smith sad.gif Isn't there anyone formerly on the site who knows how to do computer stuff? I'm sorry things are at a standstill. Thanks for the update. smile.gif


Julia Frost Programming is a bit more than "computer stuff" I'm afraid wink.gif - I've been practicing a few things myself, weezee knows a bit too I think and Scott can do a lot. But none of us can weave the kind of magic Pegasus uses to create this new site, trust me (we would have been done ages ago if that was a possibility ^^).


Lere Smith What a bummer! I wonder if y'all put an advert in craiglist if anyone would be willing to help out. Maybe you can advertise for a programmer looking to pick up a project to put on their resume.


Julia Frost That's not a realistic option, sorry.


Lere Smith Please don't see this as a challenge, but may I ask why not? I know there are lots of folks in college going for computer degrees that need something like programming a new site to beef up their resumes. I know it's not ideal because pegasus is awesome and someone new is unknown, but it sounds like pegasus is off doing great things and unable to shoulder everything. Is it that it's an unrealistic option or just not one that leadership wishes to take? Please help me understand. I'm not great understanding this computer stuff.


Rett Jones It's like knitting..if you are knitting a hat and then leave it half way through,I really can't finish it. Because I know nothing of knitting....wait that's a bad example.Code is seriously complicated and a bit personal. We just have to Breath and be patient .


Julia Frost No no, if it was that easy, we might have gone that way. But this is a bigger undertaking and you actually have to have some relevant coding experience AND know Pegasus's own style or her past work. I know you're not a computer expert, but imagine it like this: If someone at a university was working at a post-doc science project in, let's say chemistry, you couldn't put a talented middle schooler on it either.


Rett Jones sooo not like knitting then biggrin.gif


Julia Frost Bit more tricky, but knitting also works maybe? xd.png I don't knit, but if it can get reeeeally complicated, then maybe? lol


Simone Michelle Knitting IS really difficult lol

It's personal in the way that everyone does and understands it differently, and I know from my skills in crochet that if I were to try to pick up a half-made project of someone's and finish it'd be difficult to find where they left off and in what pattern lol

By the time the original artist had time to explain what they were doing with it to me, they might as well have finished it themselves.


Julia Frost That actually DOES sound a lot like coding xd.png


Rett Jones Well that threw me for a loop biggrin.gif



Charley Reeson Pegasus is talented and it makes sense you guys are waiting on her.


Code is one of those things where if it's a big project and you weren't there from the start, then it takes a while to understand all the techniques and structure the previous developers have done. I know for sure if I look at someone else's code then I sometimes have to re-indent a lot of it as I can't read it otherwise. tongue.gif


A lot of it involves fortward-thinking, making sure you won't have to go back and change core functions.


That and it's time-consuming, made even more difficult if you're not in the right frame of mind.


Simone Michelle It's a bummer that real life gets in the way, but it's entirely understandable. Personal life and health should come first.


And it sucks that we don't have another programer of her caliber that we can trust on hand... but I've seen what happens to creative projects when you try to drag other people in and train them in an attempt to have more help. It just kinda slows the work down more, and burns out the main person faster.


Plus, honestly, it could be tough to find someone who wants to do it as much and you guys do and will get into it with their heart and actually ends up a trustworthy and wonderful person. Just grabbing anyone might land us with someone more interested in building themselves then building our site.


Julia Frost yup, exactly ^^


Lere Smith Thank you so much for explaining it to me. I think I understand it better now.


Dan Wulff Thanks for all of this. I have copied it to the Live Journal group of people that don't do FB (as I do with each update).

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Update from weezee!


Karrie Buntin

11 mins

Alright, so I worked on getting this up last night into this morning, so I hope you all like!


Our temp home... pass it on!

Home | Lorendria

Visit our forum at: lorendria.proboards.com


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Come along and join us at lorendria.proboards.com I so look forwards to seeing you all wub.gif

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As a coder (aye, I do many flavors of code) - IF a coder documents their project well - no matter the level of coding experience and expertise, another code of equal or greater level can pick up and contribute to a project.


I have told my staff, my sons, and anyone else interested in code work (be it for sites, business applications, games, or anything really), do NOT forget to document your code. It is a sign of poor thinking and results in quashed projects. Having more than one coder also helps with security, broadens the development path, and balances the work load.


I made a poster at an ecommerce company I was the lead dev for...

"You might be the bomb, but the project could bomb if you don't communicate."

Communicating is important, and that includes documenting code. Be it PHP, Java, Cadol, Basic... documentation is the keystone to a successful application.



I used to be in UC and had some fun there - but didn't get involved enough to really be impacted by the shutdown. I've been working on websites since the '90s and have seen more than my share of irresponsible owners dumping brands - its sad and hurtful. Kudos to the admin team in picking up some of the pieces to hold the community together - for that is the heart of any site - the community around it.


That said, it would be very wise of the leading team to look into having another coder - maybe two. In business, being held hostage by a single coder is _very bad_ and results in the loss of revenue, brand reputation and eventually said coder getting fired. I'm not saying Pegasus is a bad coder, but for any project of love to thrive, you cannot lay all eggs onto one basket.


Is stressful - I've run several "love projects" with no funds, no help, no support. I've learned that good teams are priceless - and yes, it does take a team.

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It was being discussed on FB yesterday - most people had no problems.  The suggestions were to clear your cache.  Also re-install Google Chrome or Safari if they were the programs you use and more that I currently cannot remember.

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For anyone who wasn't aware yet, Lorendria won't be happening.

Instead, Faenaria is being built up to be the community that Unifaction once was. The avatar system already exists, with plenty of items to remind of the old glory.

Familiars and customizable pets exist as well.

Check here if you like - also check the News section for the Kickstarter: http://faenaria.com/

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sadly the site seems not to have the collectable part of the site that was unicreatures up and running. so far I only see half of it

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I used t be part of unicreatures then I think there was a "fork" which was unifaction then all of a sudden...nothing, no explanations or anything. Of course this was a few years ago and it was kinda sad as I had a bunch of creatures I really liked but I will check out this Faenaria and hope it will be something promising (not that I don't have enough adoptable sites that I am part of already)

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