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Eggspress Elementary

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Welcome to Eggspress Elementary!

Your teachers know who they're teaching, please wait patiently for a PM from them!


Have you ever wanted to make amazing looking eggs for your signature, but didn’t know how? Here at Eggspress Elementary, our teachers can show you all the basics for making your own eggs. After taking your lessons and doing your homework, you will take the final exam. If you pass, then you have proven yourself a great eggmaker, and be offered a job at the Eggspress thread.


Click HERE for a link to the normal Eggspress thread to request an egg.


To sign up as a student, just fill out this form and either post it here, or PM it to blazinrider112 or cpoggie and we’ll match you up with a teacher.

Program: (Paint, Gimp, Photoshop)
Timezone(or Times You Can Be On):
(Any Experience?)
(Any Additional Comments?)


All lessons will take place in our IRC channel, #EggspressElementary . To get there, go to http://irc.technoized.com/?channel=eggspresselementary . You will be meeting with your teacher there at a lesson time that the teacher will reserve for you.


Your teachers will teach you the lessons shown below. They may merge lessons, as well.



Lesson 1 - Basic Recolors.

Lesson 2 - Basic Shading

Lesson 3 - Flat Patterns

Lesson 4 - Shading Flat Patterns

Lesson 5 - Working with Pygmies

Lesson 6 - Glows

Lesson 7 - Sparkles

Lesson 8 - Highlighting

Lesson 9 - Facial Features

Lesson 10 - Fur/Tails/Ears

Lesson 11 - Scales

Lesson 12 - Random Day

Lesson 13 - Shading with Harvests/Waterhorses

Lesson 14 - Final Test





- cpoggie – Headmistress

- Muffin** - Teacher

- Zovesta - Teacher



- blazinrider112 – Headmaster

- Corteo - Teacher

- saphira888 - Teacher

- tinakhal - Teacher

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The Rules


1. Follow the rules for the DC Forums, as this is part of it.


2. Listen to your teachers. They know what they’re doing, and are very good at their jobs.


3. Do your homework. It is necessary to graduate, and will help you learn.


4. Be polite. This is a rule for life in general, and please follow it.


5. Be on time for lessons, and always show up, or tell them ahead if you won’t be able to make it. The teachers will be there on time, waiting to teach you, and you don’t want to disappoint them.


6. Please DO NOT post complaints in this thread complaining how your teacher is never online, or asking when are they going to teach you. Please take these things in polite (or angry, D:) PM's.


7. If you do not do as you are asked in a timely basis, you will be moved to the back of the waiting list. If you argue this point, you'll be expelled.


The rules are subject to change at any given moment.


Suspended Students

This is the list for people that have broken a non-major (minor) rule. You will remain on this list for 3 days, and be unable to have any lessons for the duration of this time.


Past Offenders



Expelled Students

This is the list for people that are multiple offenders, or have broken a major rule. You will not be removed from this list, and will not be allowed to take any lessons.

- None!


Past Offenders

- None!

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Q: What is the point of this?

A: The purpose of Eggspress Elementary is to teach the students how to sprite eggs.


Q: Do we get homework like real school?

A: Yes. It will be assigned depending on the lesson you are currently learning and your progress and skills so far.


Q: How many lessons are there?

A: There are 14 lessons, including the final test.


Q: How long will this take me?

A: It becomes completely up to you. At the least, you could take a lesson a day and be done in two weeks. Or you could stretch them out.


Q: Can I become a teacher?

A: We are not accepting teachers at this time, but thank you for your enthusiasm.


Q: Can I become a thread mod?

A: No, the thread mods are the teachers only.


Q: What do I do after I graduate?

A: Well, you can do what you want with your new skills, and if you want to help others, then apply at the Eggspress thread.


Q: Can I request an egg?

A: Eggspress is the thread you are looking for.


Q: My parents don't allow chatrooms. How can I be taught?

A: The only other suggestion is to use PMs here on the Forums. This is very slow though, and is hard to get critique fast. We have no other suggestions at this time.


Q: Is there any guides us students could read, to help us with our eggs?

A: As of right now, there is only one. More will be coming soon.

Custom Shading Guide, by Umbre.

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(Anyone can donate banners. Please PM them to blzinrider112 first, though. Thank you.)

Here are some banners for Eggspress Elementary. Feel free to use any of them!


user posted image



More Coming Soon....

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*raises hand*


As my parents don't allow chatrooms, is there a way for me to be taught without the DC IRC?

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Um, we actually aren't sure if there are any alternatives, unimyth. Do you have any suggestions?

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Username: Celestial07

Program: Paint *Feels so lame*

Timezone(or Times You Can Be On): UK? Is that an answer?

Any Experience?: Ah! no. Sorry... I do humans on paint... not eggs. sad.gif

Any Additional Comments?: But I've always wanted to ! biggrin.gif

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If unimyth has a gmail account, I'm sure the teacher and she could chat there...

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I wanna join.




Username: EternalSpring

Program: Paint. ( D: )

Timezone(or Times You Can Be On): GMT + 8, soon to be GMT - 5 (or EST) Im on quite often, and when so, i can practically ALWAYS be found in the #dc room of IRC. =3

(Any Experience?) : No. Not really.

(Any Additional Comments?) Uhm. Im bad at shading. D:


user posted image <- Yeah.


._. I think i need this. =D

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Just wanted to say.....Don't beat yourself up for having paint. Wonderful spriters like Jazi and Kila (I think) work in paint. It's not the program that make the spriters wink.gif

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This is so awesome! I was looking for the Eggspress thread on Google and this came up ^__^


Username: Hollabaloo

Program: Photoshop Elements

Timezone; GMT, evenings or weekends? That's open to negotiation though.

Any Experience?: Yes, only practising for myself. I can bombard you with examples if you wish laugh.gif

Any Additional Comments?; Just this. Ooh, and that I'm weirdly excited?!


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Yes, yes please! Sign me up for this. happy.gif I've been looking for tutorials, but it'd be awesome to have a teacher. :3


Username: lilyice

Program: MS Paint

Timezone: PST (I'm usually on from 11am - 5pm, then random times scattered throughout the day.)

Any Experience?: Not really... I've never done pixel art. ._. ><"

Any Additional Comments?: I draw? Dunno. xd.png

Edited by lilyice

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Program: Paint

Timezone: Arizona Time (mountain time without DST)

I wanna learn how to sprite!

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Oh, everyone seems to be using paint...




*looks sadly at her GraphicGale icon*

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Why not, I need practice. happy.gif


Username: Khallayne

Program: Gimp

Timezone(or Times You Can Be On): Atlantic Time Zone (EST + 1 hour) I can be online often enough, if people want to PM me.

Any Experience: Eh, small amounts here and there. I need to work on Shading. xd.png

Any Additional Comments: >.> I'm colour incompetent... 8)

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I so need this. ._.


Username:Gemini8910 (Scroll is Pheonix8910)

Program: Paint

Timezone(or Times You Can Be On): I'm in PST. I can be on anytime around 5:00PM PST if I finish my homework fast enough. >.<

(Any Experience?)Sort of...tried a few eggs before. they were decent, but they could have been better.>_<

(Any Additional Comments?) I'm pretty bad at shading. >_< The only thing I've managed to make with shading are 2 squares and a rectangle. >_<


I also tend to use this smiley a lot: >_<



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Just letting you all know, I'm not exactly a teacher;

I'm kind of a substitute, in case someone couldn't make it to the lesson, but in case I'm ever bored, and have a lot of free time, I will try to teach a student I see that hasn't been taught yet.

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Username: Lightningstreak

Program: Paint.NET or Paint

Timezone(or Times You Can Be On): EST.

(Any Experience?) Nope. xd.png

(Any Additional Comments?) I usually have to go up to bed and read/go to bed somewhere between 8 and 9 pm on weekdays, EST. :<


Ah, Paint. It's oddly pleasing to play around in it.

Edited by Lightningstreak

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Username: Konayuki of the Spirits (usually called Yuki, kona, kon, KOTS, vomit and Pukey)

Program: Paint... on Windows 7

Timezone(or Times You Can Be On): PST. On Fridays, I can be on from 8pm - 12am. On saturdays, I'm on from about 5pm - 12 am and sunday, it depends :/

(Any Experience?): Experience? Me? No. I tried, but it never came out right...

(Any Additional Comments?) Just to tell my future teacher, I need a lot of help shading... A LOT. and making additional markings/stuff on the eggs... yeah.


Thanks! I feel so much better nao xd.png

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Okay tina, I have fixed your non-teacher status with a brand new column just for substitutes. No one ever informed me of that, sorry.


And, to all students, we'll be starting up with lessons soon. We totally didn't expect there to be so many eager people, so please bear with us.

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