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Left 4 dead 2

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i played this a lot with my friend a little bit ago. we don't do it as much anymore but i still have a lot of fun with it when we do.


Favorite Special infected: Smoker. i love their design and.. well, that's pretty much it. i think they look really really awesome. Jockeys are really fun to shove and kill, though.

Favorite Survivor: i like Nick and Ellis best, and use them interchangeably whenever i can. Louis is my favorite of the l4d1 survivors.

Favorite Campaign: Death Toll, for the crazy church guy. favorite l4d2 campaign is Dark Carnival, i like all the achievements for it and the final level is a lot of fun.

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fave survivor: Ellis/Nick

fave special: Hunter/Smoker

fave campaign: dead center, the parish, the sacrifice, or hard rain


fave 2nd group survivors: Bill/Francis

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