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CB name code for Game of Thrones character, Xaro. XAR0  Dark_Lumina_hatchi.gif  Lowtime hatchling influenced male.





* CB metal egg  Gold_egg.gif  Silver_egg.gif

* CB New Gemshard egg Gemshard_egg.png 


* CB Green or Rainbow Copper egg Copper_verdigris_egg.png  Copper_rainbow_egg.png

* CB Purple Floret (Iris) egg Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif or Gold Floret (Iris) egg latest?cb=20180424231846


* CB Trio egg: Thunder_egg.gif  Ice_egg.gif  Magma_egg.gif 

* CB rare or uncommon offers, egg preferred, hatchling offers also considered Mystery.gif  qyu.png



Still available but in another trade. If interested, please PM me. :nyan:

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 CB Brimstone, all number code




CB Stat

2G SAlt (not Halloween) - Line in signature applies if you own the parents.

CB Gold

Will consider 2-3 CB new Gemshards or 2 CB Silvers


Make an offer on my egg!

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Traded, thanks!

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