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cb flamingo with a code of nbinz all caps








cb brute with a code of yorkn






looking for any cb's with a code that will rhyme and have the letters "ig" like dig,pig,twig, doesn't exactly have to be a correct word. 

no drakes or two headed or pygmies

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HAVE:  This little 2G sunstone (moonstone dad) egg is feeling rather chilly.


WANT:   2G brute from male freckled x female brute.


No longer available.

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1 minute ago, Lunaflare said:


2G Brute with Mint mother (Code is yesC1)


Here's a link to their lineage!


Good offers to convince me to part with it. Anything on my wishlist is auto.


(NOTE: I cannot create a new teleport as of right now.)

XD I picked that one up and dropped it again! Hope you get a good trade! :)

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Have: swallowtail coded H0aGy

spitfire coded TungQ


I'm looking for:

A 3rd gen xenowyrm similar to this but of a different breed than its xeno ancestors.

A blue zyomorph

a CB frost

or CB celestial

-will consider other offers


Make an offer on my H0aGy!

Make an offer on TungQ!

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Have: CB Word Codes!  ALL these for ONE from my 'Want' list; just offer a dummy on the 2nd trade


Hatchie Pack -

user posted image Brimstone, precogs as Male - Boys

user posted image Brute - Keel

user posted image Fever Wyvern - Puts


Egg Pack -

user posted image Ember - Tent

user posted image Purple - Alto (w/bonus Fertility BSA :P!)

user posted image Horse - Doze

Freckled_egg.png Freckled - Kilt


Want any one Holidaykin -

user posted image 2G Silver Tinsel from Heartstealing unrelated to the ones in my group (3G/4G S.Tinsel available!)

user posted image 2G Silver Tinsel from Rosebud unrelated to him or her (not SIAEL)

user posted image 2G Silver Shimmer from Solstice as mate for her

user posted image 2G Bronze Shimmer from Rosebud  (not Eix Freaky)

user posted image 2G Bronze Shimmer from Arsani (not God Shim, Whyflower, or Bubba)

OR 1 Prizekin -

user posted image 2G Gold from Female Gold Tinsel (not Clio's Kiss)

user posted image 2G Spirit Ward from Female Silver Shimmer (not Scintillating Noodle)


user posted image 2G Silver from Spriter's Alt (Male Silver parent preferred)


Purple line in sig applies!   PM to discuss.


Offer on Hatchie Code Pack

Offer dummy on Egg Code Pack

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