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The Oddball Code Trading Center

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Welcome to the Oddball Code Trading Center!


I have permission from Iarsma to give this a trial run. If it takes off, it takes off. I would like everyone’s feedback and suggestions.


With the number of people in DC who enjoy looking for amusing codes, why not have a place that focuses on trading them?


You’ve found an egg or hatchling with a great code, and you think someone else might enjoy it. Maybe you’d like another interesting code, or something else altogether, such as another vamp to complete your collection.


RULES (subject to change with feedback)


1. You may post any egg or unnamed non-frozen hatchling on your scroll with an amusing or unique code.

2. Please post what type of dragon it is, and include its altered code in bold.

3. Altering codes: Please do so with raising or lowering caps. This will prevent clickdeath by curious onlookers but still allow others to see the full code. For example, ONOZ could be oNoZ.

4. If the code is a vulgar term, please edit it out of your post. Indicate the code is not appropriate and provide a scroll link in your signature.

5. You may post a link to your dragon’s lineage page (/lineage/CODE), but do not post a direct link to your dragon (/view/CODE).

6. You may request anything in trade for your dragon. It does not have to be another unique code.

7. Do not request specific codes for your trade, as this will be incredibly difficult to find. For example, it’s highly unlikely someone else will have the code “RAWR” available when you ask for it. A general area is better, like “anime” or “chatspeak”.

8. Regarding vampires: Biting of eggs is acceptable, but work out terms between traders in case the egg is killed and/or repulsed prior to exchange.

9. Free For All departure posts are acceptable, but be sure to edit the code out of your post once the dragon is abandoned.

10. Please keep all drama llamas in check.

11. Have fun!


For ease of navigation, please use the following sample format (similar to the standard DC trading threads)


HAVE: Frill egg, code 0Hai (caps messed)

WANT: Pokemon-related code, or gold egg


Or for departures:


HAVE: White hatchling, code coOl

DROP TIME: xx:35

Contact: Yes please


Once again, I would like your feedback and suggestions for this thread.

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CB water hatchie with code ALAWE  (all caps)


Alawe has multiple meanings:

According to this site: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Alawe it means "dumb person".

According to this site https://forebears.io/surnames/alawe

it's a surname (also a first name)

According to this https://www.census2011.co.in/data/village/553189-alawe-maharashtra.html

it is a village in India. Alawe - Thane, Maharashtra, India.

If you google Alawe you'll find other meanings.




CB Speckle-Throated with code PORKO (all caps)





Not sure what they are worth. Is a 2G Tinsel too much? Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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XRAPB... CB Diamondwing on CD

Looking for CB or at most 2G (if hybrid/prize/etc) offers :) A girl can dream... PM me, I don't bite!

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Posted (edited)

Have: CB Skysilk with code fAToO, will be male

Want: nice offers?


Edited by Twinstar

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Star Wars fans here? 🙂




Falconiform_Wyvern_egg.png CB Falconiform, almost perfect Star Wars worde code:  Eisly

Luke and Obi-Wan boarded the Millennium Falcon in Mos Eisley.




Good offers! PM me or make your offer here:

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


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Posted (edited)


Have: Cb horse dragon with Zzz code.

Would love: even gen brown copper unrelated to mine. 

Edited by Darth Krande

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Posted (edited)


user posted image 3rd gen even turpentine two-word, full five letter code: "fix it" ~ Trade Link



Something interesting.
Would love code "DRAKE" but I'm dreaming.
If you offer a lineage, I prefer even gens. Cool checkers are neat.

Edited by Draketeeth

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Have: 3 CB codes: 

  • “toil” code toil0 (new shimmer) latest?cb=20200521040353
  • "thud” code tHudC (new slippery) latest?cb=20200521040353
  • “chin” code chInr (CB white zyu, yes its a I not L) latest?cb=20170521115309



  • CB metal
  • 2G non-caligene SAlt from tsunami or gold/silver (will consider other breeds). 
  • Offers!

Can combine 3:1 with hatch and influence + add more for good offers, please PM or discord@synditrix. See green line in sig. 

Trade links:

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H. CB Hertz Code


W. Code swap; Eevee or Zorua is auto



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Chicken_Egg.gif Chicken with code (1LiVE) - Make an Offer



Mystery.gif 2G SAltkin (Would love for a White, Undine, Nebula, or Ridgewing parent)

Carina_hatchi.gifkkj6G.gif May consider offers of 2G Carinae and Amaltheans

Mystery.gif Offers?

The Green Line in my signature applies for offers of more than 4 hybrids or 2G SAlt breeding attempts. Feel free to PM me!

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