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Official DC Chat Room (IRC)

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- - Part 1: IRC Basic Connection

- - Part 2: Guide

- - Part 3: mIRC Connection Guide

- - Part 4: TrillianAstra Connection Guide

- - Part 5: IRC Client Suggestions

- - Part 6: Chatzilla Connection Guide.

- - Part 7: Helpful Hints, Links, Etc. (Also includes some connection troubleshooting.)


Please note, that this is not a chat thread. If you have questions regarding IRC, please ask in Help (if you cannot connect to the network), or in IRC.


If you have an issue that you need to contact the IRC ops or hops (i.e. a ban), please feel free to PM them.

Ops: Chat Moderators list











The official IRC for Dragon Cave can be found on the Technoized Network (irc.technoized.com).


user posted image Alternate Link

(Click one of the above to enter)


Since there seems to be an issue with that page loading currently, here is an alternate, and somewhat round-about way of getting in. Info courtesy of Fizzix:

You can use Mibbit directly at: http://mibbit.com/chat and entering "irc.technoized.com" in the "Server Address" box when you click "server" on the row reproduced below:

IRC: [dropdownbox] Server | Auth | Charset

You can then pick a username in the username field and put #dc in the channel box and hit "Go"



For #dc, the channel-specific rules are:


No spamming links of any kind, including Humor links (ragecomics and lolcats for example) adoptables links or Dragon Cave eggs or hatchlings. Please use #clickspam for this purpose.

Do not "abuse" any channel bots. Please utilize the channel #botspam if you plan to use dragcavebot frequently within a short period of time.

Don't advertise your channel. If it's relevant to the current topic, you can encourage users to join, but random "JOIN #KITTENS" messages in the middle of breeding discussion are unappreciated.If you are asked to move a topic to a private channel, you ARE allowed to advertise it once or twice, only to move members involved in the conversation to your channel. After that, please use /invite or alert members by PM to your channel.

Trading tends to result in a lot of messages, so please keep trades to #dctrades or a private message. This specialized channel is made for your benefit so you can see your partner counting down without the messages getting drowned out.

This channel tends to be a wide variety of topics and links. If you are posting pictures of spiders for example, you need to post a spider warning with your link. A comment about what your link includes is always appreciated.This also applies to youtube links. You are responsible for the content you post, therefore, you must provide a heads up if something is graphic (blood, minor swearing) or outside of what we would normally allow in the channel. We do stick to a pg-13 rating as possible. If its censored in the channel, avoid posting links/videos containing those censored words.


In #dctrades, the #dc rules apply. In addition, channel-specific rules are:


No asking for clicks in this channel either, for any game.

Do not spam your trade. The only time it is necessary for you to repeat your trade is if someone new enters the channel.

IOU trading is NOT permitted. You may not ask for OR offer IOUs of any kind, in any official channel.IOU trading is at your own risk, and staff will not step in to help in the event you do not recieve your end of the trade.

Do not use the bot for !seen in this channel. Please use #botspam for this purpose to minimize spam.



In regards to both channels:

Chat is English only. If you need help with translation, someone is bound to be able to help. Please do the best you can to use English as possible.

Ops and Half-Ops are the moderators of the channels. Things go much better if do as they request. If you have a question regarding something an Op or Half-Op has done, PM them. You can try to message another Op, but don't expect them to be omniscient. (/msg username message is how you PM someone on IRC.)

Bans are enacted for a reason. Evading these bans will result in further excalation in terms of ban length or type of ban. Connecting from another IP/connection while you know you are banned is conscious ban evasion and will result in an increase in the length or type of your ban.

The maximum character length your nick should be is 15 characters. If you are asked to change your nick to something shorter, you can do so by typing the /nick command, followed by your new nick name. (Typing "/nick Bob" without the quotes will change your nick to Bob, for example, as long as Bob is not already in use.)

You are not to share information from PMs (Private Messages) with other users, or other channels without the express permission of the other user involved in the PM.

Please choose a nick upon log-in. Preferably this will be your forum name, scroll name, or something people know you by. Also, please try to stick with one nick. This causes less confusion if everyone remains as the same person. Please refrain from rapidly changing nicks. If you are planning to do a lot of nick changes (for example, grouping large amounts of names) Please leave ALL official channels, so you arent spamming.

Do not use names you know belong to other users. Impersonating other users is never ok. Impersonating Staff can grant you a year long vacation from the entire network.

Please make use of the ignore function (/ignore user) rather than continuing an argument in-channel if no Op is around to help. Most of the Ops have highlights set up (meaning if you say their nick it should alert them that someone needs them), so always try to get an Op's attention rather than escalating a problem further. Ops are generally listed at the top of the userlist, usually with something next to their name marking them as "different" from other users (it could be a star, an @ sign, etc).

If you have a problem with another user, do NOT call them out openly. Instead, throw them on ignore, or keep the drama to private channels.

Trolling is obvious and will earn you a ban, so don't bother.

Do not use excessive amounts of capital letters in your messages. One or two words in a sentence capitalized for emphasis is alright, but multiple entire messages are not. Use of caps (capital letters) is considered yelling, and is hard on the eyes for many. (Don't worry, ops will not ban for this)

Do not bring issues from other channels into #dc or #dctrades.

If you have been banned from a channel, contact the Op that banned you.

Bans from these channels are not necessarily permanent. We try to include a length of time for the ban when you are kicked, however sometimes (for various reasons) we do not, or forget. If you have be banned, you are allowed to PM the Op that banned you, requesting information in a reasonable manner regarding the terms and duration of the ban. Keep in mind, that PMing an Op in a hostile manner will not earn their sympathy.

Do not discuss illegal activies (illegal drugs, illegal use of prescription drugs, underage drinking, pirating software/music, etc).

ND making discussions are not allowed, nor will they ever be. Do not ask for advice on how to get them.Yes you can talk about your nds, and how much you want one but you may NOT ask people to help you make them or ask HOW to make them

Please keep in mind that not everyone enjoys spoilers. Because of this, we ask that you do not spoil anything regarding new releases. This includes: revealing sprites before hatchlings or adults are common, revealing the actual/official name of the breed; before users without inside-knowledge have discovered this on their own. This is considered to fall under the "respect" rule of DC, and will be met with a ban, should a user be seen spoiling things for others in #dc or #dctrades. Please refer to the news post to see the current images. You may NOT use the official names of the dragons, even if you know what they are, until TJs have grown.

Please avoid trigger topics such as politics, religion, abortion, animal abuse... things of that nature. While discussions can be ok, they are very hard to mod properly, and nearly always lead to drama. You are welcome to create a channel for these topics, but NOT to advertise them in official channels. The only exception to this rule is if you were asked to move, then you may advertise once.


These rules are subject to change without warning. rules updated by Thuban 8/20/2012 Edited by SockPuppet Strangler

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Guide (Originally posted by Fizzix)



Common IRC acronyms and definitions:


IRC-related terms:

IRC - Internet Relay Chat - a chat format. This is what the DC chat is.

mIRC - Microsoft IRC - a common client on Microsoft systems.

XChat - a common client for Mac and Linux systems

Mibbit - the most common client for DC users. This is a web-based IRC client with limited functionality. A site-specific version of Mibbit can be accessed here.


IRC modes - not a comprehensive list, but a list of the ones we most often use in the chat.


Channel modes - these are case-sensitive, meaning that there is a difference between +N and +n.

+N - no nick-changing. This means that if your nick is purpleglitter1823, you can't change it until +N is removed [someone sets -N] This is a temporary mode that will be removed at the operator's discretion. If this is set off by a nick cascade, the bot will remove the mode in twenty minutes.

+m - moderated, mute. This means that unless you have voice [+v] or higher rank, you cannot send messages to the channel. You cannot speak until someone removes +m [sets -m]. This is a temporary mode that will be removed at the operator's discretion.

+t - topic protection. Only operators can change the channel topic. This is a standard mode on registered channels.

+n - no external messages. You must be in the channel to send a message to the channel. This is a standard mode on registered channels.

+r - registered. This denotes that a channel is registered with network services. This is a standard mode on registered channels.

+S - color-stripping. This mode removes colors from messages sent to the room. While your messages go through, you are the only one who can see their colors. This is set in all official channels.

+b - ban. This means that the user who fits the ban mask cannot change nicks or speak. If they are kicked from the channel, they cannot rejoin. The ban is made up of three parts and comes in the format nick!username@host. Any of these can be wildcarded. A banned user cannot speak, change nicks, or rejoin the channel until the ban is removed [mode -b is set].

* +b ~q: - quiet ban. This ban only mutes a user; they are free to leave and rejoin the channel as they wish. The ban format is the same, but ~q: is prepended to the mask. A user under a quiet ban cannot speak, but may still change nicks and rejoin the channel. He or she cannot speak until the ban is removed [mode -b is set].

* +b n: - nickchange ban. This ban only removes a user's ability to change nicknames. The user may speak, join and leave the channel, and function normally with the exception of nick changing. Typically, this is employed if a specific user abandons the ability to change nicknames. The user cannot change nicknames until the ban is removed [mode -b is set].

+i - invite-only. An invite-only channel can only be entered if an operator [or higher] invites you into the channel. Alternatively, an invite-mask can be set on the channel to allow users who fit the pattern to join the channel without being manually invited each time.

+s - secret. A secret channel will not show up on a /whois of users in the channel, nor will it show up in the channel listing for the network. It renders the channel invisible to people not already inside of it.

+p - private. A private channel will not show up on a /whois of users in the channel, but it will show up in the channel listing for the network. This simply hides the fact that a user is in a channel.

+G - censored. This sets the room to a PG-13 censor rating, which will censor f***, s***, b****, b*censorkip.gif*, c***, etc. This is set in all official channels. It should be noted that you will see curse words your end but they will be filtered when displayed to others. It should likewise be noted that this censor has limitations and you should keep your foul language to a minimum regardless of a censor.

+l - limit. This mode limits the number of members a chat can hold to whatever the limit is set to.

+k - keyword. This is a channel password that must be provided to enter the channel. It is often used to keep unwanted people out of a channel, but anyone who knows the password can enter.


User modes - these are case-sensitive, meaning that there is a difference between +N and +n.

While strictly these listed user modes are set in individual channels, they are still set to the users. There are other user modes, but they are simply not relevant to the typical user.

+v - voiced user. Voiced users can speak during moderated chat, though the voice can easily be removed if the voice would circumvent the reason for moderation. Half-ops and above can set this user mode.

+h -half operator, hop, half-op. Channel half-operators have the power to kick you out of the channel, ban you to keep you from returning, change the channel topic, and set some channel modes. They can also assign voice to users.

+o - channel operator, op. Channel operators have the power to kick you out of the channel, ban you to keep you from returning, change the channel topic, and set channel modes. They can also assign voice and hop to users.

+a - channel administrator. Channel administrators have the same powers ops have, and they can also assign ops to users.

+q - channel owner. Channel owners have the most control over their channel. They can set all user and channel modes.


Why can't I send to the channel?

The channel may be muted/moderated, or you may be banned. If mode +m has been set, it is the first, and you must wait until the channel mode is removed [-m]


How do I register my nick?

Type /MSG NICKSERV REGISTER desiredpassword emailaddress


Why register my nick?

If you register your nickname, you will be able to remove it from the server when it is a ghost. You may also remove it from the server if someone is maliciously pretending to be you. This password-protected nickname will last only one minute [on standard settings] after NickServ asks you to identify. Basically, it keeps people from pretending to be you.


There's two of me! Can you kick the other one?

We could, but it won't do a lot of use. As long as a nickname is on the network, you can't use it. The best solution is to register it and ghost it with /MSG NICKSERV GHOST nickname passwordfornickname.


How do I make my text [insert color]?

This is probably called an action text. Type:

/me does an action.

to produce:

* Username does an action.

This text will typically show up in another color.


What are these highlights I keep hearing about?

Real IRC clients include an option to change a line's color or play a sound when certain words are mentioned. Mibbit can't make highlight noises. Highlights can also be called "pings" by some members.


How do I PM someone?

There are two ways to do this. Both will send a message to the user you want to PM, however one will open up a separate "query" window so that your PM conversation does not get lost in the shuffle of the channel you have as your active window.


This will just PM the person you wish to speak to.



This will open a separate query window for you to chat with the user you have specified in the NICK part.

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Connection guide for mIRC (Originally posted by Taerar)


For those whom wish to use irc, I can suggest you download a Free chat client called mIRC its simple to use and even though it has a 1 month trial you can still use it after that's gone. The only downside is this program only works on Windows, if you use a Mac I suggest using Ircle.


mIRC can be minimised so unlike using your browser and java to connect you can run it separately, you can get on with other things whilst the chat client stays open until you close or disconnect it!


Here are some easy steps on how to connect using MIRC.


Step 1. Download


To download mIRC Go here


Step 2. Starting mIRC


After it has downloaded, double click the mIRC icon user posted image This can be found on your desktop or Start Menu.


Step 3. Setting it up


When you open it, you should greeted with the About window, if your mIRC has gone past the 28 days just wait a few seconds and Continue should appear click that and you can use mIRC indefinitely but you have to click that each time I am afraid.


An options box should popup, you will need to fiddle with this to start mIRC properly. Don't worry its nothing to difficult!


user posted image


Full Name: I do not suggest entering your real name, You can put anything here it doesn't really matter. I tend to put Sayings or Random things in this box.


Email Address: Enter your email if you wish or enter a fake one, it doesn't matter as nobody will see it but mIRC requires you have information in that box otherwise it wont connect.


Nickname: Is obviously the name you are going to use in the chatroom, I suggest using your Scroll/Forum name.


Alternative: This is when you disconnect suddenly and or if the name is already in use, pick another name here just in case.


Step 4. Adding the Server


With the Options box still open you should see:


Server: LinkNet: Random Server


We don't want that so looking on the left is a branch of options from connect, you are going to click on Servers.


user posted image


Description: I put Dragcave IRC here, this is not only a reminder but it wont work without the Description.


IRC Server: This is where you will post the IRC address to the official Dragcave server, just copy paste below:




You don't need to mess around with Ports, Password or Group! Do not mess with your Port unless you KNOW what you are doing.


It should now look like this:


user posted image


Click ADD and it should be on the list. With Dragcave IRC highlighted on the list now click Select and it will take you back to the first page with connect options.


Step 5. Connecting


Now here is an easy trick to use if you are not familier with mIRC commands or its scripting. Go to Options -> Perform.


A new box will appear, make sure you click the top box with "Perform on Connect" and in the blank white box copy paste the following:


/join #dc


Click OK and go back to Connect and hit the Connect button.


You should now be connecting to the server, and will join the 2 official Dragcave channels. If you ever disconnect hit the small Lightening button in the top Left corner to reconnect.


user posted image


Congratulations! You are now chatting on mIRC happy.gif


Quick Tips!


I hate the ugly font mIRC uses in chat rooms, to change it to something nicer like Times new Roman or Tahoma. Go to:


View -> Font


Once you have selected the right font, click ok.


user posted image


If any channels you have joined still look like the old font click on that channel and go to Font options again and click on the "Use default".


Also, the sound annoys me! so to turn that off go to:


Tools -> Options -> Sounds


Unclick the "Enable Sounds" box and then ok. You should longer get those annoying sounds whenever you connect or get a message.


Perform is an easy to use tool, I also use it to identify to my nicknames so i don't have to type it up each time!


Tools -> Options -> Connect -> Perform




/ns identify yournickpasshere


Help, mIRC Says It's Expired!


Don't panic, its still free to use. You can purchase a license if you wish, otherwise this box will popup just wait for Continue to show (It takes a few seconds!)


user posted image


Then after that another box will appear, just wait for continue to show again.


user posted image


And viola, though if you really don't want to click continue twice then I suggest paying for the program, thats the only way to get rid of it!






Any other questions feel free to message me! happy.gifTaerar's profile

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Connection guide for TrillianAstra (Originally posted by tinakhal)


Connect to the DC Chatroom via Trillian Astra.

Step 1.

Trillian>Manage Connections. Add a New Connection>IRC.


Step 1.5. If you're confused:

user posted image


Step 2.

Where it says

Account name via IRC - type in whatever you want. I put tinatina.

Nick name - Put the nickname you'd like to use. I put tinakhal.

Server Host - Put in proton.irc.technoized.com


Now, click the little 'Settings' button to the right of connect, left of the X.

These are the only things you should worry about;

user posted image


Hostname: proton.irc.technoized.com.

Port: 6665. (6660-6669 should work...)


Ident Settings.

User ID("ident string): Enter your nickname here. I put tinakhal.

Real Name: You don't have to put a real name here... I put my fake one... Tina Khal xd.png



Check Reconnect on disconnect.

Rejoin channels on connect.



Now click Miscellaneous, to your left.

Where it says Commands, (one per line), click the box and type in /join #dc.


If you want to join multiple channels, then just hit enter, type in /join #whatever, and then hit enter, type in /join #whateveragain, and so on.


If you have a registered nick, then in a new line, type in /msg NickServ IDENTIFY PASSWORD. If you are joining multiple channels, I recommend identyfying yourself after the first channel you join.

(for Example: I have

/join #dc


/join #EggyExpress)


If you need any help, IM, PM, or whatever you want to me. tinakhal's profile

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IRC Client Suggestions


For those select few who use Macs, above the raging mobs of PC users, I'd like to recommend X-Chat Aqua as an IRC


You can download SVN version of KVIRC for macs from http://kvirc.dotadata.de/ 3.4.2 is very nice and stable, the later 4 release isn't so much yet. It's a hell of a lot better than Ircle, and probably more similar to mirc than XChat. I like it anyways.


Also, for those of us Linux/Unix users out there: if you are a GUI user, I recommend xchat. For those of you CLI junkies (i'm one of them  tongue.gif), try out irssi or weechat. Or just use a telnet to the irc server, if you are really hardcore xd.png.
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Chatzilla Connection Guide


A requirement of this client is the Firefox Browser.


Download Chatzilla client from here and install.


a) Click the cZ symbol that should be visible on the top toolbar next to the 'help' link (if it's not there, click View > Toolbars > Customize and drag the symbol to where you'd like it to go).


cool.gif In the first screen type the server name as or just copy/paste


/server irc.technoized.com


And enter


c) In the next screen type what nick you want to use as


/nick yournickname


And enter


d) Type the channel name as


/join #dc


And enter


e) Start chatting.


This is the most basic of guides aimed only at getting you onto the channel and able to chat. More information on Chatzilla can be found at the download website above, Mozilla.org, or via google.


Courtesy of Charu, a way to get Chatzilla to automatically do that stuff up there ^


Open Firefox.


Go to tools-> Chatzilla.

A window will open called Chatzilla.


In ChatZilla, goto ChatZilla->Preferences.


General tab->Nickname: *Insert Username Here*


Usermode: +i +x

Note: +i makes you visable to people only on the network you are currently connected on and +x hides your Internet Protocol Adress "IP"


Startup tab->Auto-connect URLs->Add: irc://irc.technoized.com/#DC


Click Apply and restart Chatzilla; It will automatically connect to the URL set.

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Helpful Hints, Links, etc.






Common IRC Commands


How to Register a nickname?

/msg NickServ register password email

(Please use a real email address, and be sure your password is something secure that you can remember.)


How do I identify?/What is identifying?

Identifying tells the server that you are the actual owner of that nickname. You identify by typing the following:

/msg NickServ identify passwordhere


How to change nicknames?

/nick newnicknamehere


How to join other channels on the server?/How do I create a channel?

You join and create a channel the same way. If you try to join a channel that is not already created, the server will simply create the channel upon you joining it. You join a new channel by typing the following:

/join #channelhere


How do I use actions?

/me waves to everyone.

And you will get something that looks like this, though different clients display it differently: * [Nick] waves to everyone.




Connection Troubleshooting


Occasionally, you may have a hard time connecting to the server. The first thing you can try is connecting through a different port. The usual port that is tried is 6667, but you can try others (6660-6669 is the range you can try). If you have a section in your connect preferences for Ports, you can simpy put 6660-6669 instead of 6667 (which is probably what is already there).


Another option is to tell the client you are using to attempt to connect to a specific server on the Technoized network. There are three servers on Technoized, known as Sentry, Proton, and Technoserv. To attempt to connect to a specific one, type the following:

/connect proton.irc.technoized.com

You can replace "proton" with either "sentry" or "technoserv" if need be.


If you are attempting to connect through the java client or Mibbit client, the problem could be with your browser. Be sure that you are updated to the most recent version of your browser, and try again. If you are still having problems, and use FireFox, I have been told that ChatZilla is a good IRC addon for it.




[Originally iarsma's post]

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