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Out Of Context

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I have noticed something.

Many things, when taken out of context, are rather quite humorous indeed.

So, if you come across any, post them here.

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16:43:49 <Liepard>: Do you have any balls?

16:43:52 Liepard gets bricked


I really, really love the IRC. We were actually talking about catching Pokemon...lololol



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"Don't shoot!" - Referring to the spray bottle to wipe transparencies clean and a particularly desperate student who hadn't copied the notes yet.

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This thread got smaller.



18:25 Infinis yesa ;___;

18:25 Infinis the ones i see tend to be around an inch long ;_;


Talking about bees. Lol.

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Barry brings his balls and Gucci just looks at him.


Tennis balls. Barry and Gucci are dogs!

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No. They're diced balls.


Um. Why?


@ dr bieber

It's for things in conversations that are taken out of context, meaning that they just...come out sounding wrong and are misinterpreted. Usually they can end up being quite hilarious.

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Aha, thanks! I got lots of those because I have a brother too. A immature little one...


Me: Kaaaaamil let me suck on the balls too!


They were water balloon balls which we poked a hole in and drank from them. Sounds really wrong out of context.

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I could post in this thread a million times but...


"The threesomes in the back can work each other"- Science teacher. Not as dirty as it seemed.


"Don't worry, I'll still work you" -One band director to the other. She meant "work for"


"I'm doing my clarinet"- Creepy dude in my band class. Same one that was found making out with his clarinet WILLINGLY


"I'm a pickle"-Guy in nearly all my classes.


"Will you jump me?" -me. It was a result of me not being able to translate.


"Do you have wood?" - Someone in minecraft.


"Let me see your balls" -Classmate


And many more I can't think of right now


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"Yeah, sometimes I turn her on for a laugh." - Me, Rping as Vexen.


He was talking about a stove. Though, the stove was alive unless you flipped a certain switch. xd.png Also:

"Agh! You're not Vexen, you're not supposed to turn me on!" -... the stove.

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Me: We need one extra person.

Friend: That's ok. We'll do a threesome.


Referring to partnering up when there are an odd number of people. xd.png




Just thought of one more, but this one happened a while ago. (I typed out the sounds for this one, not the words)


Me: Les..bi...



Teacher asked us what we wanted our team to be called. ("Let's be ants!") Someone heard us wrong. xd.png

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"Only kick your balls on the field, not on the blacktop" - Vice Principal of my school... sounds terribly wrong, even though they were referring to soccer on the fields...

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The Unknown Fuzzy Peaches - The Fuzzy Peach Eaters


My classmates came up with these names during a Language Arts game. My teacher used them, willingly and knowing what was wrong with them. I love having a young teacher!


At one point someone said, "Eat that fuzzy peach!"

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"Did they ever figure out that the body was [my friend, won't say his name here]?" We were doing a crime scene lab in science class and we taped a "body" on the floor of the classroom. My friend was the model.


"Don't do that to my friend! Without doing it to me too!" TV--- this girl pointed a tennis ball launcher at him and his friend is a total nutcase.

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"BLOW"-Band director

"FINGERING"-Band director

"You're not just doing this to look pregnant"-Band director

"I can't be Aiden in the bathtub, I don't have a thing"-Band director

"That guy is such a banana"- Friend

"IMMA EAT THESE BALLS"-Friend while playing Gmod


Whymush band be so... guttermind-y? I can't play a clarinet while laughing.

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*This conversation took place talking to my friend, Loren, at church*


Me: Do you wanna sit on the front pew?

Loren: Nah, not really.

Me: But we haven't done it together in a long time!


She misinterpreted that... Badly! xd.png


*Another conversation between Loren and I... At church. We're talking about a church trip we're taking soon*


Me: Is Madeline rooming with us?

Loren: Yep!

Me: But how are we going to do it?


She misinterpreted that too. tongue.gif

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'You're always on top.'


'My fingers are stuck in you!'



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"Sir, it's gone stiff." - My friend in science class.


He was referring to an experiment we were doing (he went horribly wrong) and it sounded terribly incorrect. Another one:


"My mum says when are you available?" - Me


I was asking my friend when I could come round to his house, but what I said sounded veeery wrong.

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"Eww, mine is really wet. Is yours?"


We were papier mache-ing in art. The teacher told us not to get the newspaper too drippy and my paper was real drippy.

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17:40 Fizzix groan.

17:40 Fizzix so itchy.


(Thank you IRC)


Admin: Cia

but the fingers to the inside of the wrist thing really did work a lot


((found this amuseing))


16:21 Jmm good, I'd have to nickname you demon fingers otherwise


((Oh would you X3))

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"Man how long do you leave it in there?"


We were baking cookies. Well.... we tried to.....

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