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Vampire names

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Scrambles The Deathdealer - from Metalocolypse

Evil In League With Satan - well who knows the song?

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I have 4 vampires. Their names are Ayakashi Tsukune, Akakashi Moka, Ayakashi Kokoa, and Ayakashi Gin. I named them after characters from a manga called Rosario+Vampire. All of them are vampires except for Gin. He's actually a werewolf, but there are so few male vampires in the manga.

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Don't know how I missed this thread before, but here goes! Bolded names have approved descriptions, while the others wait for the Writing Spirit or a random kick in the rear to inspire me. lol


CalaMystic Demonophobia Dorkface

Image of Darkness

Virulent Madness

Hellish Katrina Undead

Blood Ogre

Malevolent Marisa Undead

Pale Biter

Hope Springs Infernal

Live O So Evil

Tall Dark and Vampire

Walker Infernal

Watery Graves

Quaker Undead

Grave Electrocutioner

Grave Sinner

Cold Sarcophagus

Hellish Barnabas Collins

Shining Spring Infernal

Rufus T Firefly ~ Rufus is a member of The Sacred Order of Nameholders, an extremely rare position to be held by a Vampire. When he takes his true name, his description will tell the story of this unusual event.

Infernal Sea Salt

Sinful Actor

SOPA Destroyer Of The Internet

PIPA Plague Of The Internet

Valentine Dyall

The Hindenberg

Drifting Thought

Jennifer La Fiend

The Kicker



little Bloodsucking Mess. <3

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Otto Chriek


Lack of Interest

I WILL KILL YOU with this joke


Not very creative here. smile.gif

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Vigilia d'Ognissanti


Crazy Blood Lust

Imma Bite You

You're So Delicious

Imma Drink All Your Blood


Don't Stake Me Please

Precious Heket

Jesse Reeves



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Omigosh Dragongrrl, I am in LOVE with some of those names!


A lot of these are CB (especially the Southern Vampire Mysteries named ones) but some are based off their lineage (such as the ferret imposter), or playing with their "parents"'s names.


Vlad Tepes the Impaler

Master Van Helsing

Eric the North Man

Bill Compton the Southerner

Mistress Elvira

Pamela The Victorian

Mistress Morticia

la bete et la belle

The Lady In The Night

Kiss of the Absense

Prince Jason Charming

Sookies Alternative Lifestyle

Zombee Bite

Hoyt the Mama's Boy

White Chocolate Vamp Face

Dark Chocolate Fangs


Rorschach Kovacs

Ferret Imposter

Anarchist Dreaming

Shimmering Vampire

la petite morte

Dormant Doormouse

Jason The Almost Vampire

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I have a lot of random ones.


I'll only post my favorites:


Totalitarian (Was super excited to nab this name)

Nefarious Darkling

Over-friendly Vampire (Code looked like Y'ello to me)

Walt the Vampire of Love (had the code WaLT)

Angel's Smile (Wanted to make him have a particular description)





Wrench (Had the code "uses")

Waste of Space (got him at a time I didn't want to pick up more vamps)


Armand (Was excited about this name too, so I got a vamp to throw it on)


Shriveled Old Corpse (S1 hatchling)


Vampires Just Need A Hug


Emo Chicken




I don't keep a huge vampire hoard simply because I rarely bite.


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I have over 600 vampires, so I am not gonna list all the names




I have Edward Cullen - on a female

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For that alone I love you Starscream biggrin.gif


I've got:

Lucius LaCroix

Jeanette Duchene

Nicolas de Brabant all named (more or less) after Forever Knight

Drusilla LaCroix (after Buffy - duh)


and my latest addition:


Lil' Count Chocula

All are described of course (>:-[

Edited by herk

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My vampire's called Menggigit, which is Indonesian for 'bite'.

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I name all of mine "Evil [buffy character]", except for a few that are "Evil [word inspired by code]".

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I have:

Living Here in Jersey

Fighting Villians from Afar

You Got to Find First Gear

In Your Giant Robot Car

You Dig Giant Robots

I Dig Giant Robots

We Dig Giant Robots

Chicks Dig Giant Robots- Theme Song for Megas XLR

Vamp Thuwed

Vamp Dorkface

The Would Be Shimmer

Army of Meanwhiles

Army of Neverweres

Shimmer Biter

Oz Me

Shimmer Red

DX 546 (actual code)

The Would Be Tinsel

Glooo Stick

HD Television

I Girly

Dew QX




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Out of any of my breeds, my Vampires have the best names! They are all references to various things except one - can you spot which one? (And if you can spot all the references without Googling anything, PM me!)

Dracula's Pet Dragon (described)

A Thousand-Year Solo

Cynthia Dreadweep

Marshall-Lee (described)

Kaito Lord Of Darkness wub.gif

Salacia von Humpeding (described)

Time Forgotten One

Otto von Chreik


Oh, and I have Vampire Dorkwed Nepenthe - named purely for her great, if messy, lineage.


EDIT: LOL Tabs! You have Otto Chreik, I have Otto von Chreik! That amuses me, even if I feel mildly superior because I got his full name tongue.gif

Edited by dracopenguin

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Crimson Nyx


Bella the Sparklepire



Mistress Payne





Lucian Daratrazanoff


Tariq Dusk Dorkface


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I have only two vamps (and a frozen hatchie).. just some classics smile.gif


Vlad Drakela - Blood Prince

Transilvanya - Beth van Bathory


and the hatchie White Fang Freeze (female)

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Orpheus, Ophelia, and Osiris Deathmoon


I've got another one in the works, influenced to be female, but I haven't decided on a name yet.

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went with the name Serket Kherepu. Serket is the old Egyptian deity for poison (and is often depicted as a scorpion or with a scorpion on her crown) healing bites and so on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serket and kherepu is what they referred to her priests as, which means "conjurer". smile.gif

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