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The Star Trek Lineage

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Hey guys! I have many new Trek dragons since last time I posted. I picked out a couple of my favorites to share. Shadow Walker with a code of KhNHN, named KHAANNNN, a wonderful PB Nebula named V'Ger's Creator, new children from Jennifer and Benjamin Sisko, and new children from Chakotay and Valerie Archer.



As always if you see a combo that you would like to have from my scroll, I would be happy to breed them for you.


Hope everyone had a good holiday!


(Also every Christmas break I watch all of the Star Trek movies. I got the Director's Cut box set of the first 10 movies many Christmases ago and ever since, I watch all of them before school starts again. Has everyone else seen the movies? Which ones are your favorites? Wrath of Khan, Voyage Home, and First Contact are my personal top 3)

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Greetings crew! Happy 2012! biggrin.gif


I wanted to come over this morning and see what we can do to get this thread started again and really hopping. Here's a proposal: let's come up with some breeding/naming themes for this year, shall we?


I'll check back to the thread later today to see what you have come up with--if no one else has, I will!


Also, I'm going to clear members out of the participating list if they have not posted here in 3 months, so if you'd like to stay as a member please sound off now! wink.gif


This morning, I have three Trek dragons to announce:


Elementary Dear Data

What a gorgeous line, don't you think?


We'll Always Have Paris

(Perhaps her mate?)


The Dauphin


Breeding requests, anyone? smile.gif PM me.


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Ok, let's talk about breeding themes! biggrin.gif


I personally have a ton of even gen Seasonal dragons with all Trek-themed names like these:





And even more PB Vines like these that are Trekkers also:





I have a line of Misfit Pygmies named after the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:





And silly Borg pygmies:




So I'll be working on those.



And I've always wanted to do some even gen inbred Romulan and Cardassian lines...



What are your projects?



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I am going to be working on a couple of things this year. My Sisko and Chakotay breeding project (see my previous post), extending my Bird of Prey Flamingo Wvyern line, and my ST PB nebula project.


I can also work on/start on a group project if that is what the thread decides.


Hope everyone is off to a good start this year!

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I know I have a bunch of lineages I'm supposed to be working on, but I simply can't resist not being a part of this project too. xd.png


I think I'll start with a Spitfire x Skywing even gen lineage with Cardassian names (have most of the starters, all named accordingly ^^). And I also got lucky and managed to snag a Whiptail with a code tcker - so I named it Trip 'Catfish' Tucker. Most tragically, it gendered wrong, so now poor Trip is a female tongue.gif. Anyway, I plan on pairing it with a Swallowtail named Ah'len so actually, Trip's gender is kind of fitting. :3

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Welcome aboard, Stagazer_7! biggrin.gif


I wonder...what about an alternate reality universe line with all opposite genders as the dragons? LOL


I just loved Unexpected , and we just watched Two Days and Two Nights the other day. wink.gif

Edited by trekwriter

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While they aren't organized yet, I have seven CB Whites who will be part of my Vulcan Logic lines.


Beauty of Logic - (♀)

Perfection of Logic - (♂)

Logical Question - (♂)

Logical Answer - (♀)

Deduction - (♂)

Inference - (♀) and

Pure Logic - (♂)


I am also working on a pair I received through the thread here, the Sunset,

Sunset Minuet who has successfully pair with CB Sunrise Riker to produce Quark's Holosuite, and the Magi,

The First Rule of Acquisition and have the CB, Ferengi Pel, as his intended mate. I will continue to post offspring here, when I have them.


@ trekwriter and Erob13 - your lines are wonderful, (as always, smile.gif) and as the year progresses, I hope to work out a couple of projects to include some of your lines.


@stagazer_7 - *waves* Hi stagazer! It's good to see you here, too! smile.gif

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Thanks for the warm welcome, it's good to be on board! biggrin.gif *waves back to dragongrrl*


That's a great idea trekwriter, I think I'm gonna run with it - my very own Alternative Universe lineage. <3 Say, how do you join the bridge crew? *eyes the Chief Medical Officer position* :3


I've got my first Star Trek 2nd gens - Elim Garak & Tora Ziyal the Half-Bajoran that will be the base for my 'Children of Cardassia' even gen project (yup, finally came up with a name for it :3). Hopefully the future pair will like each other. ^^


I've also got an extra pair to go with the line - Glinn Damar and A Bottle Of Kanar. I just gave them a go, but they showed no interest, which amuses me to no end. xd.png I think I'll go up to 4th gen with this for now, but will probably expand it later - baby steps. smile.gif


Also bred a hatchie named Xyrillian Engineer - first of the AU Whiptails. And I added Capitain Johnatan Archer (Whiptail F) and T'Pol the Science Officer (Swallowtail M) to the mix.


I'll start offering eggs here once I wrap up these projects, probably even sooner if Fertility fails, but if anyone wants a lower gen Trekkie, don't hesitate to PM me for an egg. smile.gif

Edited by stagazer_7

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I was wondering when people would notice some of the bridge positions had opened up! biggrin.gif


@Stagazer_7--you will be added as CMO. wink.gif

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@ trekwriter Thanks for adding me Capt'n! *runs off to find her hypospray*


My breeding has been going pretty well - I've got my first CoC (Children of Cardassia) 3rd gen and have another AU lineage hatchie. :3


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Captains Log, Stardate: ALL DRAGONS ALL THE TIME...


We are at this time working with a skeleton crew composed of myself, Chief Engineer Erob13, Tactical Officer Babylon2260 and the CMO.


Stagazer_7 is currently running around the ship with a hypospray. biggrin.gif






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Attention crew - it has come to my attention none of you have been innoculated against Andorian measles. I've contacted my collegaue, dr. McCoy and he was kind enough to send me his latest stock of vaccines he got from a Ferengi on Space eBay. There might be some minor side effects.


All interested are welcome to stop by in the sick bay. xd.png

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Well as my patients, the twin warp nacelles, are healthy; I guess I can come get my vaccination Doctor. biggrin.gif


Captain Trekwriter, the reports of the replicators on Deck 5 replicating purple tinted food has been fixed. Apparently one of my engineering ensigns tried to play a trick on his buddy, but obviously slept through Circuitry 324 as he made an Academy level mistake and forgot to wire the hue switch correctly.

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Hello. I happened upon your vessel. Request to join. I am new to the forums, though I have been around for a while in the cave part. I have bred and named a few of my dragons after Star Trek already without knowledge of this little community. Awaiting reply. (can't resist,"Spock out.") tongue.gif

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