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What was it like when you first joined?

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*smirk* I joined in late '07. I'm old. When I started out, I kept grabbing CB eggs because their descriptions fascinated me.

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I joined in October last year. Back then, the AP was usually completely empty, and even if there were eggs in it it was never more than 2 rows. Cave-blocking didn't exist, and cave drops would occur regularly, exactly when they were supposed to happen. I remember when papers used to have genders - one of mine still has, and it looks rather odd next to the two other ungendered papers on my scroll. xd.png Also, most of the dragons were named after their colours, and their eggs were one solid colour. Those who weren't - Guardians, Skywings, and Splits - were considered uncommon or even rare.


There were smaller number of breeds then - duh - and I could even keep track of them in a word document. Newer breeds could be more easily obtained as well, since there were less players then and no cave-blocking mechanism.


I also remember when alts had different coloured eggs, and the AP would be full of ordinary blacks and vines. (I'm sure many of the older players have screenshots of this, even if I don't.) Later, TJ changed it so that it would be impossible to tell whether an egg was an alt or not until it hatched.


And up until the end of last year TJ would post updates about new species of eggs in Saurian, and people would scramble to translate them and then post translations for others. The old news threads are still available in the News subforum, although all the replies have been wiped.

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When I started DC everyone was hunting for alts (black and green) smile.gif Their eggs was different from normal blacks and greens so AP was full of "failed eggs".

Aww, I want those times back! tongue.gif

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I joined in January of this year. I remember when the frills and Geodes came out and I was like "OMG, OMG, NEW EGGIES!!! : D" and then Valentines eggs came out a few days later when everyone would be locked, and I hadn't caught any Frills so I managed to catch ONE Valentine. :3

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And man do I remember the lag. We talk about lag now, but if you start before April of this year then you've been through lag. lol Although, honestly, the St. Patrick's Day lag was more of a hosting problem that got corrected.



Ugh, I remeber the Lag Monster. Almost lost a few hatchies to it. (The have ...the Lag Surviver after their name, an man am I bad at spelling without spell check.)

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Bump so it doesn't get auto cleaned.

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Soon after I joined the frills and geodes first came out. I remember how happy I was to catch and frill and how long it took to get my first geode.

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Wow... That old red is actually pretty awesome.

I joined sometime during the end of 08. I remember when I first joined I got so frustrated that I just left. I couldn't pick up any eggs from the cave, the AP wouldn't load, and I didn't know what else to to so... I left.

When I returned in Dec, I remember I was a pretty casual player. I picked up some eggs, hatched them through my signatures and eventually joined the forums. After that... I wasn't casual anymore.

I didn't even know about rares until I joined the forums. In fact, I doubt that I even knew about dragons SPECIES until I joined the forums.



I remember hating purples and pinks due to a female heavy scroll...

Ah, Splits! That's what I was into when I first came back.

I wanted a pair of splits, so I would search for hours for split eggs. *cough*

They always gendered male however, so I ended up trading 3 males for my current females.


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I can't believe I was actually hunting for frills a year ago! blink.gif

I remember I wanted my first egg to be a blue one, but couldn't get a winter.

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Ah yes I remember back in the day.... I joined summer 08.... egg catching was easy, multi metallic clutches were common, no annoying limits such as freezing etc, the AP was filled with blacks and vines that no one wanted lol, the alt eggs were different, dragons matured at 3.5 days, naming was easy, papers and dinos had genders, TJ's scroll was vissable, the lagmonster, the datamonster, the pokemons and all that too of course...


Aw I miss the good 'ol days sniff

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I joined in July '09. Just when the Old Pinks were getting phased out. LOL; orz I saw'em breeze by in the AP and I took a "bright and pink" egg from the Cave, thinking there was a chance that it'd be an old Pink, but I didn't know they weren't being released in cave drops anymore.


Anyways, when I joined, BSAs hadn't been included yet, and neither had the dragons that came August and after... Managed to get an Orchredrake, Pygmy and Albino, but I only got a Cheese several months later.


Other than that, I don't think much changed. I've only seen improvements. :3

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Metallics were so common I got one of my golds from the 5 minute drops. I also remember pinks and mints getting picked up right away. Also, the worst change ever went live for a few days. When you clicked on an egg from the cave you got a confirmation box asking if you really wanted that egg, so in essence you had to be the first person to click twice to grab it. I lost out on a CB gold because of that damn confirmation box. mad.gif

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Back then, killing too many eggs would get your scroll burned, which was why the zombies had been discontinued. Also, the Neglected Science thread would never have been allowed to live because there was a rule against telling people how to get certain dragons. I didn't believe I'd ever get a zombie, or that anyone would ever help me try to get a neglected.


Also, the first time I was given an egg, I didn't know the usual way to trade/transfer, so I just picked it up off the AP when my friend abandoned it, because that was possible at the time (but not for long, thanks to the Halloween mass breed that came several days later).

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Way back when I joined, in 08...


TJ's scroll was visible and we knew any fogged eggs on his scroll were new release eggs

Where you could only breed and get one egg

Where you could only breed females with males (and not the other way around)

No fancy lineages

You'd see CB metallics, papers and chickens a lot more often in the cave.

Before descriptions

When you could name eggs, lol

Before you could add spaces in names

When the AP was empty most of the time and when it wasn't, it only displayed three eggs at a time. There was no such thing as AP blocked.


So be grateful for what you have, we didn't have all this fancy stuff when we were stalking around the Cave. tongue.gif

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Oh gosh. I was just scrolling around the news section, searching for something, but took the time to view all the old updates anyway. And now I feel very nostalgic. xd.png


The breed action was only available to female dragons, no lineage checking thingies on dragon pages, TJ's scroll was visible for everyone to see, people gifting rares all the time in TGT like it was nothing, CB rares released way more often... basically stuff that Blackfeathr said. (I just happened to look up in the middle of typing this. X3)


Ah, old times.

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Mine was rather long ago. No revive function so a dead hatchie was stone-cold tombstones. I cried on my bed when my first hatchie died. (Don't laugh, I did spend almost a year getting it.)


No forums, so that also forboded no egg-clicking sites. Hence, views were rather low for growing up.


No descriptions too. We had to imagine our dragons being less than just pixels.


Sigh, retrospect.

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Haha, the good old days. I joined ages ago, but left and rejoined. But back in my day...


CB Black and Whites were so common nobody gave them a second look.

Neglecteds were legend, but said to not be available. (Haha, changed that now!)

And Neglecteds had the old sprites.

I saw Golds and Silvers in the Cave quite often.

Hollies were going to be released. smile.gif


So i'm an oldy. I can't remember most of the stuff back then. And we didn't have a forum.

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To tell you the truth, I don't much remember because all of my eggs died. I hadn't joined the forums yet (and when I did I kept forgetting I had an account here), so the first time I ever got a hatchling was when I joined here. They also died, of course, but you get the idea.

It seems to me like so much has changed since then. I do remember there being a help page for newer members and somewhat recall when there used to be Status for eggs and hatchlings. They really ought to bring those two back.

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2008, autumn. Five minutes after my account had been made, I rushed to the AP and grabbed my very first egg, a bright pink one. I didn't quite like them, I though I could easily get another one some other day and, a few months later, they are discontinued. Now I kick myself everyday for not getting more.


I joined the forums a year later. They always seemed pretty distant to me, never would have guessed they're full of such friendly people. Because of my lack of interest in them, I had to find out all the breeding slash egg sickness slash rare eggs by myself. So I registered, started posting like crazy and, well, here I am.


Now I can say I settled down. I have a scroll that I'm very proud of (albeit it's not that big, concerning its number of dragons), a Pygmy project I have recently started and I had the joy of living all the exciting moments that releases always bring.

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I searched pretty well, forgive me if there's been a topic like this before.

But I was just remembering yesterday, how Dragcave was back then before it got new sprites and such.  How much can you remember about DC when you joined that is different now?


I remember joining when the '07 Christmas Dragons were being dropped, and I wasn't able to catch one, but all my other friends had...oh how I wanted one.  I thought they were beautiful.  Still do. <3

I also remember all the old sprites...I have to wonder if I still have them saved..

The old sprites were the reason I didn't want a White back then. xd.png

Papers had genders (mine still does...he's male, bottom of my scroll).

You were able to breed metallics together (I bred my Silver and Gold and got a Silver).


It was also a time when you didn't have to compete with 500 different people for an egg, and when it was likely that you actually WOULD see a CB metallic in your lifetime.  In fact, they were dropped quite often, as I remember.

I also remember that back then, Dinos were Yoshis.  And my friends considered Pinks and Purples rare and wonderful because they were the only dragons who could be female, next to the Silver.


Kinda makes me wish there was a way to view DC in the old way, with the old sprites and everything.  I wish so much the old DC was back, even if there were some problems with it.


What about Dragcave now is different from how it was back then when you joined?


Edit:  Ah!  I do have them saved!


Though the bottom ones never existed, I just thought they were awesome.

And I found a picture of the long gone Nursery, too. :'3


Heh, I joined Feb. 2009, so I can hardly post here...


Nevertheless, I see those old sprites and...


Well, let's be nice and say I like the red and the split. And that's about all.


Still, that silver x gold is gorgeous! Lucky, my friend!


(I've noticed rare x rare has happened every Jan/Feb. I'm going to try it in 2011.)


Edit: and, yes, there was a 2010, Feb silver x gold. Someone in chat had bred it, being a newb, and got one.

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I remember that the dragons didn't have BSA when I joined, and I think the guardians came a few days after that I've had joined (but I'm not sure since I wasn't that active here in the forums back then). And I remember that the papers had gender, and I wanted one so badly that I could kill to get one (lol), but I wasn't able to grabb mine until after that they lost their genders... D:

Oh, well, there's much to remember, but I've bad memory, so I forget things easy... .___.

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I joined in Autumn 2008, shortly before summers stopped dropping. Couldn't raise my first batch without them getting killed until a month later, because I didn't know about fansites xd.png. Papers had gender, there was no problem with a clogged AP and breeding was a female-only action.

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I remember how my friend found DragCave and brought us this madness. *laugh* We went sooo crazy.

Re-registering after every hatchling's death. I stayed when Greyback grew up.

I remember the pop-ups that asked "do you really want to take this egg?"

Releasing the skywings & guardians. It was only few days after we got our fingers in this good dragon pie. We thought that skywings are rare and I was so glad when I got four of them.

Seeing metallics and dinos in cave about... every five minutes. I never got one.

Meeting Lagmonster soon after joining.

I remember when water eggs didn't have puddle around them.

When you wanted to check someone's lineage, then you didn't click on a little text. You went through every page by yourself. And you drew all this up.

Being jealous for someone's five-generation lineage.

Paper's genders. My friend's paper, Pabiber, has still gender. It's female. Cute, isn't it?

No worrying about cave blocking. We didn't know what this is. We just attacked AP and picked every egg we could.

We had NO idea that we could have such a thing as BSA.

Hunting for alts. I was once sure that I saw purple alt. And I was one of the firsts who saw geode (I thought it is alt rock. xd.png).

TJ's scroll was visible.

We thought that the fogs in scrolls are new eggs.

The eggs appeared to cave on inserthour.00 . Not a second sooner or later.

Neglected dragons were myths and zombies made us cry.


P.S.: Don't get the 'we' wrong. I know that someone could. I usually talked about me and other egg crazies in one old HP forum.

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