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The Agnimitra OoC Thread

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Joyeux noël!

And whatever else that you guys can celebrate! xd.png


After this season? Until spring!!!! O.o

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Oh! *Relieved and therefore crawl to it's bed and fall asleep*


...If only I was that good with myself. *Playing L4D2...*


Well I'll look forward for the new start then.

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I have no idea what you are talking about Key. I'm the spacey one xd.png. How can you all forget where we are? I haven't posted in a while and I still remember *scratches head*


*dances* Tis christmas vacation >:D YAH!

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I know where we all are. I read every post so I can know. Though, I admit, when there is like a whole page of new posts, I tend to skim...


xd.png Yay! Christmas! I've already been on my vacation for a week. Yay for being in college and having early finals!

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Happy Holidays Everyone! I decided to spruce up the holidays by doing a little (a lot...) of Christmas themed Agnimtra fanfic (thats right. Agnimtra is so awesome it has its own fanfic xd.png). This took me about 6 hours of straight work so enjoy xd.png.


Falcon and Ida/Hope


“Time to wake up Falcy!” Mother’s voice drifted in from the other room.


Falcon yawned and opened her eyes. Blinking, her mouth turned a strangely adult looking frown burdened by worry and depression, a frown no five-year-old should ever have. A young Falcon stretched and yawned before yelling back “I’m tired mum. I don’t wanna get up.”


The words were said in a pouty and childish way. Already, Falcon’s eyes were clouded over with angry tears and she was on the edge of throwing a fit. Falcon was a difficult child. She threw a fit at the slightest provocation. As if she sensed her daughter’s distress, her mother raced into the room. The woman that was Falcon’s mother had curly black hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. Her piercing blue eyes sought out Falcon before stopping their frantic searching when they found their daughter on the verge of tears. Her mother smiled softly and made her way slowly and gracefully to Falcon’s side. “Shh… My little dove. Did you forget? It’s Christmas. Do you want to get up now?”


Her mother’s hands slowly combed through her daughter’s hair as she waited for the little girl’s response. Falcon considered her mother’s words for a moment before turning her childishly chubby face towards her mother and frowning again. Although her face looked like that of a child, the frown somehow aged her face considerably. Falcon’s mother was aware of the change too. She drew back and shook her head as if to clear it of the disturbing image. Sometimes it bothered her how she had managed to produce such a difficult and adult-like child, and yet… she loved her little Falcon. How could she not? She was a product of her true love, even if her love wasn’t here to see their child grow up.


At this, her hand flew up to her chest. It wouldn’t do to think of Stick, the man she had been engaged too. It brought back to many painful memories and longings. To distract herself she muttered a quote from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream “The course of true love never did run smooth.”


Her daughter eyed her curiously but said nothing more. Instead she proceeded to say what was on her mind “Uncle Dark said Christmas is stupid because it’s a human holiday.”


Her mother frowned and kissed the top of her daughter’s head gently. “I don’t ever want you to listen to what that man says. It’s all a lie.”


“Then why do you listen to him Mommy?” Falcon asked quietly.


That question caught Falcon’s mother off guard. She paused as she considered her answer. “I listen to him because I love you Falcy.” She whispered.


If she didn’t listen to Dark they would both die. Ida was perfectly willing to give up her own life, but not that of her daughter’s. There was too much love in her heart for her child to risk her life by doing something stupid like disobeying him. As long as he kept the man happy, Falcon would stay alive. As long as Falcon was alive, she still had something to live for.


Falcon frowned at the answer. It obviously didn’t please her. “That doesn’t make any sense Mommy.”


Falcon’s mother smiled thoughtfully “No. It certainly doesn’t.”


“I don’t wanna celebrate Christmas Mommy. I’m going back to bed.” Falcon pouted before lying down and closing her eyes. A small snore escaped her little body in a matter of seconds.


Falcon’s mother frowned and watched the small, vulnerable, sleeping form of her daughter. She reminded her so much of Dark, it was frightening and although she wouldn’t admit it to herself, the little girl’s attitude reminded her of Stick too. She definitely took after them in the personality department. As she kissed her daughter’s hair one more time, she hoped against hope her daughter would turn out like neither. As much as she loved Stick, she didn’t want the same kind of vengeance driven life for her daughter.


Older Falcon and Mark


“Why Mark? Why?” Falcon asked in disgust.


Her hand was placed protectively on her bulging belly. Their first child was due soon. That thought inspired a thrill of excitement and love within Falcon, alien emotions next to her usual negativity and anger. As she rubbed her stomach, she wondered if this was a new beginning for her. This child brought things into perspective. She didn’t have to kill her father just because he left her behind. She was capable of love and emotion. Her eyes twinkled at the thought as she looked at her husband, even though she was still frowning in disapproval.


Just because she was excited about the prospects life offered her now didn’t mean she enjoyed Christmas. She still hated that stupid holiday with a vengeance. She wasn’t quite sure why, but the seeds of hate had been planted in her while she was very young. She had never properly celebrated a Christmas… until this moment. It seemed Mark was intent upon forcing the experience upon her.


The object of her disdain was the living room. It was draped in cheesy Christmas garland and bright twinkling Christmas lights. Every available surface was covered in some cheap Christmas decoration. All the frivolity made her wince unconsciously. It was all just too much. The worst of it was the gigantic Christmas tree placed in the middle of the room. Golden baubles and garland was wrapped around the huge monstrosity of a tree as if the decorations wanted to choke the life out of the poor innocent pine.


In response to his wife’s disdain, Mark merely chuckled and embraced her. He paused as he took a moment to bury his face in her curly black hair before whispering to her quietly “Well my dear… I figured that since we will be celebrating Christmas for three next year, we might as well get used to the idea of celebrating Christmas at all.”


Falcon paused and soaked in his words. They hit her someplace deep. Biting her lip, she thought of why she had never celebrated a Christmas for three before. Her stupid father had left her before she was even born. What a miserable man to leave his daughter alone without a father. Childhood can never be taken back. She would never have the chance to celebrate a Christmas for three as a child. She was intent upon not taking away that opportunity for her child also. Certainly she wouldn’t enjoy the experience, but she would survive it. It was an easy enough burden to bear to give her child the best life possible. “I suppose you’re right Mark.” She said grudgingly.


Mark chuckled again and kissed her gently on the top of her head. They stood there a moment in the dim lights from Christmas bulbs, content to merely be in each others arms before Mark let go and gave her a crooked smile. “Time for presents then?” he asked playfully.


Falcon’s face turned disdainful again and she grimaced. “Really Mark? Presents? The decorations aren’t enough torture for you?”


He chuckled again and replied lightheartedly “I suppose they weren’t. You know how I love to torture you Falcon. Do you remember your birthday last year?”


They both paused for a moment, thinking back to that day. Mark’s face was creased with the effort of trying to hold back the laughs building up inside of him. Falcon, on the other hand, was so green it looked as if she was sick to her stomach. They both turned back to each other at the exact same moment and paused as they examined the other’s expression. Falcon’s face went from green to an irritated red when she saw Mark’s obvious amusement. Mark burst into a fit of hysterics when he saw Falcon’s irritation. “It really wasn’t that funny Mark.” She said irritably while rolling her eyes.


“Yes. It was.” Mark managed to wheeze out between fits of hysteric laughter.


Falcon watched her husband double over in laughter with silent disdain for a minute but ever so slowly the red drained from her face and was replaced by an amused smile. One forced giggle escaped her lips as she watched her husband and thought back to that dreadful day. “I suppose it was a tiny bit funny.” She said quietly, afraid to admit that Mark was right.


Mark continued laughing for a few seconds before he got control of himself. As the final laughs died away, he sighed and wiped his forehead, another playful smile edging around his lips. “I’ll take what I can get.”


With a surprising amount of anticipation, Mark grabbed Falcon’s hand and led her to the foot of the tree. Sitting down, he silently patted the ground next to him, looking up at her with excited eyes. Falcon rolled her eyes and groaned as she dropped herself to the ground. It would be a hassle getting back up again. She rubbed her sore and swollen ankles as she thought of this. Everything only got more difficult as she continued to swell up like a balloon. Thank goodness the due date was approaching and it would all be over soon. “All right. As long as you plan on being my torturer, lets got this torture over with as quickly as we possibly can.” She grumbled.


Mark smiled again, his hand already reaching for a wrapped present under the tree. Pulling it out, he held it out to Falcon, waiting. His eyes gleamed with excitement. Hesitantly, Falcon reached over and took the present. She examined the present silently, weighting it in her hands to try and figure out what it was. Whatever it was, it was unbelievably light. It almost felt weightless. She looked up at Mark, confusion written across her face. He smiled eagerly in response and nodded down at the present.


Scowling, Falcon reached down and started to tear the paper off. As each scrap of cheesy Santa print wrapping paper fell to the floor, she drew in a stunned breath and smiled despite her former disdain. As the present was revealed, she couldn’t help but feel happy. This was proof that Mark knew her better then anyone else. No one would have stopped to think of giving her something so simple, but for her, it was the most thoughtful and perfect present he could have thought to give. Reaching down, she grabbed the handful of falcon feathers and held them up to the light. She ran her fingers through them at marveled at the silky smoothness. “Thank you, Mark. I needed some new feathers for fletching more arrows.”


An ecstatic grin spread across his face. “I knew you’d like it. Something practical but also something… more, but we’re not done yet. One more present to go.”


Falcon scowled again “No Mark. What you given me is already too perfect. I don’t need anything else.”


Mark winked at her as he drew out the final present from under the tree. “This isn’t for you Falcon.”


Confused, Falcon reached out and plucked the final present from Mark’s awaiting hand. Examining it, she couldn’t help but smile at who the present was addressed to. In a beautiful cursive handwriting, the present was addressed to ‘Our Baby.’ “I suppose that means I have to open it then, since our baby can’t open it for himself.” Falcon said.


Mark paused and smiled “I suppose that means you will. Oh well. For some reason, I don’t think he’ll mind.”


Falcon didn’t stop to take the time to wonder what could possibly be in this present. Instead, her fingers tore away at the wrapping eagerly, revealing the object underneath. Smiling, she ripped off the final piece of wrapping paper and ran her hand slowly over the leather cover. It was so cheesy and yet so beautiful. It was a book titled ‘Our Baby.’ Slowly, Falcon flipped it open and examined the heavy expensive paper inside. There were questions with blank lines, just waiting to be filled. There was a large variety of questions such as ‘Eye color?’ ‘Name?’ and ‘First Word?’


Falcon paused as her eyes roamed over ‘First Word?’ and said “I can fill that in right now. Our baby’s first word is going to be idiot because her father is one. A big, lovable, huggable idiot.”


Mark laughed. “I love you too Falcon. Now where is my present?”


Falcon paused. Mark would know that she hated Christmas. She hadn’t even thought they were going to be celebrating this year. “I didn’t get you a present Mark.” She said hesitantly.


Mark laughed again and looked at her with playful eyes. “Of course you did. You just don’t know it yet.”


Before Falcon had a chance to react, Mark had leaned over and pressed his lips to hers with surprising urgency. Falcon’s eyes widened for a moment but soon she relaxed and kissed him back with the same urgency. They wrapped their arms around each other and closed their eyes, drinking in the beauty of the moment. Mark’s lips fit perfectly in hers. They moved in a strange harmony that bespoke a strange but intense sort of love. The moment was like beautiful music. It was all so perfect, Falcon could hardly stand it.


They could have stayed locked like this forever, but they both had to breathe. Mark was the first one to reluctantly pull back. He gasped for breath after going without oxygen for so long. Falcon drew in one gasping breath too. Mark turned his large eyes towards her and stared at his wife in complete adoration. Falcon smiled at the look in his eyes and sighed. Leaning over, she placed her head gently on his shoulder and inhaled a shaky breath. Closing her eyes, she let herself become intoxicated by his scent, ash and burnt wood. “Merry Christmas Mark.” She muttered.


“Merry Christmas Falcon.” He said, before gently kissing the top of her head again.


Lilia and Jacob/Puppy


Jacob had found the glue. It was a nightmare, a horror to behold. The area around his desk looked like a disaster zone, not to mention Jacob did also. The little boy had managed to unscrew the lid off the top of the container and dump the sticky white liquid all over himself and the desk. Taking his hands, he giggled gleefully as he wiped the glue all over the desk again, just for good measure. Taking his hands, he clapped them together then giggled with delight when his hands stuck together before he pulled them apart again. Jacob was having the time of his life.


Even better then the glue was the fact that today was the last day before Christmas vacation started. Jacob couldn’t wait to get out of pre-school. The teacher had given them all bags of candy in recognition of the coming holiday and the best of all was that they had been given the whole day to play. It was a Christmas miracle. As Jacob continued to play with his new found toy, gluey hands, a young black haired girl sneaked up behind him. There was a playful look on her face.


As she finally reached the spot directly behind the preoccupied little boy, she let out a giggle. Jacob jumped and whirled around. The girl’s giggle had given her away, but it was already too late. In the matter of seconds it had taken her to giggle, the girl had already done the evil dead. Jacob looked down at himself in disdain. Lilia was an evil genius when it came to pranks. She had found a container of glitter and dumped it over Jacob’s head. It stuck to the glue all over his body and transformed him into a glittering little boy.


“LIIIIILIA!” He screamed, his words long and drawn out.


Jacob stuck out his lip and let out a small whimper, preparing to cry. Lilia didn’t seem to notice that Jacob was on the verge of tears. She smiled and giggled. “You look like a Christmas tree Jake.”


Suddenly, Jacob went from looking like he was on the verge of tears to looking unbelievably happy. A grin spread across his face as an evil plan formed in his mind. “I’ve got a present for you Lilia.” He said with a smile.


Lilia’s eyes glittered when he said this. She jumped up and down excitedly, looking at him with eager eyes. “Whatcha get me Jake? I want to see it!”


Jacob tapped his little foot and looked thoughtful. First he had to reel her in if this plan was going to work correctly. He had the bait, now just came the lure. “I don’t know… It isn’t Christmas yet…”


Lilia’s eyes got wider and she jumped up and down with more enthusiasm. “PLEASE JAKE! I wanna see it!”


Lilia was the one who looked on the verge of tears now. Her eyes widened as she watched him with expectant curiosity. Just for good measure, Jacob tapped his foot again, as if deep in thought. When Lilia saw this, one lone tear drifted down the side of her cheek. She bit her lip, attempting to hold back the childish tantrum that was building up inside of her. Jacob looked at Lilia and smiled a conniving smile. “I guess Lilia… Just let me go get it…”


Lilia jumped up in excitement. She twitched and fidgeted as she waited to see the present her friend Jacob had gotten for her, but she was taken by surprise when Jacob opened up his arms and crashed into her, enveloping her in a huge hug. Jacob’s giggles resounded throughout the whole classroom as he drew back. Now he wasn’t the only one who looked like a Christmas tree. Lilia was covered in glitter and glue from head to toe. “JAAACOOOB!” she cried loudly.


Jacob clapped his sticky hands together again and put on a wide goofy grin. “Merry Christmas Lilia.”


Lilia looked as if she was about to say something when Mrs. Kerse, the teacher, suddenly came hustling over to them “Now what’s all this noise I’m hearing?” she asked.


Mrs. Kerse took in the surroundings and gasped. The two little children had managed to turn this corner of the classroom into a disaster zone. Frowning she looked down at the two children and shook her head. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to call your parents. Looks like you two will be going home for Christmas early.”


Jacob clapped his sticky hands together. He returned to giggling with delight when he tried to pull them apart. Lilia, on the other hand, seemed to realize that this call wasn’t going to be good. There was bound to be a timeout at the end of this. She crossed her arms and frowned, tears gathering in the corner of her eyes. This was a very merry beginning to a Christmas holiday.


Owl, Puppy/Jacob, and Pandora (Puppy’s Mommy biggrin.gif)


“Daddy? Can I stop now?” Jacob muttered.


It was an early Christmas morning and Jacob was cleaning the bathroom floor with a toothbrush. It was a punishment he was quite used to. No one said life was easy. It certainly wasn’t when you had someone like Owl for a father. Owl didn’t stand any disobedience and any that he did get was punished in the harshest way possible, just on the verge of being cruel, but not quite. “You should have thought of that when you were being bad at school Jake.” His father replied harshly.


Jacob dropped the toothbrush and frowned. Tears seeped out of the corner of his eyes. He still wasn’t quite sure what he had done wrong. What was so bad about playing with glitter and glue? As he imagined the scene at school, a barrage of tears escaped his eyes. Soon he was on the floor, sobbing like the little boy he was. Owl paused and sighed. Bending down, he scooped his young son off the floor and said “I’m sorry Jacob. Sometimes I forget you are just a little boy, but please remember, things are not going to be easy in your life. You need to learn that. The sooner the better.”


“Oh come on Owl. It’s Christmas. Can we forget the life lessons for just one day?” a tinkling voice called from an adjacent room.


Owl smiled at the sound of the voice despite his usual harsh demeanor “Life lessons don’t take a holiday honey.”


In response, a head poked around the corner and took in the sight of Owl holding his young son in his arms. The woman had a thin pixyish face with large expressive eyes. Her lips were a pale rose pink and perfectly shaped. Her nose was perhaps a bit to large for her face, but it didn’t detract from her beauty much. Billows of shimmering blonde hair cascaded down the side of her head. She had magical pale green eyes that constantly flitted around the room, never settling to look on one object for too long. Owl took in a deep breath and smiled. He may be the only one in this room who could turn into a dragon, but his wife was more magical then he ever would be.


It was in the way she moved, the way she spoke, the way she looked, the way she was. It was as if a perpetual cloud of mystery, magic, and beauty enveloped her. If fairies were real then his wife Pandora definitely was one. Even the name Pandora seemed magical to him. “Please Owl. Life lessons on the backburner for just one day.” She pleaded in her tinkling voice.


She looked at him with her large expressive eyes and blinked once, a small smile appearing on the edge of her face. Owl signed in resignation. When she looked at him like that, he couldn’t help but soften up his usual rock hard demeanor and give in. It was weakness, but it was also part of the reason he had fallen in love and married a human. This woman was going to be the death of him. He felt it in his bones. He had survived so long only by ignoring such weakness as that he felt for his Panda (his cute nickname for her), and yet he couldn’t find the strength to leave her or stand against her magical hold on him.


“Alright Panda. Life lessons on the back burner, just for today. Come on Jake. Let’s go open some Christmas presents.” Owl replied while setting his young son gently on the ground.


Jacob jumped up and down, excited at the prospect of not having to clean the bathroom floors with a toothbrush and also being able to open presents. This day was going to be better then he thought. He squealed in delight and ran out of the bathroom in the direction of the living room, leaving his parents behind.


“Thanks for that. I love seeing our little Jacob so happy.” Pandora said with a smile.


Owl sighed as he drowned in his wife’s presence. “No problem Panda. I’d do anything to make you happy and if seeing him happy makes you happy then I’ll do it in a heartbeat… though he isn’t as little as he used to be. He won’t be little for much longer. He’s got to learn the world is a tough place and giving him Christmas presents isn't going to do that. You raised him yourself. You know he’s a little… well, not a tough minded kid. He won’t survive out in the world as he is now.”


Pandora sighed and shook her head, stepping into the room with her husband. “I sometimes wonder Owl… what happened to make you as you are? I don’t believe I’ve ever met such a pessimistic old fool before. What in your past made you like this? Why are you so eager to have Jacob grow up? Why can’t he enjoy the innocence of childhood just like every other human should have the chance too? You really are too hard on the little guy.”


Owl paused and frowned. The reason he couldn’t afford to let the little guy have the easy route was because there was a fifty percent chance he would grow up to be an Agnimtra. There was no such thing as an easy life for an Agnimtra. It was best to be prepared for the worst. Life had taught him that much. “You know I can’t tell you about my past Panda bear. Just know I’m doing what’s best for our boy.”


Pandora sighed and wrapped her small arms around her husband’s waist. Standing on her toes, she pecked her husband on the cheek and whispered. “I trust you dear… doesn’t mean I have to like it though.”


Owl nodded somberly. He would accept that much.


“Mommy! Daddy! Are you coming?” Jacob’s high whiney voice echoed from across the house.


Owl smiled and laughed “We’ll be there in a second Jacob. Be patient.”


“He really is much too innocent and cute for his own good.” Pandora muttered.


“That he is.” Owl laughed as a he tilted his wife’s face to his.


They locked eyes for a moment before Owl sighed and looked away. Walking out of the bathroom, he took his wife’s hand and guided her to the living room where their son was waiting, eager to begin the holidays.


Finally, Stick and Ida/Hope


He blinked at the prices on the outrageous menu. When it came to picking things to do on the holidays Ida certainly didn’t spare the expense. Rather then picking a normal comfy Christmas at home by the tree, Ida had instead decided they should go out to the fanciest restaurant in town. Why did he always seem to end up wearing a tux when he and Ida went out? It was extremely out of character for him to wear anything so constricting and yet he did, because it made Ida happy. He would do anything to make Ida happy, especially tonight of all nights considering what he was planning to do. Thinking about it already had him sweating and nervous.


Looking over the top of the menu, he sighed as he drank Ida in. She was wearing a beaded floor length green gown that showed off a teasing amount of her back. He absolutely loved and hated the fact that Ida had a talent for showing off just enough skin to bring glances but not quite enough skin to be scandalous. Whenever she dressed like this, he found it hard to keep his eyes where they were supposed to be. Forcing his eyes up, he met her piercing blue gaze and swallowed. Ida was looking at him curiously, as if she could read his mind. Did she know what was coming?


“So… why did you drag me here Ida? Couldn’t we have just had a comfortable Christmas at home?” he asked.


Ida sighed and laughed a little “What fun would that be Stick? This is so much more romantic, like a scene from a book I read once.”


Stick dropped the menu and raised an eyebrow “You’ve read more books then my heart has beat in my lifetime.”


Ida paused and gave him a playful smile. “That’s not really saying much, considering you’re a heartless old…”


Stick let out a husky dry laugh, tinged with a hint of nervous hysteria. “Language, please. We are out in public. I’m surprised at you Ida. That sounds like something I would say.”


Ida giggled and winked at him. “I have my moments. Now what’s going on Stick? You’re acting completely out of character. Since when do you care about foul language? Not to mention, you didn’t put up much of a fuss when I suggested we eat here. Usually I have to drag in your dead corpse to go anywhere formal.”


“It’s nothing at all.” He lied through his teeth.


Ida frowned and shook her head. “Out with it you mangy lying scalebag.”


Stick laughed once again. Only he and Ida would understand the meaning of scalebag. It was funny how their relationship was one of pure love and yet they insulted each other like drunken sailors. Only in his strange little world would that be considered acceptable and even attractive. Now that he thought about it, Ida was more then just attractive. She was the woman who loved irrevocably. Nothing could ever change that. His heart was always going to be in her hands, which was the whole reason he had decided to give her himself forever this night… if he could only work up the confidence.


The whole room felt stifling, choking as the moment approached. Was he the only one sweating bullets in here? Looking around the room, he wished the temperature was a little lower. With shaking hands, he briefly reached into his coat pocket for the object that would seal his fate forever. As his fingers wrapped around the tiny velvet box, his breath suddenly came in gasps. He really couldn’t remember a time when he had been more nervous.


Ida drank in his nervousness and rolled her eyes. “Really Stick. You’re ruining the moment. It’s not that hard. Do I need to give you a step by step tutorial?”


Even Ida’s ridicule was not enough to dispel his nervousness. His shaking only got worse as his fingers tightened around the box in his hand. Ida still had not seen the box, but he was fairly sure she knew it was there. She was very perceptive. Ida gave him a withering look then rolled her eyes again “If you can’t seem to do it properly…”


With one fluid movement, Ida picked up her bag off the table. She rummaged around, looking for something. There was a look of deep concentration on her face. Stick didn’t have the vaguest idea what she was up to, until she smiled suddenly and withdrew an object out of her purse. She smiled ruefully as she went down on one knee and looked at him with her large blue eyes. It was like a moment frozen in time. The two of them took in the others gaze, looking deep into their soul.


“Will you marry me you heartless scalebag?” she asked.


A sudden silence enveloped them as they took in the situation. They looked around the room. People were staring unashamedly, eyes wide with wonder and disdain. It was the twenties after all and the girl was usually the one getting proposed to, not the other way around. Their glances didn’t bother Stick though. This moment was pure magic. Pulling out his own velvet covered box, he showed it to her and sighed “This really wasn’t how I was envisioning this night going. I was thinking more traditional but… I will marry you, you book leech.”


Ida opened her own box and revealed a simple silver band. “Great. Now I’m stuck with you forever. This is the worst Christmas in the world.”


He smiled bitterly and nodded “I love you too Ida, now let’s do the rest of this the traditional way.”


Quietly, he opened his own box and revealed an intricate wedding band covered in sparkling diamonds. There was something decidedly breathtaking about it. Picking it up with reverent fingers, he nodded at Ida, who smiled and stood up. In response to this, he slid down on one knee. Smiling, Ida held out her hand, and with shaking fingers, he slid the band onto her finger. As soon as it was in place, he sighed in relief. It was finally over and they were going to be married. Gently, he kissed her hand and smiled up at her. Despite the former looks of disdain, the dining room erupted into applause. There were cries of congratulations coming from complete strangers. Stick stood up and grabbed his fiancé’s hand.


“See? Not that hard, but don’t expect me to get down on one knee and slip your ring on your finger. That right is reserved especially for me” Ida whispered to him as the applause dimmed down.


They stood there for a second, drinking in all that had happened before Ida silently let go of his hand and slid into her seat. It took a moment for Stick to catch his breath and sit down again. Ida smiled and held out the box that contained her ring. “There you go. Now put it on.”


He plucked it from her hands and took the ring out of the box. With as much seriousness as when he had put Ida’s ring on, he slipped the plain silver band over his own finger, sealing their union. Looking up, he smiled at Ida. This moment was perfect.


“Stop smiling like a drunken idiot you fool. You’re the one paying for dinner.” Ida said.


As Stick looked down at the prices on the menu, his smile vanished. “We might end up washing dishes to pay it off then.”



Ida rolled her eyes as they stood in the kitchen, arms covered in suds. “A great way to spend Christmas. Washing dishes.”


Stick smiled and shrugged, the arms of his tuxedo wet from cleaning dishes for the last two hours straight. “I told you so.”

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Ugh. Now I absolutely have to write one for Adam, Rain, and Dark. That last one will be fun. But darn it Dash! As if I'm not busy enough!

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Wow....nice Dash! i like them. ....don't think I'll write one though...don't want to make anyone's eyes bleed at how bad my writing is. ha but I sorta do that already don't I? xd.png

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omagod, i cant read that now... its so long!

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wow, that's long. xd.png and it's really good, too! X3 now maybe i should do one...I wonder what Christmas was like for Ddraig. Haha, maybe Dark celebrates the Christmas and traps him under the mistletoe. xd.png

and then Midnight of course. As well as Arasi. X3

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Didn't you promise us a drunken Ddairg once Kira? Heres the opportunity staring you right in the face xd.png That would be an absolutely hilarious Christmas story


No. Key does not have to write any. I did this because I wanted to and to pass some time. Its not like its madatory.


I know its long *rolls eyes* My brain was bleeding out of my ears yesterday because I'd overworked it so much by writing that much.

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I read it. It was so good i could feel the emotions of the people when they were feeling them. When falcon and mark laughed, i swear i giggled at my house, and i didnt even know what was funny!

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Yeah, I don't know either. I just felt like posting 'cause you guys can post in the RP whenever you have time. I'm less busy now and hopefully others are too~

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I'm bored out of my mind! (didn't mean to yell) and feeding my insanity because of it....don't ask, save yourself the time (and your life if you don't want to hear a super long story) and Don't Ask...which now I know you won't. Although I'm always wrong.

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mmmm....I wanna post something! ....starring at walls....hey...anyone know anything I could do without getting in trouble? probably go back to that tree I sat in for what a week? xd.png like watching paint dry! leaves blowing in the wind....whooo hoo fun... dry.gif *kicks tree* oh! sorry..your a good tree, I'm not...well I'm not a tree either xd.png

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Yeah..would people let me know what I have to respond to? I'm a little lost...

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Ehhh, guys, am i allowed to talk about my rp a bit in here or no?

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Thats up to Kira Leo...


I can play an NPC character for you to interact with if you want dragonhatchling. That would give you something to do while the rest of us speed along.


Key... You're always lost xd.png Since when has this been new? lol JK xd.png

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....Key ...well wait...crud! forgot. *goes to check*


Dashidragon: Right now..I'm somewhere where Dark Ddriag and someone else I believe are talking to each other....me, I'm starring at a wall I think trying not to evsedrop. xd.png I was going to go talk to them but figured it'd be rude.....and that's where I'm at so if you want to I don't mind, not at all do I mind- but that's up to you.


always was a horrible speller....stupid evsedrop! dry.gif

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you can talk about your rp in here, leo. I don't care. ^^


I'll try to do a little recap...let's see...oh! and Ddraig doesn't know that Mark wants to talk with him still, since I think that's what Mark wanted to do, right?

Well, here are the last posts that people need to respond to.


"Yes, Puppy was one of the new Agnimitra I brought with me. And yes, I'll ask around to see if anyone might know something," Midnight answered, looking down at the desk as she thought of who might know something of Puppy's whereabouts. Sayuk might know something, but he wasn't one to keep watch on people plus he had been busy with other things. When was the last time she saw Puppy? It was yesterday, wasn't it, and then she left Puppy with Stick and Rain. Stick had left, she knew that but she didn't know all the details.

"If you'll excuse me, I'll go see what I can find out about this," Midnight standing up before walking around the chair and out the doors to Adam's office. Once she was out the doors, her pace quickened as she rushed to find someone who would know anything, anything at all. With her mind being all befuddled, she almost forgot that she could send a message to everyone in the temple about her question.

If anyone has any information about Puppy's, also known as Golden, whereabouts would they please let me know? She asked, and waited for a response as she racked her mind for anything that might help.

That was mine.

Dretch smiled to Dark and since he was still having Dark attention he decided not to waste any time. Time was precious and he had a lot of things planned for the day. Couple of prisoners to play with.

"Finished Dark. A bunch of small fries I say! Nothing much of a challenge I still got some new promising toys out of it though. I'll raise them to be as close to my best piece up until now for your command and pleasure! I do believe you appreciate Sayuk's work."

It would be his to since he had good time with them. The beating, the torture, the mean things he made them do. He had so much in mind!

"Well anyway. Let's get to the point shall we. You need me somewhere else or do I have to find a new past-time until you do? I noticed my favorite toy was around. You don't mind me having some "fun" with him again don't you? Sayuk is such an obedient boy. He does everything I say!"

He laughed thinking about how much Sayuk actually feared enough not the even think twice about everything he said. Running from him as much as possible and doing everything he could to stay in his good grace. It was comforting, but sad too. He had not played with the boy in a long time now, he still have everything ready in his room just in case! Special treatment!




Sayuk, not being able to find his sleep in fear of having a nightmare, decided to do some exercise in his room to keep himself in good shape. With Dretch around he was sure to see him once and he would need to be in the best shape possible.

While he was doing some push-up he heard someone run in the hall in a hurry. He wondered what it was about, but refrained from leaving his room if only to take a peek outside. There was a couple of people looking worried. He spoke to them since they were near his door.

"What happened here?"

One of the woman, a small nurse with short purple hair, answered him.

"One of the cook just ran past us. He had blood on his hand! What is happening? I'm worried..."

Another women that he noticed also worked in the infirmary, she was the one taking care of him the time he had passed out. She was not wearing her uniform so she was probably on her day off.

"Some bad happened in the temple. The blood smelled like Agnimitra's one and since he didn't stop for us the nurses that means it's probably a dead one..."

Sayuk knew what was happening, but since they didn't ask him he decided to make sure they would not.

"I see. I'll go see what is happening you girls should get back to the infirmary just in case."

With that he went back to get his normal clothing, he didn't train with them, and left his room going in the direction the cook was supposed to have passed. Curse that Dretch for causing him trouble!


Meanwhile the said cook had ran to Adam's room opening the door. He stopped realizing he should have knocked then decided it was too late.

"Adam! It's horrible! Sammy... he... he... I found him dead in the meat house!! He was bathing in a pool of his own blood! He... He was killed!"

The man was obviously scarred and very sad.[/color]

And here is Sayuk's.


And that's like...it. All for Key, too. xd.png

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it helped me out with what I forgot kira! thanks...even though it wasn't for me xd.png

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