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I was A Dragon and I never knew it

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Real first name: CB Purple

Real middle name (the one I go by): CB Water

Username: none


Huh. Even when I took the "18" off there weren't any

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Alas! Neither Oddsoxdi nor Diane have been deemed worthy of a dragon name. Oh sighhhhhhhhh.

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Somewhere in here I posted two dragons named after me... now I checked again and find no one. Someone doesn't like me xd.png


Edit: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rlLD


well, alright.

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I got bored and decided to look up the names of the Org. XIII members to see their dragon counterparts:

Xemnas: Magi dragon, male

Xigbar: Black hatchling, female(awkwaaaaard...)

Xaldin: Vampire hatchling, female

Vexen: Mint dragon, female

Lexaeus: Cheese dragon

Zexion: Mint dragon, male

Saix: Guardian dragon, male

Axel: Black hatchling, male

Demyx: Two-finned Bluna, male

Luxord: Vine hatchling

Marluxia: Canopy hatchling

Larxene: Electric dragon, female(Doesn't surprise me one bit.)

Roxas: Vine hatchling

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My username, with and without spaces, is not a dragon name.

But, if I use my username on another site (Ravenpetal), I am apparently a female alt Black. biggrin.gif


If I use my real first name, I'm a female Frill.

Middle name: female Water

Last name: Nothing.

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My username is a Gold Female Dragon, I believe. Xythus named it after me, cuz I wished her good luck when she bred it xd.png


No dragon is named after my real name. biggrin.gif

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*cough* I was a female Skywing with two children, but since the update I'm now a Black dragon that's a male and with two children. ._.

MALE?! Whoever thought that "Marina" is a guys name? blink.gif



My middle name is taken, but it's gender-less Night Glory drake.



None for my last nor my username.

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No one took my old username, so I used it myself for a female black (except the dragon turned out to be a Dorkface, so now I have the lovely Sable Wing Dorkface.)


My real name is being used by a CB old pink. Wow, for some reason, I'm kinda proud. xd.png


And... My current username is being used by a CB female Swallowtail. Not bad.


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well as my real name I'm a female Whiptail and my middel name is a CB white with 17 kids!, then my last name is a frozen male nebula (purple) with a messy lineage.


I want to look at my siblings name (real life siblings). lol, unfair how my bro (david) is a bronze tinsel.


my sister has...

first name: fozen gendered chicken

middle name: adult chicken!

last: same as mine duh!

Im so jelouse!


my other sister....

first: CB female white with 4 kids

middel: CB female pink with 1 kid

last: same again! tongue.gif


my dad....

first: male bluna with 2 kids. the parents are; father: CB deepsea; Mother: CB skywing

middle: CB ochredrake with no kids



first: female 07 chirsmas holly born in year of 10..so the lineage is kind of messy but im so jelouse of everyone elses...

middle: I dunno it so oh well!


EDIT:: this is FUN!! imma keep doing this!

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First: Purple, with a CB Silver in its lineage!

Middle: CB Purple (Purple again? O_O)

Middle: CB Stone (Alt spelling is inbred Spring Seasonal)

Last: None. It's an uncommon European name, so no surprises there.

Scroll Name: None, with and without spaces. I thought there would be something!

Forum Name: None. Meh.

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My real name I'm a chicken >.<


My friend used my full name for his skywing but he's no longer active so the name is no more lol and my user name isn't used

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My real first name is taken by a water dragon. A MALE water dragon. My name is exclusively female. "Song" is a CB stripe, who is female. There's no "songwithnosoul", thankfully. That'd just be creepy.

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There is no DragonGirl10188 but I was mucking around and found a few others:


(Oh, these were about a year ago. I saved them onto notepad because I was bored, but they are gone now. *Shrug* Dead? Traded? Can't find them )


Dragongirl= A female adult silver.

Dragongirl101= A male adult white. (Don't ask...)

Dragon= A black hatchling. (Actually, you can still find him here)


My first name is a Chicken Meh.

Second is a Chicken Meh.

Second middle name is Chicken. Ohmy! blink.gifblink.gif

Third is a Guardian of Nature. Im awesome ninja.gif




First is a Black

Second is a White

Won't post this for ovbious reasons xd.png
















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I am a CB Male Gold with 13 children blink.gif



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My real name is a silver female xd.png


My forum name a snow angel, because I named it that myself xd.png

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My username currently has no dragon. My first and last names are both male red dragons, and my middle name is a female pink.

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Here I am! blink.gif I am a female pygmy.


Hmm, I can live with that. Female pygmies are cute.

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Turns out, my username is exactly what it is.... a fluffy Pillow xd.pngHere I'm my favorite breed of dragon, plus I gendered right too xd.png My real name, I'm a female Pink...... with 3 children blink.gifHere

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