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I was A Dragon and I never knew it

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My real name is a female Hellfire Wyvern (appropriate?!) without children. My username isn't a dragon but the short form is a female Nocturne, also without children.

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When my nickname was just Orlan instead of Orlageddon, I tried to name a dragon after myself. It was taken by a male Vine. Now it's taken by a male Magi though.

And my real name is owned by a Canopy. 8D

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Nin is a female CB Waterhorse! :D I love Waterhorses. There is no dragon with the name DCLXVI, my scroll name. There is a Guardian with my real name.


I also have a Vine named after Lythiaren, which I just checked now and I realize he's a dude. XD Whoops. I may release him if I get a female to replace him.


EDIT: Dang emoticons...

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Apparently i'm a Vampire


1 bite

A pink hatchling





16 kids

White stripe


5 kids



1 kid



5 Kids



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Well I'll be darned...


Sarah never told me. xd.png


There is a female red dragon (one of my favorite breeds!) out there with my real name, as well, and she has four kids. smile.gif



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Wow, this is a good topic. I never thought to look for dragons with my name.


Real name: a female black dragon with 21 children wacko.gif

Username minus the 85: a female black dragon with one child


Really cool. Thanks for posting how to look up names. smile.gif

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For my real name, I am a male Magi with no offspring ^^;

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Well I have this one after me




Was one of the other user's son's first silver and he caught it off the AP. It had been meant for a TGT gift, but when I found out who caught it I told them to keep it. laugh.gif


For my real name I am a white dragon.... Kinda funny because I used to RP as a white dragon.

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for my username im a female day dream dragon ~Removed~view/n/dreamgirl[/url]


and for my real name im a white stripe with two children ~Removed~view/n/martina[/url]

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My real name's nickname: view/n/sandy[/url]


...o-O A CHICKEN! And the weird part is that another one of my real-name nicknames turned up as a chick...


I'l try my middle name:




I checked my username (on the main site it's Jumpnbump) And nuthin. I'll try Milky:




I had no doubt about this.


Moon? /view/n/moon[/url]


...Wow... I Never would've guessed...


kthxbai! biggrin.gif


~View links removed~

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For my scroll name, a Frill with over 2 kids xd.png

For my internet name, Helix, a Vine.

Real name, green with no kids. Herpderpderp


Suits me ffft

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Please use lineage links, members need to check their posts and edit if necessary.



Interactions with other users

All interactions with other users must be willful. Bothering other users to return abandoned eggs or

posting the eggs, hatchlings, or adult dragons without a user's permission are prohibited.

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my real name im a Terrae female. Cb and one child, mated with a Magma who had sevral other childen with two others! lol he cheated on me..or he cheated on them WITH me. haha funny.


then im looking up a few friends..my boyfriends name is CB male pillow. lol so cute! and my bff is a female mint. so discribes her! smile.gif

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