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I was A Dragon and I never knew it

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My real name I'm a male Reb Dorsal. lol


The pet name I gave myself I'm a male Ice.


I love both of them just wish they were girls. lol!

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My real first name is a female Electric with a Waterhorse child!

My real last name is a female Winter Seasonal with a Summer Seasonal child!


Strangely there's nothing for my username, though.

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Well, I'm a female Neotropical.




Yes, I bred and gifted that egg ^^ Vanyali and Chahakaka are mine.

This could get confusing in places...


Well, going by Emerald I'm a CB Frill...wrongly gendered, of course. Shadowclaw being a male Black (which annoys me, as I have a character named Shadowclaw. I got her only known family represented on my scroll but not her...)


Another of my usernames is Cyrus Shadowclaw. I own the dragon Cyrus Shadowclaw - she's a female Sunset. Cyrus is a male CB Terrae.


No dragon is named after my deviantART account yet.


My real name is a female Waterhorse.


Nicknames - Em is a male Terrae, no dragon has another of my nicknames in either of its formes, Jammy (what my sister calls me xP) is a female White. And the nickname I'm given at school is a frozen Bright Pink -__-


And finally, a friend named a dragon after my Neopets account, jamjar384 xd.png A BBW. Luckily she gendered right.

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my scroll name is a female CB black.


though...i've named it myself on my scroll. ;D


checked, and there is a "lightningsky" and well it's a male lightning dragon. how appropriate.


edit: "Lightningsky" became available and i put it on a thunder trio. smile.gif

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While I didn't find my user name or scroll name, exactly, there is a DragonGirl. It's an adult Albino MALE?!?!?!?! blink.gif






Do you think the owner is waiting for the renaming to start?


ETA: My real first name has not been used but my last name is a female Terrae, with one child, and one grandchild. smile.gif

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My username isn't anything (not surprising lol). My real first name is a female regular black with a ton of kids. Mostly regular and alt blacks but two golds as well. smile.gif My middle name is a female albino with two kids. biggrin.gif

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Surprise surprise my account name is a bright pink. What'd ya know? Of course, my forum name was in honor of my first dragon: a bright pink. My little tribute to my Rosi.


My middle name is a neotropical, fitting since I love the buggers ever since Tesky. http://dragcave.net/lineage/eCXJ


My first name still isn't a dragon and I kind of like it that way. Maybe I'll go dragon shopping and make one of them into my first name.


Wow, my last name is a yellow dino. Feel like my intelligence just dropped a few grades....


My boy friend is a boyfriend is a black dragon...a girl black dragon -.- poor Dill


Dad's a spitfire


Surprisingly Mom's name isn't taken. Not even her first and middle name, which together make a song she really hates when we sing it. A really famous song I might add.





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My full name: a two-headed dragon

My nickname: a red dorsal (male, for some reason)

My middle name: a frozen (new) pink hatchling

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My user name is not in use. But I know there are people who have used part of it.

My real name has a dragon.

I'm still female.

The dragon with my name was born, hatched and grew-up this past May.

And has a massive lineage.

My first name is a female waterhorse.

And my middle name is a silver female.

And I stumbled across my last name, which is a male balloon dragon.


My mom is a female Nocturne.

My dad is a male Ember.

My sister is a female Whiptail.

My brother is a frozen Black male.


Mom is a male Pink.

Mommy is a female Red Dorsal.

Mother is a white hatchling.

Dad is a male double header.

Daddy is a red female.

Father is a spring season male.

Sister is a gold female.

Brother is a male Magi.



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Huh. A Night Glory, and a Frozen Thunder Dragon. Azhum.

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Got an edit: Now one of my better names on a few other sites is taken...by me. Just love that name so much. Anyways, so Laciene is a female Ember

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My scroll name was not yet used, but searching for my real name....


I am an inbred white. 5th generation.

My mother is a White, my daddy is a Gold. My daddy had 7 lovers and made me 32 half-brothers and sisters. My mother had also 53 children from 7 different guys biggrin.gif


I have a total of 32! Children. Whites and Golds. At least I am monogame...with a Gold.


I have no full blood sisters or brothers, maybe because I am inbred? My owner is bluebell rose.





My last name is a cheese. Owned by Ezekiel. Nothing special about that, they are infertile.

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There weren't any with my username, so I named one of my female ember dragons after myself! xd.png

My real first name is taken by an electric

My last name is free, however. If my next hatchling genders male, I'm gonna use it!


EDIT: Ooh, and my electric-name is caveborn and unbred. Neat, happy.gif

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My scroll name is taken by a female CB sunset with no kids, my real first name is taken by a female grey dragon with long messy non inbred lineage also no kids and my forum name is taken by a black alt female again no kids (i own the alt i have always used the name on a black dragon female and since she was my first black female she got the name), so far my middle and last name is free.

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Real name: Old pink, and right gender smile.gif

Scroll/forum (without underscore): Male gendered Silver

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