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I was A Dragon and I never knew it

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Real name I'm a CB old pink with 2 children. Username (Only without the **) I'm a black with both parents deceased O.o


Edit: lookit me!

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According to whoever named that vine, (My real name) I'm a boy.

Without the '07' I'm a male silver, too! I'M A GIRL, PEOPLE! biggrin.gif I'm done.

And a male Skywing named 07.

THANK THE STARS!!! My last name is a girl. At last. Why not my first name, though?


My Nickname is a female...and a VALENTINE!!!YES!

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For my real name, I'm a CB old pink.


For my user name, I'm a CB mint.


My surname hasn't being used though, but that may be because you must include an apostrophe to write the name correctly, and I don't believe they can be used to name dragons.

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Username hasn't been taken [pikachu238]

Nickname 1: Gold Dragon w/ 3 children [pikachu]

Nickname 2: Silver Dragon w/ 0 children [pika]

Nickname 3: Old Pink Dragon w/ 8 children [dawn]

Nickname 4: Mint Dragon w/ 9 children [iguana]

Real Name: White dragon w/ 12 children

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How are you guys finding this stuff out? Is there a search or something?

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How are you guys finding this stuff out? Is there a search or something?

Well, to find mine, I clicked on one of my named dragons and replaced its name with mine.




So basically what I did is replace the *** with the name I wanted to search for.

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I still do not exist as a dragon (at least not my name on it's own).


But there are four dragons that I know of that are named after me (all being ones that I had gifted to friends and they wanted to name them after me):


There are:

Kanyll - A water dragon (child from my first Silver dragon)

Count Kanaylle - A gold dragon (from a Red/gold pair of mine)



Kyle Alan & Alan Kyle - Seasonal dragons (Summer & Autumn)


Funnily enough all of them (bar Kanyll) are male.. xd.png

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I am a sunrise male smile.gif




My youngest daughter is a CB bright Pink with kids, lol




My oldest daughter is a Pebble, with a bright pink in her lineage




My middle daughter is a CB silver with kids




My son is a Gray dragon




and my girlfriend is a White



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Real name: I'm a female silver with 18 children! I grew up last Dec, but bred recently. smile.gif


No dragons for my forum name nor my scroll name... oh well!


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My forum and scroll name is a lovely cave born winter dragon with no children.


My REAL name is a 5th generation white healing dragon with a silver mum and grampy! biggrin.gifxd.png

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Ahuhuhuh. Apparently everyone thinks I'm a guy~


With my real name, I'm a Male Guardian.


With my username, I'm a regular Male Black.



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I am a total of FOUR dragons. Two old pinks (both CB, oh, my!), a purple and a white. happy.gif All four are female, some have children.


Screen name:

http://dragcave.net/view/n/Rhi (5 children)

http://dragcave.net/lineage/SVna (2 children)


Real Name:

http://dragcave.net/lineage/ozTh (3 children)

http://dragcave.net/view/n/Beth (no children)


So that's, what, 10 kids I didn't know I had? xd.png


EDIT: Bonus, my parents.



I always knew my dad was a dinosaur...




Mom... happy.gif Purple and silver. Her high school colors, I might add. xd.png



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Huh, I'm a purple dragon for both my DC name and my real name.


DC name: 7 kids

Real name: 20 kids!!


And they both grew up almost exactly a year before I was on DC...

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I am a Silver Female from my Username.^^


And from my RL name as well.^^


Username: bred and no kids


RL name: caveborn 1 kid

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My real name is a CB female Winter with one son, my scrollname was used for an Old Pink(also CB) with five children, and my forumname doesn't exist.

The first four letters of my username, used as a code, lead to a male regular Vine.


There also is a Dorkface with my scrollname as its middle name on Tiritions scroll smile.gif

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My real name is a old Pink Dorkface, although I'm not sure if any dragon has my scroll name.

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